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Ready to head towards the sexiest job of the 20th century?  Read the blog to get a summary of popular data analysis courses available in India.

The world is expanding rapidly and in this age of technology, AI, numbers and information has become an indispensable part of our life. For businesses, customers act as a priority. Irrespective of the field, every business works for one goal that is gaining and retaining its potential audience.

How is data being analyzed?

For better and improved marketing strategies, companies are analysing the data to get better insight about their customers. They use data to improve their relationship with customers, understand changing business trends and provide customized and tailor-made solutions to their customers.

Data analytics is everywhere

And now while we are talking about data, we are no more restricting it just to big companies. Data analytics have found a place for itself in every space- from aviation to hospitals, to food delivering apps to manufacturing units.

With such improvement in the field of analytics, data analytics and data science has opened an ocean of opportunities for people. Youth have started considering it a viable career option.

Data analysis is no more just a skill it has become a necessity– a valuable asset and getting a professional degree or diploma course in this particular skill will act as one of the most important things in today’s scenario. Contact us today to know about these courses.

For a good foundation, it is important to choose the right course from a right training institute and with the world, we too are currently focusing too much on data analysis, thus we are here to provide you the list of few best courses related to the industry. While choosing the course, you must look for the content and prefer the institutes which extensively touch upon statistics, Mathematics, business, and crucial areas of data analysis. The data science courses selected by us offer a comprehensive and strategic curriculum.

Best data analytics courses available in India

Let’s head over to collect some more detail.

1. Post- Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics offered by three universities mutually – IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur, and ISI Kolkata

Duration- 24 Months (including the internship period of 6 months)

Mode- Full time

Considered as one of the top- notch courses in business and PGDBA data analysis course is offered by the premiere institute of India in full time mode.  It not only comes with a comprehensive course but students are also trained in various statistical, technological, and business-related aspects. Founded in 2015, the students get one of the lifetime experiences under these data analytics courses as they get a chance to participate in live projects and activities.

2. Certificate course in Business Analytics offered by Indian School of Business

Duration- 15 months

 Mode- Blended Mode (Classroom sessions and Online learning)

This is another course considered one of the best courses offered in the industry. Indian School of Business is already known for its management courses. Similar to them, this course is also planned strategically and covers a variety of tools and concepts required to create a strong foundation.  Apart from the curriculum, the course also focuses on pricing, customer, financial and retail etc. The classes are conducted once in two months for continuous 5 days at the campus and for the rest of time, classes are scheduled in online mode.

3. Data Science Post Graduate program by Purdue University and Simplilearn

Duration- 12 Months

Mode- Live Online Classes

Remarked as one of the best courses of the industry by EconomicTimes, the post graduate program in data analytics is offered by the university with over 150 years of excellence. Spread over 12 months, it offers students rich and interactive classroom experience through which they can gain hands-on experience of the industry. Even though it is available in online mode, students get the opportunity to learn from the best experts across the world. The course includes tools like Python, R, NumPy, Tableau, Pandas, SciPy.

4. Advanced program in Data Science offered by IIM Calcutta

Duration- 12 Months

Mode- Online Classes with three campus visits

IIM Calcutta  needs no introduction. The premiere institute is known for its strong content in  both management and data science fields. Known for its quality educational services, the institute is ranked  14th globally for its refined training in business analytics. The institute prepares students for professional industry and adds value to their skill with their cutting edge curriculum.

5. Data Science Post Graduate Course offered by Praxis Business School

Duration- 9 Months

Mode- Online and Offline Classes

The full-time course is offered in 3 different cities Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai in both classroom and online mode. The program is unique in its approach and covers relatively every corner of the analytical area. The courses are created to seamless experience of the analytical world to the students. With covering major concepts and tools including Python, R, Excel, SQL, Tableau, MongoDB (NOSQL), Statistics, data mining, Machine learning, deep learning and application of analytics, the program ensures the maximum coverage and hand-on training.

6. Data Science three tier course (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) by ADMEC Multimedia Institute

Duration- 2 to 6 months

Mode- Both- Online and Offline

Developed by industry professionals, ADMEC data analytics course is designed to suit everyone’s needs.  From working professionals to beginners, the course has something to offer too all. Holistic and comprehensive curriculum, hands on training, affordable course with flexible time options, the ADMEC plans to deliver one of the finest and rigorous courses in data science. From standard to master, we give freedom to students to choose courses as per their level.

The course structure is spread over 2 months to 6 months. While standard course structure will help you in brushing your skills, data analytics master course will provide you extensive knowledge of all the required and core concepts of data analysis. Experience live projects, internship opportunity and chance to brush up the skills under the guidance of our practiced trainers while pursing the course.

So, these were some of the finest data analytics courses that made place in our list. What matters is your opinion and choice so what do you think of these courses do let us know. If you have any query or question related to this growing digital industry, drop a mail to us and we’ll be there to solve that.

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