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Maya is a comprehensive 3D solution developed by Autodesk for visual effects artists, modelers and animators to create high-quality content for movies and TV, gaming companies, advertising through 3D animation, modeling simulation, and rendering feature sets. It was developed and released by Alias Wavefront in the year 1998, but seven years later in 2005, Autodesk, acquired Maya and renamed it to “Autodesk Maya”. Using this application by individuals who work in or are currently pursuing careers in the character modeling, visual effects, 3D animation, and other fields will discover many benefits of using Maya. Professional training in Autodesk Maya training courses will surely take your knowledge to greater levels.

Why learn Autodesk Maya?

It is used by creative professionals across many industries to do everything from creating visual effects for promotional television commercials to generating complex animations and effects. It can be implemented for creating Transformers: Dark of the Moon; a blockbuster film where this 3d software was used for creating over 30 stereoscopic 3D sequences – together with transformations of Autobots from common vehicles to robotic wonders as well as highly detailed facial animations of the robots.

Let’s understand why MAYA is a majorly used application

  • This 3D application has many uses and is even being leveraged by industries beyond the television and film fields. Like scene assembly and modeling tools within Maya are used by video game companies to create realistic environmental elements such as trees, greenery, and rocks, as well as organic locations and landscape that are found in major game releases such as Medal of Honor and Uncharted. 
  • Several car design companies create 3D concept models as well as detailed shape strategies along with plans and interior design components that can then be shared with and reviewed by clients as digital prototypes. All this is possible by using Maya. 
  • When it comes to architectural design corporations, Maya may be used to move beyond the typical architectural design and visualization limits by leveraging features such as Subdivision Surfacing modeling to create complex architectural forms with realistic programmatic elements. 

Ultimately, Maya enables companies to design and produce stunning 3D models, animations, and visual effects using its highly efficient and streamlined tool sets. This will upsurge productivity, enhances creativity for artists who want to push the envelope, and significantly reduces the time it takes to confidently finish complex projects.

Have a look at the showreel given below to know what you can do in Autodesk Maya.

Courses Offered in Autodesk Maya

Maya training courses from ADMEC, one of the renowned 3d Animation Institutes in Delhi will teach you the fundamentals of 3D designing and animations. Students will learn important concepts like basics of Skinning, Lighting and Rendering, and Utility Nodes, Texturing and Texture Mapping, Adobe Photoshop Basics, Tiling and Layering Textures, Block Texturing a Non-Organic Object, Texture Distressing, and much more. Advanced Autodesk Maya courses offered by ADMEC are: –

1. Autodesk Maya Master

  • Duration- 6 months

It is an advanced training course which imparts in-depth animation classes in Delhi to the students to make them aware of the different concepts related to design (color, typeface, shapes, space etc.), principles of animation, character designing, facial expressions etc. In this course, students will also create their own 3D projects having models and characters which adds life to them through animation. Individuals will also specialize in visual effects with the help of dynamics in incorporate hardware and software rendering.

Check out the full course detail: Autodesk Maya Master

2. Autodesk Maya Premium

  • Duration – 4 months

It is a short-term certificate course which can make you work like a pro in short duration of time. It comprises essential concepts of and will learn how to correlate characters with environmental objects realistically, use animation and textures for creating complex special effects including glows and lasers, and other complex environmental effects, advanced renders, and post-processing effects to complete a scene and much more.

Check out the full course detail: Autodesk Maya Premium 

3. Autodesk Maya Standard 

  • Duration – 3 months

It is a certificate course which offers animation training in Delhi which will teach students the comprehensive core features and concepts of Maya. After completion of the course, students will have strong understanding of techniques like modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering in order to create a 3d space scene.

Check out the full course detail: Autodesk Maya Standard

Career Opportunities after Autodesk Maya Training

3D artists or the people who are proficient in this software can find job opportunities in lot of companies those who are making films. Especially the production houses that deals with animation advertisements, animated movies and other Hi-Tech movies are in search of talented 3D animators and Maya professionals. 

Some of the Maya job profiles that you can join after completing Maya courses:

  • Autodesk Maya Expert
  • Rigging Professional
  • Lighting and Rendering Expert
  • Texturing Artist
  • Character Illustrator
  • 3D Animation Professional
  • Visual Effects Artist

Autodesk Maya has been a leader in the 3D animation marketplace for numerous years, and will continue to do so for many more. In the coming decade, 3D artists and animators are going to be in high demand and this 3d software is a great bandwagon to jump on.

Whether you are a novice learner or a professional, we have the right Autodesk Maya Training course. Joining animation institutes in Delhi will make you learn new techniques and enhance your 3D art foundation skills taught by industry professional artists.

You will later realize the importance of these practical courses when your success will make a noise.

Keep learning with us !!

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