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Today every business or company around the world is making use of the website to promote their products and services. Webpage designers are such professionals who are responsible for the creation of the websites and must possess a wide variety of technical and designing skills. If you are keen on learning web technologies, then you should enroll in web designing courses.

In this write-up, we are going to focus on the top 8 factors why any individual should consider web designing as a great career option.

Web Designing is a Good Career – Top 8 Factors to Consider

1. Web Design Industry is Growing Rapidly

As per a report published in “The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the web design employment opportunities are expected to grow 27% by 2024”. The expansion rate is much faster as compared to the average projected growth rate across all other occupations. Nowadays, everyone is using mobiles to access everything. Therefore, the increased use of mobile devices will result in a huge demand for responsive and visually appealing websites. Therefore, it will result in an increased demand for skilled and highly professional web designers for creating stunning webpages.

2. Creative and Inventive field

Web page designers need to be creative and imaginative. As compared to various other IT streams, they need to be curious about adapting new design technologies. It’s a very intriguing field which requires to face new challenges every day and overcome them with the help of creative thinking. As a web designer, you need to use new ideas regularly, which enhances your interest in the work.

3. Career Security

If you are looking for a field with an ample amount of jobs available in the industry across different industries, then this is the field for you. If you are looking for 100 % job protection, then opt for web designing as one of the career options in the industry. The website design industry is constantly evolving and has a brilliant career graph. As per a report published by BLS, “web designers will have more job opportunities in hand if they knowledge about numerous programming languages along with digital tools.”

4. Learn New Technologies Daily

Web designers will be introduced to a lot of cool technologies to help you meet the need for modern websites. You will be needed to understand HTML & CSS, and also JavaScript to assist you in building the most effective websites. The daily life of a web designer is different, aiding you to remain interested and also satisfied in your profession.

5. Striking Salary Packages

A fresher in this field will get a starting salary of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 a month, which can be increased to Rs. 40,000 to 60,000 a month after having a couple of years of experience. Some very qualified, experienced, and skilled web designers earn a 6-figure salary a month in website designing.

6. Become a Brand Architect

Among the best aspects of becoming a web designer is the ability to assist businesses to attain success online. Nowadays, a firm’s first impression is mainly based on the appearance of its web site. As a web designer, you will construct visually appealing websites that will provide consumers fantastic first impressions. The websites could be viewed by countless individuals, offering you with a deep sense of pride, and also making any organization or business a brand.

7. Attain Numerous Opportunities as a Freelancer

Be your own boss and work for clients of your choice. Working as a freelancer offers a lot of independence and flexibility that a normal job can’t. A site designer has the option to work as a freelancer and can start their own business. Once you have good knowledge and a strong portfolio, clients will start contacting you for your work and support. You will have the option not to work on a variety of projects and clients as a freelancer. In case of having too many clients and not able to handle the stress, you can drop any client at any point in time. There won’t be any time and place restrictions. You will have the freedom on how much you want to communicate with clients throughout the day.

8. Work at your comfort

As a web designer, you got the opportunity to be your own boss. You can work from anywhere at any time without any bounds. There are many companies that outsource their work and you can grab them. You can start work on various projects from your convenient place. Once you start getting good web projects, you can make a strong portfolio for yourself and can enter the freelancer industry to expand your working knowledge & experience 

Do you know that the website design industry has seen a 28% boost, whereas other industries are at a decline? The web design field is growing at a startling rate as the demand for responsive websites has increased; hence, this field offers an ample amount of opportunities for career development along with job security. So, considering all the factors mentioned above, site designing is a great career choice for individuals with a creative mindset and keen interest in web technologies. The best way to make a career in this field is by opting for professional web design courses.

Some of the Web Design Courses Offered by ADMEC:

  • Web Premium CourseIt is a certificate course spread over a period of 8 months. It is an advanced web design and UI Development course which will help individuals develop the desired skill set for the creation of the ‘Front End‘ of a website or web application by making use of high-end designing applications like  Adobe PhotoshopAdobe XD (Experience Design)and languages like HTML5CSS3JavaScriptjQueryBootstrap, etc.
  • UI Design Master CourseShort-term 6 months diploma course designed for students who are interested in designing and coding the UIs of Mobile Apps.
  • UX/UI Design Standard: 6 months diploma course in UX/UI design to under the important theory part as well as practical applications’ workflow in detail
  • Web Standard CourseIt is a short-term web designing course and best recommended in case if you have limited time to learn and wants to explore web design technologies/application. This web designing course is good to develop basic knowledge. Some of the applications and technologies covered in this module are Adobe XDFTPHostingHTML5CSS3BootstrapJavaScriptjQuery, etc.
  • UI Design Standard Course: It is again a short-term course spread over a period of 3 months, where you will learn how to design beautiful UI interfaces for websites and mobile apps. Learners will also get an insight into key theories and interfaces.

Salaries of Web Designers :

In the whole IT industry web designing is considered the highest as well as the average well-paid job among others. Because of the rising popularity of this career option. Though you may get a lesser salary in start-ups whereas MNCs such as HCL, Wipro, etc., provides the best salary packages.
The average minimum salary of a fresher is Rs 10k to 25k per month and then eventually it will increase in a few years and will reach Rs 40k to Rs 60k after gaining experience. The salary of highly experienced is in 6 digits.

If you want to become a web designer, then enroll in web designing courses for successful career and growth in life. ADMEC, one of the renowned web design institutes in Delhi, has professional web experts having more than 15 years of expertise in their respective fields.

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