Best Student of the Month

Student of the month

ADMEC Multimedia Institute one of the market leaders in digital media training industry invariably takes active initiative in the overall growth and development of their students. The institute sporadically organizes various multimedia events to nurture the talents in its students and also organizes a prestigious award ceremony – Best Student of the Month award given at the end of each month.


The award ceremony is an endeavor from the ADMEC to acknowledge student’s hardwork & excellence and boost their confidence level. Such award ceremony encourages the students and creates desire amongst them to perform exceptionally well in their academics.

Selection Criteria

This prestigious award is given to that student who has outperformed well and achieves excellence throughout the academics. Every month the institute nominates creme of students from varied programs i.e. Web, Graphics, Animation, Multimedia, Post Production, Video Editing, and AutoCAD. These deserving students are nominated by the faculty itself. Nomination of a candidate relies on their overall performance (throughout the month), enthusiasm, dedication & hard-work towards the assigned tasks and projects. In addition, student’s attendance, conduct, and on time project submission also are considered while evaluating the best performer of the month.

Star of the Month November 2019

Star of the Month November 2019

It's a great pleasure that we announce the names of the students who are nominated for November's Start of the Month award. Have a look at the list, please.

Best Student of October 2019

Rachna Jaisawal - Best Student of October 2019

To encourage our students to perform better every month we organise a BSOM award ceremony. This inculcates the spirit of competition among students and they give their best while learning.

Here's the list of nominees of Best Student Award for October :

Best Student of September 2019

Nitesh Tiwari - Best Student of September 2019

We believe that recognition is a valuable reward in itself which no doubt encourages to do better. Thus, to appreciate the hard work and dedication of all our students, ADMEC organizes Best Student Award ceremony by the end of every month.

Here's the list of nominees of Best Student Award for Septemeber

Best Student of August 2019

Best Student of August 2019

Appreciation gives confidence. So, to boost our students so that they perform better each and every month we have The Best Student Of The Month Ceremony. This month we are delighted to give this award to Ritu. She has amazing skteching skills and has also been good with the software she was taught.

Best Student of July 2019

Best Student of July 2019

Honouring someone for the amount of efforts and hardwork they have put in doing something encourages them to do better in future. Because of this reason ADMEC awards the best student of the month, in this ceremony the student to has out performed whole month is awarded. This time this honour is achieved by Anchit Tayal as he was always consistent with his work as well as did amazing work whole month as compared to other students.

Best Student of June 2019

Best Student of June 2019

Awarding someone for their efforts always builds confidence in that person and encourages them to work better in future. Thats why ADMEC annouces the best student who has perfomed in extraordinary manner as compared to other students. This time we are happy to give this prestigious award to Lubna Khaldy. She has shown her innovative as well as creative skills and stood out.

Best Student of May 2019

Best Student of the May 2019

Every month ADMEC announces the Best Student of the Month award. This time two of our very creative and innovative students Sana Khaldy and Geeta Hans have been awarded this award because of their extraordinary performance throughout the month.

Best Student of March 2019

Manisha Maurya BSOM Mar 19

Name: Manisha Maurya

Course: Architect Interior Master Plus

Location: New Delhi

Best Student of February 2019

Tariq Khan - Best Student of February 2019

Student Name: Tariq Khan

Course Name: UI Development

Status: Lead UI Developer at CIGNEX Datamatics

Location: New Delhi

An Introduction to Our Best Student of February

ADMEC is glad to present Tariq Khan as our February Student of the Month.

Best Student Award January 2019

Best Student of January 2019

From the top 15 nominees, ADMEC has chosen the most deserving students for the Best Student Award of January. And this award goes to Urvashi Jain and Sugandha Joshi who are our brilliant students and performed outstandingly throughout the month. 

Let’s know more about our Best Students of January and get to know what they want to say about ADMEC..

Best Student of December 2018

Best Student of December 2018

As every month ADMEC nominated the top well-performed students for the prestigious award of “Best Student of the Month”. Out of the top 15 nominees, our institute has singled out the most deserving one who have shown their astonishing skills and curiosity throughout the month and outperformed the other students.

Best Student of December Month 2018

Student Name: Palak Gupta

Best Student of November 2018


Name: Abhishek Sinha

Course: Web Master Plus

Location: Lucknow

Best Student of October 2018

Divjot Best Student of October 2018

Name: Divjot Kaur

Course: Web Master

Location: New Delhi

Few Lines About the Student:

Divjot is a very humble, dedicated and responsible student. Her brilliant potentials of being determined and self- motivated helps her to overcome any task and challenge.

Best Student of August 2018

Best Student of August 2018

Name: Lakshay Khatri

Course Name: Web Master Plus

Location: New Delhi

Best Student Award July 2018

Alisha Jain Best Student of July 2018

Name: Alisha Jain

Course Name: Graphics Master Plus

Location: New Delhi


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