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Right from the invention of the wheel to all the things that we have created till now, has some logic and rational approach behind them. They all contain the concepts of engineering in them.  The fastest bike in the world, high speed bullet trains, supersonic jets, the Shanghai towers, the Burj Khalifa and the invention of the latest equipment in health care, they all are examples of engineering design. The entire focus of engineering design is to look for creative solutions for technical problems.

With the growing technology, it is becoming nearly impossible to handle product design single handedly. It requires effort from the entire team and while we work in a large group, the chances for mistakes also increases higher.

Introduced back in the 1960s, The Computer Aided Design software were provided to designers to reduce their workload.  Since then the CAD software are enjoying the good times and has even allowed the engineers to explore and work upon their creative freedom. There is no looking back from then, designers got the tools that have simplified the way they used to work. There are dozens of software available for engineers but today we are going to discuss about the two beats of the engineering design software world- AutoCAD & SOLIDWORKS.

Experience designers know when to use particular software to achieve the desired results. They know the strengths and weaknesses of every software they had worked with. But for beginners, it becomes quite difficult to assess which software they should use and which particular software they should use for their project. So, after complete research we have brought you the information about two leading software of CAD industry that is worthy of our attention – AutoCAD & SOLIDWORKS. Let’s find out which one is used for which purpose.



Let’s know about it!

Interact CAD

There will be very few people from the engineering and architecture field who don’t know about this splendid software.  Initially known as Interact CAD, it was developed by Mike Riddle but later in the 1980’s it was acquired by Autodesk and they decided eventually to launch it as their flagship program by the name AutoCAD.

Significant Tool for Architects

AutoCAD is as essential for architects as the Microsoft Excel to accountants. It allows the engineers and architects to create 2D and 3D structures of their design. The software offers versatility to its users and provides ease in creating a variety of environment models and structures.

Predominantly used for 2D

Earlier AutoCAD was primarily used for 2D creation but as time changed its developers updated the software to perform 3D functions like modelling through solids, meshes, and surfaces. However, even though the software provides 3d Modelling options, it is predominantly used for creating 2D structures.

A Versatile Tool

With AutoCAD, engineers and architects have got an alternative hand that can represent their vision into reality.  This is one of the essential aspects of this software. Now designers present a working 2D structure to their clients. Through this way, clients also got to know how close they are from their dream structure.  Also, the kind of precision and accuracy that it offers makes it the favorite software of architects, drafters, and mechanical engineers.

No need for Manual Drawings

AutoCAD has also saved a lot of time of designers. While in manual drawings, designers have to draw concepts of proper measurement and accuracy, in software, they can do and edit things with a simple click.

There are different people who uses this leading software.
  • AutoCAD comes with various design layouts and templates that are specially created for the planning and construction of the building. For architects, it has made a lot of complex things easier.
  • Besides a support for architect, AutoCAD is also an amazing engineering tool. Used in Mechanical, Civil and Electrical engineering, it allows the engineers to provide a solution for design problems.
  •  The software is also used for product designers to create a model layout of the product.

To know about the software in the best possible way, AUTOCAD Master Course is the best course which is offered us.

In complete, every architect and engineer has at least once interacted with this tool. There’s nothing in the design industry that enjoys a monopoly. Every software has a competitor that is as good as them. The other beast of the CAD industry is SOLIDWORKS.

Let us move to another section of the blog that comprises the information about the SOLIDWORKS.


An Ultimate Tool for Creating Solid Models

Another powerful software of this industry that is used to build parts and structures from scratch. If you are into engineering and aeronautics sector, then this software is the ultimate skill that you need to master. Using this tool efficiently is an essential for the engineers. As the name suggests, the software is primarily used to create solid models. The engineers use a different term altogether to create structures. Rather than using geometric terms, they use words like slots, holes.

Wide Range of Tools and Libraries

SOLIDWORKS offers a wide range of tools and library and it has become a major tool used for modelling in the industry with engineers making a heavy user base for it.  SOLIDWORKS also offers simulation tools to check material before creating actual prototypes.

Works on 2D & 3D Efficiently 

SOLIDWORKS is primarily used to give accurate 2D and 3D structures. The users initially make 2D structures and then using different tools, extract the structures into 3D. SOLIDWORKS is used in both the traditional (like mining, oil, gas, and construction) as well as emerging industries (like medicine & robotics).

So, you must have understood about the leading software of the industry and as you can see, they both have a lot to offer mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and architects. If you belong to the mentioned sectors, AutoCAD is a great choice for you. However, SOLIDWORKS is an ideal option to go with if you primarily work in aerospace or automotive industries.

At ADMEC, we have a course specially designed for individuals who see their future in the architectural industry. Our Architect Interior Design Master Plus course is a 12-month diploma course that not only provides you with practical software training but also offers a piece of in-depth knowledge about drafting and Vaastu. This course will incorporate industrial skills and prepare you to handle real-time work pressure.

Stay connected with us to learn more about this industry. 

Till then, Keep Exploring!

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