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Final Cut Pro is one of the industry recognized video editing application which is developed by Apple and runs only on mac systems. It is considered to be the best video editing software for Mac users who are looking for professional video editing of footages. The best thing about this application is that is updated on frequent basis. It has a user-friendly interface and its new version has added several new features which help make colorizing and grading quicker and more seamless. It has also added new intuitive design, revolutionary magnetic timeline features, 3D titles, multichannel surround sound editing, color correction effect and much more. 

To master this professional level application, it is always advisable to join Apple FCP Training from a leading institute. FCP has a huge community for support and compatible with wide range of plugins and extensions.

Apart from mastering this application, you should also spend less time trying to remember keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X and more time using your favorite applications. Learning some important keyboard shortcuts can speed up your workflow and help you finish your projects faster and in an easier way. Whether you are a beginner or expert, knowing keyboard shortcuts will be beneficial in the long run.

Important Keyboard Shortcuts Used in Apple FCP

S.NOFunctionKeyboard Shortcut
1Open a New ProjectShift+Cmd+N
2Create a New SequenceCmd+N
3Save a ProjectCmd+S
4Save All ProjectsOption+Cmd+S
5Switch Windows to Standard LayoutControl+U
6Import FileCmd+I
7Close TabControl+W
8Item PropertiesCmd+9
9Undo the last commandCmd+Z
10Redo the last commandCmd+Shift+Z
11Select AllCmd+A
12Deselect AllCmd+Shift+A
13Copy the selected itemCmd+C
14Cut and paste the selected item Cmd+X
15Paste the cut or copied item as an insertShift+V
16Duplicate the selected itemOption+D
17Print to videoControl+M
18Make the Viewer window active.Cmd+1
19Make the Canvas window active.Cmd+2
20Make the Timeline window active.Cmd+3
21Make the Browser window active.Cmd+4
22Open the selected item in the Share window.Cmd+Shift+E
23Export the selected itemCmd+E
24Open the Audio MixerOption+6
25Open the Frame ViewerOption+7
26Open the Keyboard Layout WindowOption+H
27Switch the window layout to Custom Layout 1Shift+U
28Switch the window layout to Custom Layout 2Option+U
29Open the selected bin in a new tabOption+Enter
30Make the next tab activeCmd+Shift+}
31Make the previous tab activeCmd+Shift+{
32Show Log and CaptureCmd+8
33Make Freeze FrameShift+N
34Add Motion KeyframeControl+K
35Batch CaptureControl+C

If you really want to learn how to create effective videos which do not comprise on quality, then getting hands on experience in Final Cut Pro will be beneficial as it is one of the extensively used video tool in the digital world. If a user has captures videos using a mobile phone or digital camera, then it can be easily transferred and accessed in Final Cut Pro. Once the editing part is done by professionals, final video output files can be transferred to several formats ad can be utilized for online digital use, tv, films, websites or be it on any social media platform like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or may be in any commercial videos. 

While Apple is widely known for the computers and phones they create, they started to develop Final Cut Pro to make certain that high-quality video editing applications would be available for users of their hardware, after a concern in 1999 that other software vendors may not continue to develop for the macOS. While this concern is no longer an issue, Apple continues to develop Final Cut Pro and complementary tools for video editing and effects. The current version is also known as Final Cut Pro X. Hope above-mentioned list of shortcut keys will let you control almost every aspect of your project, from playback to displaying windows and inspectors to working with tools. Extensive Apple FCP training classes from ADMEC a leadining training institute for advanced video editing courses will make you learn new FCPX tips, update your skills and discuss trends and industry news. 

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