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Frozen II was released last weekend and on Thanksgiving it became a blockbuster hit with the worldwide collection of $600 million.

Animation has never failed to delight us whether we talk about kids or consider Adults, we all are huge fans of animated character.

How can I forget those days when all of my cousins meet at one place just to watch animated movies? Be it Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Snowhite, Tarzan, Cinderella or any other movie we, as kids, were equally excited to watch all of them. The fascination and excitement to see characters behaving like us is of different levels.

We always mention how India is developing at an unbeatable rate and will soon become a global powerhouse. Be it any industry – Healthcare, IT, Education or any other, we are bringing them closer to the technology.

But we often forget to mention how rapidly our media and entertainment industry is evolving. Animation, 3D, Visual Effects has become the future of Entertainment industry.

Digitalization is more alive today than it has ever been. We can easily access the internet at a very low rate and this along with other reasons like increase in mobile phone usage, expansion of social media platforms has resulted in tremendous growth of VFX and animation sector in India.

Be it any industry, it is the content that rules the market. Every other thing is considered as a secondary and supportive element of the content. Be it video, graphics or stock images, they all act as a rest element throughout the content

As we are getting busier day by day so is our ways to interact. On an average a consumer spends only 12 seconds to understand the design and after that they try to go to the next part of it.

By understanding this dynamicity in public behaviour, companies have also brought some relevant changes in their content strategy. They now do not blend their content with stock images or graphics, rather try to inculcate small animations or motion graphics in it.

In doing so they not only increase the impact of their content but also try to engage customers into it. We can consider this as a major reason behind the recent growth in demand of VFX and Animation artist.

People are more attracted towards this and hence want to see more of such content. Not only in advertisement work but in movies also people are showing great interest in high quality movies with stunning visual effects and animations.

Animation content is not only consumed on platforms like Netflix, Voot, Amazon, Hotstar but also equally liked on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. There is growing appetite for stunning animated content because people are spending more time on browsing and streaming on digital platforms.

Animation industry offers unlimited and boundless scope to individual who wants to tame the wilderness and creativity of this industry. With ever charming and blockbuster movies like Narnia, Kung Fu Panda, Bolt, Animation has made us obsessed with its own fascinating world.

We are witnessing the ever-increasing growth of animation industry and what is interesting to note that this industry has stored so much for us.

With growth, the industry has given career option to thousands of budding multimedia artists and animators. Every year we see people choosing animation over any other career making it one of the offbeat choices.

Role of Animator

People generally misunderstood the fact that animation just involve cartooning but animation is much more than that. Cartooning is a part of animation. In animation, artists bring every non-living object into life by adding various motion and movement into it.

Animators are also known as multimedia artist because of their versatility. They have a sound knowledge of almost all the leading graphic software and can work efficiently on them.

Besides doing animation, they also create motion graphics, special effects, text animation, lower third and advertisements. We can simply put forward that animators do much more than just creating cartoons. 

There are many professional animators like Seth MacFarlane, Hayao Miyazaki and many others who have dedicated themselves in the service of animation industry. They have mastered the software and has created stunning masterpiece.

If you also want to match the industry standards, there are certain tips that you should follow. Becoming a master or professional in any industry isn’t a one-day task. It takes more than creativity and imagination, a passion and love for industry to do well in the animation industry.

If you are looking for a better career in this, you will need a comprehensive training in all the basic and essential techniques of animation.

Today In this blog, I will cover some vital points which are necessary to become an elite animator :

Let us look at them in detail.

1. Professional qualification

To become a master, it is essential for you to have a professional degree or diploma in animation. Many individuals think that they can easily master the software by learning on their own but there are chances that they might not learn about the in-depth concepts of the software.

Major design schools or institutes provide specialized knowledge in the fields and make you familiar with industry working environment and pressure. You also get a chance to interact with industry professional artists through various workshops.

2. Creativity

As an animator, creativity is essential for your growth. The knowledge of visual grammar, color theory and understanding of human psychology majorly affect the design. As an artist, it becomes your job to provide creative solutions for the modern digital problems while keeping all these points in mind.

While you take admission in any institute, make sure that they provide visual grammar classes. Getting knowledge about visual grammar is equally important as it is this only which boosts the creativity and imagination.

3. Attention to details

One of the most basic traits of professional animator is they pay a lot of attention even on minutest details. They will never be satisfied with mediocre work. They are always ready to invest extra time to produce satisfying results.

They have an ability to observe their surroundings and try to bring that into their project. You need to become more curious and observant if you want to produce stunning results on the big screen. 

4. Drawing skills

This is a mandatory skill for every budding animator to become a professional artist. Animation does not begin directly with software rather it starts from paper. Artists are expected to have a strong command over their designing skills.

A good animator is known for their valuable designs. He or she must know how to present their ideas on paper.

5. Communication skills

Communication is another aspect that is crucial to become an elite animator. You are in designing industry and you will be handling clients on a regular basis. You should know how to communicate with the audience. You are expected to be very clear and precise while conveying your ideas.

Communication doesn’t include only speaking part, an effective communication includes both listening and speaking.

Once you are done with presenting your thoughts to the client, you need to listen about their requirement too.

6. Principles of Animation

 In 1981, Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas introduced the Principles of animation in their book The Illusion of life: Disney AnimationThe book is considered as a bible for budding animators.

To become a master in the industry, you need to know about these basic principles. You won’t be able to produce high quality results in animation.

7. Originality

Originality makes the artist unique. You might take years to develop your own raw and unique style. You should try to create your mark in the industry.

8. Patience

 Nobody becomes the master in one day. It demands a lot of passion and patience from your side. There will be days when you have to sit in front of a desktop without any idea and some days you will experience never ending thoughts on just one project.

Art form demands patience and animation can become the most time consuming, frustrating yet the most rewarding job.

9. Practice

Every professional was a novice in the beginning. They didn’t become master in a day. They have achieved that position after practising and mastering the basic concepts of the digital software.

You have to make your hands familiar with the workflow of the software, with tools, with shortcut keys and many other things. Practicing each day will definitely make you the master of this industry.

These are some points that I considered important for animators to understand. Of course, these does not include all but covers the major chunk.

With Industry oriented training structure, ADMEC Multimedia Institute is one of the leading animation institutes in Delhi.  We not only offer long term diploma courses but also provide short term courses in animation to make you a professional in a short period of time.

We make sure that we deliver the best facilities to our students and thus we offer various skill enhancement activities along with the course.

These activities will not only prepare you for the industry but also inculcate all the essential skills that a company looks in their employees.

If you have something to share with us, do write us in the comment section!

Stay tuned for more informative blogs. Till then, Keep Exploring!

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