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Beginning with another battle of software, we bring you the difference between Autodesk Maya and Blender which are the two leading applications of the animation industry. But before proceeding forward into the differences, it would be beneficial to know more about them in detail first.

Starting with one of the leaders in the modeling industry, it has an array of tools to offer for creating simulation and modeling effects. Popular name in the world of games, Maya has been widely used by designers to develop the gaming environment, character, virtual reality and low poly elements.

The ‘Tussle’

This 3d software goes creative freedom to its users to develop highly detailed and realistic characters. Also the software comes with strong texturing options for creating stunning results.

It comes as an integrated software application that allows the developer to take their productivity to the next level. Developers can also customize the interface as it offers access to its embedded language. One can easily render high quality animation with the help of this software.

Blender an open and free alternative of Maya can be considered as a shadow of it. It also has some real great tools for 3D modeling rendering simulation rigging and motion tracking.

Being a community driven software, it offers a variety of tutorials and support forums to its users. It comes with a variety of tools that are suitable for any kind of media project.

Prominent Differences between Autodesk Maya and Blender

Professionals in this field have their own priorities regarding these two software and there are some aspects which can help you decide which software can become the best package for you. Lets see how is Autodesk Maya different from Blender :-

1. Modeling


It comes with a comprehensive toolset and library for creating extremely detailed polygons. You can do fine and detailed sculpting with the help of Maya with its initiative package.

Whereas Maya comes with so many options blender offers only a limited variety which at the same time makes it more user friendly than Maya. It though offers a lot but it becomes tough for the beginners to remember each and every tool of it which makes this software quite complex.

So you can say, the more you want the more complexity you have to face.

2. Rendering options

Rendering options

Maya comes with Arnold, a widely used rendering software in the industry while on the different side, Blender uses Cycle as it’s rendering option.

It supports multiple renderings and can efficiently render high quality images . In blender, the rendering process gets a little easier. Also it offers advanced lightning and shadow options to its users.

In Maya it is quite a process which you have to execute properly, if you want to render highly realistic images.

3. Effects and dynamics

Effects and dynamics

Obviously if you are creating some 3d environments you want a high quality package of effects, motion graphics and dynamics.

Maya is a great choice for animation. It comes with the library that offers its users realistic and dynamic effects. There are also options available for simulation effects. It let you create human figures with vivid details.

Blender offers only a limited library to its users that’s why users turn towards Maya.

4. Extensibility


Extensibility refers to adding more options and plugins to add new possibilities. Between Maya and blender, Maya offers more extensibility to its users. It also offers the developers an option to create their own scripts. It can become great option for developers as well. Python programmers can even skip MEL and still use Maya efficiently. They can add various plug-ins to increase the productivity of the program.

5. Easy to use

Easy to use

As I have mentioned earlier, It comes with a variety of tools and options. It is possible that you may end up feeling chaotic. It is comprehensive as well as a complex tool for beginners. Whereas on the other side blender is comparatively easier to understand. Beginners can easily brush their skills using this software. Everything in the software is clearly labeled and mentioned.

So if you have never used Maya you should use blender for an easier start.

6. Marketability


Learning Maya takes you one step closer to your dream of well off jobs as a 3D animator. This software opens the door of opportunities and that too in various fields.

Many employers want people who have an experience solely in Maya because only it can fulfill their tons of purpose. It is especially used widely in big studios. Also blender can become a good option for you if you want to work on smaller projects.

You can start with Blender if you want to work on smaller projects with startups or small studios.

So it is very much clear that if you are looking for fine details, precision and better employment prospects, you should choose Maya above Blender.

7. Cost


Affordability is another factor that affects the usability of the software. It Is available for free for students. You can use Maya for free after creating an account on Autodesk website.

However, if you’re not a student, you’ll have to invest in a monthly or yearly subscription and considerably Maya is more expensive than Blender.

Blender Is created by a public benefit corporation to make it easily available for people. So if you want to start or do small budget projects you can try it for that.

Why should you learn Autodesk Maya?

1. Robust and versatile software

We love seeing animated movies but we hardly know the struggle that goes into animating a character. Maya was released back in 1998 but it was taken over by AutoDesk and 2006 and since then there’s no looking back. Engineers have been continuously improving the software.

Recently the autodesk team has added some awesome new features making the software most robust and dynamic.

2. Used by leading Production houses

Maya is one of the prominent software of the industry. Maya is used by professional artists across the globe. Successful movies like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Avengers: Infinity War have majorly used Maya.

Over the last decade, Maya has been part of countless animated movies and played an integral role in the success of many Oscar winning Disney movies like Frozen.

3. You’ll become more competitive

There are many software in the industry which are capable of doing 3d animation but a quick google research shows that in the animation industry, people who efficiently know the popular software- Autodesk Maya are preferred over any other software.

Having this skill will make you stand apart from the crowd and make you even more competitive.

4. You’ll learn other software more easily

Maya is one the most premium and popular software overpowering the 3d animation industry since 2006. However, the complex interface makes it a little tough for beginners to get a hold of this software.

But as other industry software is highly influenced by this, once you learn the Maya, the other software will become slightly easier for you to understand.

Why should you learn Blender?

 When we talk about industry leading 3d animation and modelling software either we talk about 3Ds Max or Autodesk Maya. they are fantastic software but the question comes why it is necessary to learn Blender when it is not even as popular as them.

1. Lot of educational material

With the advancement in technology and rise of the internet, we can learn anything anytime. Youtube, Google, and online education platforms have become a huge online library which provide access to never ending education.

Blender has a ridiculous amount of content stored for you to learn and explore. New tutorials are available on online platforms to master the software. If you are really steadfast to master this animation software, you have a ton of resources.

2. It is Free

This is one of the prominent features that why you should learn this software. If you want to dive into the world of 3D animation and doesn’t want to invest a huge amount in the beginning, then this software is for your rescue.

You don’t need  to even register and can download this. P.S. I really don’t need any other reason for this.

3. Explore more than just 3D Modelling

Blender is neither as good as Maya for animation nor it is as good as 3Ds max for modelling but Blender is something more than that.

It gives you freedom to learn about core concepts of creating the video gaming industry. It also has composting tools which allow you to do image editing.

Career scope after learning these prominent modelling software

World of 3D animation opens up a lot of career options for you. You can work under various job profiles after getting a professional degree or diploma in 3D animation.

Job profiles that you can take up are:

  • 3D animator
  • Environment creator
  • Video Game Environment creation
  • 3D modelling artist
  • Interior and Exterior Element Artist etc.

Author’s Note:

So now you know how the leading 3D animation software differs from each other and why professional artists learn Maya and Blender.

Get ready to learn Animation with us!

I’ve always suggested my readers that they should learn all the prominent software of the industry to stay ahead in the industry competition. A little extra knowledge causes no harm but a little less knowledge would definitely create a situation where you might end up losing a lot of good opportunities.

If you have a keen interest in 3d modelling, character animation and want to learn leading professional software like Maya and Blender, you can check 3d animation courses from the ADMEC, the leading animation training institutes in Delhi.

Stay tuned with us for more informative blogs.

Till then, keep Exploring!

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