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You must know about these elite designers who have made a fantastic work in their life time and gave the true meaning of the Graphic Design to the world. Following are the ten popular Graphic Designers who showed their work in different ways and in their own unique styles.

Countdown starts here.

Chip Kidd

He is a legendary graphic designer who hails from United States. He wrote the novel Jurassic Park, which was so successful that it was used to promote the film adaptation. I know you must have seen Jurassic Park! Kidd creates his own book covers. Do you know that he also worked for Amazon, Grove Press, and Columbia University Press as a freelancer?

Rob Janoff

Next in the countdown is Mr. Rob Janoff who has spent more than 30 years at the top of the US advertisement tree. Yes you heard it right! He worked with world’s top companies and brands; IBM, Citibank, SC Johnson, Kraft, Kleenex, etc. are also in his client list. Apart this, one of his main work can be seen in the form of branding of Apple brand. It was just amazing. The way Rob Janoff assists any company is unique, he works on client communication as well as generating extreme brand loyalty.

Peter Saville

Now, we have Mr. Peter Saville who is an English art director and graphic designer. Peter Saville recently redesigned the Burberry logo. He created a number of record sleeves for factory artists, including Joy Division and New Order. His success long-drawn-out as a younger generation of advertisement and fashion professionals grew up with his Factory Records work. With fashion consultancy clients including Selfridges, EMI, and Pringle, he hit an artistic and commercial height in the industry.

Michael Bierut

Let’s meet with Mr. Michael Bierut who is a graphic artist, a critic of designing, and an educator. He created the logo for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016. One of his most well-known work is “How To,” in which he discusses how to use graphic design to sell stuff, illustrate things, enhance things, make people laugh, weep, and change the world. It was really amazing. You must check it out.

Massimo Vignelli

Mr. Vignelli was a legendary artist of the twentieth century. He was an Italian artist who worked in a variety of fields, including packaging, housewares, and furniture design. He also worked on public signage and showroom designs. He gave a very unique thought that a good bundle, in addition to a good product, makes consumers happy. Do you know that the ‘Brown Bag’ designs by Vignelli are still in use today?

Carolyn Davidson

Carolyn Davidson is a well-known graphic designer who created the Nike Swoosh logo. There aren’t many icons that are as well-known around the world as Nike’s swoosh. Am I right? The Nike mark is evidence that often the easiest concepts are the best. Even after her retirement in 2000, she’s still on work as a graphic designer. She now devotes her time to hobbies and charity work, including weekly duties at the Ronald McDonald House.

George Lois

George Lois was the first maverick when it came to magazine design. He came up with a special concept for the magazines. To raise awareness of designer Tommy Hilfiger, he created the first advertisement campaign. Lois used a series of unforgettable and unusual television advertisements in which unexpected actors such as Andy Warhol and Sonny Liston sat in Braniff plane seats debating unique and unlikely topics.

Saul Bass

How can we end up this list without Mr. Saul Bass. He was and he will always be the most persuasive graphic designer. His works came from the twentieth century and include many things such as the designs of posters, logos, film titles, and much more. If you are a designing lover then you must read what type of artists Mr. Saul Bass was. His work on film title sequences has earned him international acclaim. He produced some of North America’s most recognizable corporate logos, including the Bell system logo and AT&T’s logo.

Landing on the Conclusion

You may have a doubt why we should know about the Veterans?? They are the creators of the graphic design. They have dedicated their life in giving us the guide to Graphic design, which may help us to become one among them. Hope you understand the styles of designs and their contributions towards the design.

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