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Are you looking for a hot and appealing language? Then python is the best choice. It is a language that was introduced in the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands. Many of you many not know the fact that Python here does not signify the snakes but signifies the comedy troupe of which its developer Guide is a huge fan.

It is a free language on which you can work personally as well as commercially, which is portable and is used in distinct fields. It is one while it can be used by programmers as well as nonprogrammers. Though it is said that basics are easy to acknowledge and work on when it comes to its usage it is too vast. One can develop from simple small application to a huge application. A Python course from a trained faculty has a huge impact and could bring a fortune in the life of a programmer especially in terms of career.

The very first version of this was published in the year 1991 in the newsgroup named alt.sources which was python 1. Then came Python 2 which was introduced in the year 2000 but 2.X versions were reliable and usable till 2008 only. After that the development team planned to release a new version i.e. python 3 which though contained only small changes but is still the code that is written in the latter version could not be backtracked to the former version.

Also, if you are a beginner and want to join any python course start with the Python 3 as Python 2 will soon be ended up on 1st January 2020.

This blog has two-part one which explains that what are the fields where Python is used and the second explains why is it a multipurpose language.

Field Where Python is Used

1. Web Development as well as Internet Development

As we all know how web and internet development is just exponentially growing with time. In this evolution there is a huge contribution of Python. In the field of web development, it has played its part by developing frameworks such as Django and pyramid. Few small frameworks have also been developed using python.

It is able to play a huge as it supports important features such as HTML, XML, FTP i.e. File Transfer Protocol, IP as well as IMAP. It supports a very important feature of the web i.e. email processing. 

2. Science and Mathematics

It has a leading role in the together working of science, mathematics, and engineering which is together known as SciPy. Also, it is used in data analysis and in the modeling of the library. Editing as well as recording a session has become an easy task by the invention of Python.

3. Huge Role in Education

Talks have been going so as to teach this language at school level as nowadays C language is more preferred than Python. Though it is easier than C and could indulge more brains into it and take the technological graph to another height.

There have been books specially for beginners who are keen learners:

  • How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
  • Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science

and many more.

Not only this there are various python training institutes that offer python courses from introductory to advance level.

4. Graphic User Interfaces

It is used for designing desktop graphic user interfaces. The commonly used GUI toolkit that is used in combination with Python is a Tk GUI. Many more toolkits are also available which are platform-specific and some can be used on different platforms.

5. Developing Software

It is a supportive language while developing software. It helps in building control, management as well as the testing environment in different ways. Like for control system SCons are used. For adding an automated feature of compiling and testing in software there are Buildbot and Apache Gump. When it comes to management there is Roundup which plays an important part.

Last but not the least,

6. Used to Develop Business Applications

Ecommerce as well as ERP systems are great contributions done by python. Python-based business software such as Odoo is a software which is an all in one software for management that includes all the operations performed by an enterprise and can be used as a complete suite. Also, there is a three-tier platform named Tryton which is also a Python-based business application.

7. Used in AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence involves a huge range of algorithms. Its functions are so strong that even such complex algorithms can be written in it. It is limitless and hence brings more and more areas for research.  

Now, comes the second part of our blog!!!

Why is Python a Multipurpose Language?

Here are the features of Python that make it a multipurpose language to make it stand in front and outshine other languages.

1. Easy to Read Code

What is a developer you would like a language to be? Obviously easily readable. This is the first and vital feature any coder would want. And this language serves the purpose and has won the hearts of programmers. Its syntax is very simple and even if you are developing software the code is clean and does not seem complex unlike other languages. This feature also makes the maintenance of the code way easier.

2. Can develop simple software

Its features mainly visualization, as well as data analysis, makes it play a huge role in science, mathematics as well as engineering field. These custom solutions help in the development of even complex software easier.

3. Interpreted language

There are many languages such as C which are first compiled and then they are run which takes more time though the time is just in milliseconds. But Python has interpreted language which means the code is straight away sent to the interpreted makes the development process faster as compared to other languages.

4. Free!! Free!! Free!!

Ohh!!! yes in this world where nothing is free. Science is kind and has kept this software free for all the keen learners. So, you do not need to pay and run this interpreter only any platform namely macOS, Windows, Linux, etc. It even works on smartphones as well as tablets.

5. Popularity

It has a huge community as well as a group of supporters who are just growing as they are getting attracted to this language. Also, because of these supporters only many of them are even python experts also, are helping the learners to learn this language and become pro.

Want to know more about its popularity then read : Why is Python Popular?

6. It is Portable

Since you do not need to compile the code written in this on one platform can run on any other platform. As interpreter is in-built in this. 

After knowing so much about the language, want to know about an amazing course as well, then, dear reader you are at perfect blog. Here is a course that could give your professional career and edge with a good salary package.

Course Name: Python Master Course

It is a 2 months course offered by our institute. It is available in the classroom as well as online mode. To pursue this course, it is advisable to have well-versed knowledge of web designing. Also, knowing about some other server-side language would be a great advantage.

Its course content includes:

  • How to setup
  • The basic syntax of the language
  • Knowing about variables as well as objects and also values
  • Different functions
  • Different types of loops and expressions
  • Operators in Python
  • File systems
  • Databases
  • Different modules in python
  • How to debug and error reporting
  • Overview of its use as a machine learning language

Isn’t it a complete package!!!

There are huge career options after completing is an advanced course. You can be part of the web development team as a python developer. This can also work in the data science industry and can obviously be a part of the machine learning community. So, we see that there is immense scope as well as a wide range of opportunities after learning this course thoroughly.


I am sure this blog must have given you a precise and to the point description of Python along with a point that why is it a multipurpose language. Also, you must have found a reason to learn this language by joining a Python course which could explain tit and bit of the language. Also, not everybody is an expert so, learn from the best institute for Python training such as ADMEC Multimedia Institute which has the best trainers who have many years of industry experience and could even explain its use in industry.

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