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Python is an OSI certified, open source, productive, low maintenance and quick integration programming language. It is a very efficient language. This is a unique language because it can not only be interesting to programmers but also to the non-programmers as well. Above all, it is available free for personal as well as commercial use. ADMEC Multimedia Institute is the best Python Training Institute in Delhi. They have industry experts’ trainers who are pro in this general-purpose programming language.

History of Python

This programming language was developed in 1989 by Guido van Rossum is famously known as the author of this programming language. He had done masters in mathematics. As we all know mathematics exist everywhere in our daily life or any other work, we do in our day to day life, also mathematics has a big role in the development of general-purpose programming language.

Guido was the successor in ABC language which was very high-level programming language inspired from SETL (Set Language) this was based on mathematical theorems. Then he started developing PYTHON in December 1989.

Versions of Python:

  • In 1991, a version of python ladled was released (0.9.0).
  • After this released Python 1.0 with a new feature (Lambda, Map, Filter and Reduce).
  • Python 2.0 was released in 2000 with a feature (cycle-detecting garbage collector and support for Unicode).
  • In 2008, Python 3.0 was released also called as “Py3K”.
  • In January 2015 Google worked on Python 2.7 and improved performance.

Why is Python so Popular?

The main reason for being it so popular is that it is an effective and general-purpose language which is easy to read and write. The benefit of this programming language is its performance. To get the job done you don’t need to write a lengthy and complex loop. Even non-programmers and developers can also work on it. Ones who are new in the field of programming can learn this language easily due to clean syntax and an expansive library. That means anyone can find a fair and quick answer to their question. For those who are new in this field, it is easy to reach out for the help from others in case what they need related to python.

Python is simple:

It does not need the long code as C++ and JAVA. It is unstable and readable; you don’t need to be a programmer or developer it automatically close file and opened via ‘with’ statement.

Use of Python in Web Development

If we look at the web development then going for a general-purpose programming language is really a good path since it also offers some powerful tools to build web assets. To create a server-side application this language can be used. Sometimes a web developer uses Python and JavaScript together because JavaScript is client-side and former is server-side language. If somewhere you get stuck, you can get help from ample documentation of this general-purpose programming language. Mostly we use these modules to create web applications: Flask and Django. If you are completely a beginner in web development you are highly recommended these two modules. Also, few databases are available like SQLite, MySQL, and data structures like JSON.

Use of Python in Data Sciences

In data science, it has made it easy to tackle big and complex problems by offering numerous libraries and a lot of built-in features. As we all know that data is the base of everything. Being a developer, we need such programming language that can fulfill the needs of data sciences. The only main thing that works on the background is the multidisciplinary approach of data analysis which includes mathematical models, statistics, graphs, databases, and scientific logic.

Use of Python in Artificial intelligence

When it’s about providing a huge list of benefits whether it is a start-up or MNC it is for all of them using this programming language. You might have heard about Artificial Intelligence; it involves a lot of algorithms. The usage of this programming language is not limited to one activity. Its use has increased to such a level that it has been used in the complex as well as hyped processes such as artificial intelligence. Most popular reasons due to which Python is gaining popularity in AI are:

  1. Less Code
  2. Prebuilt Libraries
  3. Support
  4. Platform Agnostic
  5. Popularity
  6. Flexibility

With Python there are no limits, this quality makes it quite popular among programmers. It is designed to simply read and write since it’s a general-purpose language.

One thing that this is not complex language makes it easier for non-programmers and developers. Along with that, this is considered as the most universal language to meet various development needs. This language offers a lot of options to programmers in general.

This language is mostly used for system operations, web developments, servers, administrative tools, deployment, scientific models and much more which is the reason for being the most popular language. Above all Python is used by the community of programmers who do healthy, active and supportive programming. Python gas big data and some great sponsors. Due to all these features, it has become the first choice of most of the developers.

Conclusion of the Blog

After knowing all the advantages, you must be interested in learning this course. Our institute has the best Python course in Delhi. To join this course or to have a demo class then feel free to contact at info@admecindia.co.in.

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