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Sometimes a very small thing can become a nightmare for you and can waste your precious time and if you know about that thing then you can do the same work in seconds or minutes. Same thing happened with me when I installed Facebook Comments module very first time on my Multimedia Institute website, seriously I searched on Google for hours by typing the following phrases but couldn’t find any useful explanation on it.

My phrases were:

  1. How can I delete comments posted by Facebook Comments module in Drupal 7
  2. Is there a way to deal with comments of Facebook Comments module on my Drupal website
  3. Where all the comments go posted by Facebook Comments and many more…

After a great struggle I noticed that when I am login on Facebook and then you open your web page which has comments then a link appears named ‘Moderate View’ just over there on top of the Facebook comment box (Please see below given figure).

click on moderate link to manage comments posted by facebook comments module in drupal

You need to click on that to trigger tasks related to manage your comments such as approval, disapproval, deletion etc.

Please see the below given image to know what sort of options you will see after clicking on moderate link.

manage comments coming on drupal website from facebook comment module

You can notice Facebook Comments module in this article at the bottom too. I have used successfully and giving  to it.

Hope you liked it. Please let me know if you have any doubt.


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