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In order to give you a clear picture of how Python is different from Node.js, we have come up with this Python vs Node.js blog. Do read it till the end to see what makes them different from each other.

Exploring the Past


Introduction to Python
  • It was born on 1991 as an interpretable and general purpose language.
  • It was developed so that everyone could understand the code easily. This is accomplished by providing significant white space in code.
  • Working versions of this is 2.7 and 3.X. The major change came when Python 2 was converted to Python 3 as the code written in Python 2 does not work in Python 3.

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Introduction to Node.js
  • It was released in 2009 by the prodigy Ryan Dahl as a JavaScript runtime environment.
  • It is neither a web framework like Angular nor a programming language like PHP.
  • Earlier it just used to work on Linux as well as Mac OS systems. But after it being criticized for not being compatible with Windows, a package manager was released named NPM. This made it possible to run it on Windows systems too.

Many Node.js books are written for beginners as well as adept developers that you can read to understand what is it actually and how does it work?

Still, many recondite concepts are there that look very difficult to understand thus, it is always advisable to pursue a Node.js course.

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It’s time to explore the main differences between both of these languages along with few points explained practically.

Python vs Node.js: Major Differences

1. Speed Performance

Python takes more time to run as compared to Node.js for completing a query.

Let’s get to know more about it through language of code.

Two codes were run:

Python Code:

sum = 0
for i in range(100000000):
    sum += i

Node.js Code:

var sum = 0;
for (var i = 0; i < 100000000; i++) {
    sum +=i

Now, Python code took 7 to 8 secs whereas Node.js code took 002 to 0.12 seconds only.

It’s clear that node’s speed performance is way better than the other one.

Node.js you are the winner at this point 🙂

2. Easier to Learn

Python being older than Node.js is said to have more portals and documentations to take help and support from while learning as it is 20 decades old language. Whereas Node is also not behind in providing documentation for learning.

Codes written in Python should be more precise like there should be proper use of spacing and white spaces whereas in other one you don’t need to be so precise.

Lets explore about it through an example :

Example of Python code using the ‘switch’ function :

def numbers_to_strings(argument):
    switcher = {
        0: "zero",
        1: "one",
        2: "two",

return switcher.get(argument, “nothing”)

Example of Node using the ‘switch’ function :

    switch(argument) {
        case 0:
            return "zero";
        case 1:
            return "one";
        case 2:
            return "two";
            return "nothing";

Though the code that has been written might look longer but is understandable to everyone i.e, beginner or a professional. Also, you don’t need to worry about spacing as well as braces being used whereas this is not the case with Python.

So, which one is winning at this point 🤔? Answer in the comment section.

3. Which One has More Scalability

NodeJS has asynchronous programming which means you can execute more requests and this can be achieved without even blocking the other operations. Whereas in Python other requests are blocked when one is in process. This calls for more powerful machine to run any Python code.

4.  Which Manages Data Better in Real Time

NodeJS with libraries such as SOCKET.IO and PEERJS manages variables as well as datasets in a better way. This makes communication between client and server as well as vice-versa easier as well as quick.

5. Easy to Develop

Both Python and NodeJS are easy to develop. When you have coded in C++ then, coder will definitely find both the languages easier to write. With NodeJS it is easy to make web panels without switching to other processors. We just need to write the same in JavaScript.

Also, the readability of code is easier in NodeJS as compared to Python. So, it’s easier for developer also to use it.

Closing Words!

This python vs node.js blog must have given you an overview of both the wanted programming technologies. This will help you to decide which one you should learn first.

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