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Whenever we talk about technology and the web, everything seems to be so unpredictable and variable. We remain in awe of how technology never fails to surprise us. Recent advancements and developments continue to tempt the developers and programmers and they are always excited to know the latest and in-demand languages and frameworks ruling the world.

I have especially focused on the latest and trending software and languages on the web because it is the most common thing that we usually ignore. People generally don’t know how much it goes into a website

Programmers and developers take care of all the things from a visual aspect to the structure. I have compiled the latest software and language used in designing & development in 2019 (& 2020 yes, we are much closer to that than we think!) on the list.

Also, the blog is divided into two parts. In initial part, I will discuss about industry-leading web design software and then will move onto the programming languages that are currently ruling the market. 

Let’s explore them in detail.

Latest Software


Whether you are a beginner or professional you must be familiar with the importance of photoshop. Backed by Adobe, this raster-based software has become leading image editing software of the industry.

Along with image editing, it also offers various tools that are actually beneficial for web designers too!. Web designers can create web templates mockups, logos, and web banners.

Well, you can call it a complete powerful and comprehensive software with which you can make your work way too easier.

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A collaborative tool for front end developers and UI designers that goes beyond workflow and allow designers to upload their wireframes, mockups & other visual design directly from Sketch.

Designers can add their designs to project folders that make their work more organized. Besides all this, Zeplin also automatically adds annotations to the design for example sizes, margins, colors and also provide CSS suggestion for certain elements


A vector graphics editor, Sketch was developed by a Dutch company. The software allows its users to create, prototype and collaborate simultaneously at one place. Add GIFs to your project with hundreds of plugins without compromising the speed of your workflow.

With incredible features and essential tools, it has become a game-changer in the world of digital design.

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Adobe XD

XD is one of the most loved free tools used for UI/UX design that allows its users to create and test the experiences while previewing the interface of their application. With its arrival, it has become a successful alternative of both Sketch and Invision. Adobe brought the tool in the market that is capable of designing “at the speed of thought”.

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There are other software in the market that can actually become useful asset web developers but since these software are leading software of the industry I have given them a priority in my list

Let’s move to the second part of our blog that will be focusing entirely on the trending programming languages.

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Latest Languages & Frameworks


HTML5 and CSS3

These are two essential things that developers must know. A few years back, HTML was only perceived as markup language but with the advancements and CSS, it has evolved drastically.

HTML helps the developers to give a structure to the website. Whereas they use CSS to style and present the website. They both allow the programmers to go the extra mile and deliver an enriching mobile & web experience to its viewers.

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JavaScript, often known as JS is an essential programming language that allows developers to add dynamic features in their website. Majority of popular sites like Facebook & twitter use JavaScript to create dynamic and interactive web pages.

Learning and understanding this language can essentially be a milestone for a budding developer as it forms the ground for advanced front end development.

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AngularJS was introduced by Google back in 2010 with the aim of making front-end work more simple. Though innumerable amounts of plugins are available in the market but still developers choose to go for Angular. The framework comes with rich features that make application development an easy process. Not only development but testing also become extremely easy with the help of Angular.

Angular also becomes beneficial for those websites that want to develop single page application & hence, there’s no doubt why it is one of the leading frameworks in the industry.

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Angular Material

Angular Material

Similar to google design, Angular Material is a UI component library for developers through which they can easily create consistent and functional web pages and applications. It works by adhering to the modern web design principles like the browser portability. developers can easily create robust and responsive websites through this that



Developed by Facebook, ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library used to create efficient & engaging web pages with minimum coding. It allows you to build UI for single-page applications by letting you divide the UI into simpler components.

Since the person needs to know the basics of HTML, CSS & JavaScript, it has gained popularity like never before. Angular was already there when Facebook created the React but that does not provide simpler solutions to developers. They wanted a framework that could allow them to break the complex structure into smaller components and reuse the codes to complete their projects faster. They got the solution to React language.

The flexibility and simplicity React offers has made it highly popular among developers and statistics say the same, more than 1,300 developers and over 94,000 sites utilize ReactJS.

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Ruby is also a scripting language that is used for web development. The language act as a basis for the popular web application framework Ruby on Rails.

The ease and friendliness of this language have made it popular among many tech giants like Twitter, Shopify, Bloomberg, and Airbnb. 



Perhaps it is the most user-friendly programming language on the list. The language comes with a clear and intuitive syntax which makes it popular among the beginners. Similar to Java, Python also offers a variety of applications that makes it a powerful option and with it, you will be able to cover wide things like implementing line scripts, GUI and Web application.

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PHP is a solid option for web developers. It is and vital back-end tool for many companies like yahoo, Wiki, Facebook. Recent surveys show PHP dominates almost 83% of websites and this is enough to show its importance and need in this tech-savvy world.

PHP also supports content management in WordPress which makes the website development accessible to the masses. PHP can be used to enhance the functions of HTML pages. Also similar to JS, Python also offers frameworks to its users such as Drupal, which helps them in building a robust, fast and secure application.

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Node.js is actually an open and free source cross-platform for server-side programming that allows its users to build applications more quickly.

Node has given a new standard to applications and some of the industry developers even claim that node is the potential alternative of Java. With such popularity, there are many giant companies such as  Walmart, NASA, Twitter, Intel and others that are successfully using Node to increase the performance & efficiency of their application.

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MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack

MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS & NodeJS. MEAN stack is basically a collection of various JS technology used for the creation of web applications. It is a full-stack development toolkit for programmers which they can use to develop a fast and robust application.

Web Development Courses

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