Gaurav Saini

Gaurav Saini

Course Taken: Graphic Master

I believe that dedicated training is essential in not only learning graphic designing but anything that you want to achieve and that’s what I got at ADMEC.

Feedback of Graphic Design Course

I joined Graphic Master Course from ADMEC, in which I’ve learned nearly all the major designing software. It’s a big list actually. I started from Adobe Photoshop which is one my favorite software for photo editing. I really loved to work on its project. In the same way I learned vector design software like Adobe Illustrator. I created the whole design campaign on Real Estate topic in Illustrator. It was taught by Nishu sir, who shared a lot of interesting tricks and tips to all of us during the classes.  I really enjoyed learning with him and he helped me a lot in my projects.

I also liked the teaching style of Deepak sir, who trained me in Adobe InDesign.

Apart from the software classes, the best part of my diploma course was the commercial art sessions conducted by Promila Mam. Mam you’re really an inspiring artist who changed my perspective to see the designs.

During these classes, I got to know about many new things of designing which I feel is important to learn to become a designer. Typography, color schemes, abstract art, layouts, still life are my most favorite topics which I attended.

I’m very thankful to Ravi sir too as he described the design industry with great details during his visual grammar workshops. For me Ravi sir is like a treasure of knowledge. He always appreciated my work.

I also, the events and outdoor sessions were amazing.  My favorite competition was Rangoli design competition.

So, overall it was a great experience, I joined the course to learn how to design but this course journey taught me how to visualize your ideas in different ways. Thanks ADMEC, keep doing.

Course Taken: Graphic Master
Company: Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals Pvt. Ltd.
Profile: Graphic Designer

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