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If only given 10 minutes to look for a product, 97% of people prefer to go to the internet to look for products online instead of going to the market. The world of web has far more demanding that its ever been. Companies have brought a shift in their marketing strategies and has planned everything as the web but in every year or two, we see people posing the question- is web design dead?

The major point comes from where is this question coming from? Is it true that web design is no more prevalent in the industry? Let’s dive deeper into this mystery and know what is actually happening around the corner.

Is Web Designing difficult?

The internet is nothing but an ocean full of opportunities and would you believe that as per january 2019 there were over 19 billion websites. This Is insane man! It indicates that almost every brand across the globe is embracing the online platform and focusing on creating a strong digital identity.

People are opting for more and more vocational courses and choosing them over the same boring practical subjects like finance, accounts, marketing etc. Coding and design, both of them are in huge demand today and it has become a lucrative career option for coming generation.

What does Web Design has to Offer?

Web design is one such field that offers you the best of both worlds. Along with designing software like Photoshop and Adobe XD, a person also get a chance to explore their coding skills with languages like HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Like many other degrees,  people consider that learning web designing is also hard. There is no denying in the fact that learning and executing the design and codes can be a daunting task for beginners but it is also a fact that once you involve yourself into it, theres is no looking back!

There’s nothing which can be easily learnt. You have to dedicate yourself completely into the industry to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and changes and the same goes for web designing too!

In the initial days of learning, you’ll find things a bit difficult but once you start understanding the concepts, it will become an interesting and exciting task for you.

Web design industry is a dynamic industry and never stops evolving. Recently, UI/UX  designing has become an essential part of web designing and it has motivated more people to choose web designing as their career option.

After having a conversation with our expert web faculty as ADMEC, i finally came to the point that web design isn’t hard to learn if we have that passion and zeal to learn.

They have shared some secrets that will make your learning in web design easy :

  •  Learn HTML by heart : HTML provides the basic structure to the website. The web designing starts from here. It is mandatory for every web designer to have a strong command over HTML
  •  Increase your typing skills :  If you can really fast it will definitely save a lot of time and effort. It does not mean you have to fast like light but you should focus on you accuracy.
  • Observe around yourself :  A good design inspiration is around you, you just need to have a good eye to understand that. When your designing skills get better, you will automatically create user centric designs. And mind that web design is all about UI and UX.
  • Familiar yourself with Design Process :  when you know how you want your things and what is the particular process to get that excellent result, things will automatically become easy for you.

So I hope now it is clear to you that everything around us is easy, we just have to give 100% focus into it.

Is web designing dying? – Why the question arises?

The question might seem overrated but the question is rolling into the minds of large numbers of people and there are good reasons for that.

  • Emergence of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, if put in a simpler way, is machines interpreting and implementing work on their own. It is the field of science which puts special focus on the creation of intelligent machines that can work and act like humans.

In web design, the use of technology has crossed several boundaries and has become advanced enough that without hiring a professional, you can create a web design template on your own. To give you an example of the tremendous effect of AI, here are few companies that work entirely on AI structure – Wix, WordPress, GoDaddy, Bookmark and many more….

  • Availability of Templates

With growing power of technology and internet, everything seems to be available at ease. Getting a website has never been easier.

There are plenty of templates available on the internet that you can use arises? Your convenience. With the emergence of businesses like Wix, WordPress, and many others that offer customized template for as low as $60, people are turning towards these low-cost solutions.

Answers to the Questions

All of this is true. But is that website is effective enough? to bring business for you is the point of concern here. Companies build websites to maintain a strong online platform for their brand and if their website is unable to generate leads for them, then it is of no use.

It is creativity that makes us different from the robots. AI, no doubt simplifies the work but the design still remains incomplete without that humanly touch.

Websites built entirely on the templates can only offer short term happiness. to survive longer in the race, you will definitely need the professional who understand the human requirements in depth.

People still consider HTML as the same old school traditional HTML but it is no longer the same. The definition of web design has drastically changed and transformed into a much more complex element.

You can’t just enter the industry with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery tits bits knowledge and call yourself a front-end developer.

With the emergence of mobile sites with different sizes and resolution, web design has become far more complicated, comprehensive, and time consuming than we could ever imagine.

Web design has become more code oriented and web designers are now often known as front end developers. Web applications are turning into more complex elements and demands-additional skills from designers.

Hence, they are familiarizing themselves with front end as well as back end tools. Web designers are getting more skills added to their resume.

Designing a website has just expanded itself and designers no longer create a website, they create an interface, which is user friendly. Web designing isn’t dying, but accelerating at the speed we couldn’t have imagined.

The New Phase of Web Design

We often hear that Web design is dying, but if we look from other perspective we can come over a point that people might want to say there’s not enough profit left in this field.

With the solutions like WordPress, Wix it has become easier for designers. They don’t have to build websites from scratch, they have to add the better experience to it.

Web design is far from being dead it has expanded its scope into UI/UX and probably this could be the reason for increasing demand of UI/UX.

Today webpages are single component of the bigger picture that includes, Mobile Apps, APIs etc. User Interface and User Experience have taken over the industry from recent years.

They have widened up the scope for web designing as designs are becoming more and more user centric.

UI refers to the User Interface and UX means User Experience.

  • User Experience:

You can understand this as the behind the scenes process that goes into creating any webpage, mobile site or an app. From user research, design and content strategy design interaction design, usability and testing all comes under the UX Designing.

User Experience focus majorly on the end users to understand their emotions, motives, requirements and behavior. UX designs include interacting one-on- one with users to understand the factors which are going to influence their website in longer run.

  • User Interface:

Now comes the user interface that deals with designing part of the website. Designers no longer just have to design a basic design. They have to create a design that is user friendly.

From typography, colors, fonts, images to shapes and other design elements, It is the job of UI designer to strike a balance between all the elements and produce a design that automatically attracts the consumer.

As a leader in the industry we have curate a special diploma in UI/UX that covers the basic as well as advanced UX and UI concepts.

Future Prospects

With increasing competition, career opportunities in web designing is also expanding. Every business irrespective of the industry need a website to boost their online performance.

Be it a hospital or cyber security office, every organization has a website in today’s date and they constantly need a web designer/developer to maintain their website so that they can cope up with the changing environments. 

  • For example, Mobile App design: This is the most recent addition in the career opportunity list for web designers. With markets transcending the boundaries, there’s no stopping or looking back from this digital development. People are using mobile more than desktop for searching. Companies have their own mobile apps. Observing the environment, web designers are hired on large basis by companies to develop a User Centric design for the brand


The job of a web designer is constantly evolving dynamically and it is far from being dead. Web design has transformed and evolved itself into a higher form. ADMEC is one of the leading web design institutes in Delhi that offers excellent web development and design courses. Come & Experience the best with Us.

Stay tuned with us for more informative blogs,

Till then, Keep exploring!

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