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Autodesk Maya Premium Course
Graduation Not Required
02 Months
Training Type
Classroom, Online
Training Mode
Fast Track, Regular, Weekends

Specialised course to learn the fundamentals of 3D modelling

Popular software in the world of 3D modelling, Maya has successfully established its premium place in the industry. Maya offers creative freedom to the designers so that they can they can bring their ideas into reality. 

This Maya premium is a short term certificate course that will you an overview of  fundamentals of Maya. This 3d software gives opportunity to its users to develop highly detailed and realistic characters. 

  • Training from Industry Experts
  • Comprehensive training structure
  • Hands-on training
  • Projects and assessment procedure


 Software Key Takeaways
  • Autodesk Maya


  • Exploring the UI of Maya
  • Understanding the 3D Space of Maya
  • Exploring Types of Objects
  • Polygon Modeling
  • NURBS Modeling
  • Exploring Different Types of Materials
  • Working with Hypershade Window
  • Texturing in Maya
  • Advanced UV Texturing Mapping
  • Creating Light Effects in Maya
  • Understanding Shadows and Mental Ray
  • Exploring Rendering Nodes Mental Ray Attributes
  • Various Camera Types
  • Various Types of Animation Methods in Maya
  • Maya Keyframe Animation
  • Advanced Graph Editor Tips
  • Exploring the Paint Effects Canvas, 2D Canvas, and 3D Canvas Techniques
  • Understanding Dynamics and Particle System
  • Exploring Different Dynamic Systems
  • Create nParticles in Maya
  • Types of Rendering Methods

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Maya opens up a world of limitless 3D possibilities for video professionals. The main objective of this course is to create advanced level animations in which characters interrelate with environmental objects realistically, use animation and textures for creating complex special effects including glows and lasers, applying Maya Dynamics for creating particle emission effects, fire and fluid effects, and other complex environmental effects, create advanced renders, layered renders, and post-processing effects to complete a scene and much more

The trainers for this course have industry relevant experience and are always there to offer a new perspective, as well as valuable training and mentoring to their students.

Entry requirements

These programs will allow you to develop design and technical skills, learn what are some requirements to join this professional certificate course.

Proficient with Windows or Mac operating system

A basic understanding of computer hardware and software is essential

Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is required

Who can join this course

This course is recommended for 3D Graphics designer and 3D Animators who are interested to learn Autodesk Maya advanced level concepts

Career opportunities

This program will make you a versatile artist. You can work under these profiles after completing the program.

Rigging Expert, Lighting and Rendering Professional, Texturing Artist, Character Artist, Animation Professional, Visual Effects Artist etc.

Course structure and modules

The modules of this course are well organized with detailed explanation. This help students in learning in-depth concepts of this software.

Module 1: Advanced Texturing and Lighting Techniques

This module will level up your skills with powerful texturing and lighting techniques in Maya. Students will acquire latest and advanced techniques for adding realistic detail to their models. It has been developed from real-world experience and refined to provide the ultimate experience in practical skills

Module 2: Animation, Rigging, Dynamics, and Rendering

This module will make students learn advanced techniques and workflows to bring the characters and scenes to life, learn production-proven techniques to create realistic and believable movements

Learning outcomes

Once you complete the program, you will be efficient in these concepts

•Fundamentals of 3D Modelling
•Texturing and Material
•Interior and Exterior Creation
•Product Modelling
•Character Animation etc

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