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Art and designs form the perception of our eyes- from the products we buy to the television shows we enjoy. The commercial art plays an important part in our day-to-day lives.

If you have an artistic streak and you enjoy solving problems by thinking creatively and interacting with computers, one should consider a career in Commercial Art. As a commercial artist, you’ll plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communications problems with the help of computer software.

If one join any of the diploma course where creativity is required, commercial art classes from ADMEC Multimedia are free of cost available to make him/ her full of creative ideas. You can make your career in photography, graphic design, web design, video editing, animation, multimedia, motion graphics, architecture designing, interior designing etc.

Our Courses:

S. No. Course Duration
1 Basics of Commercial Art 04 Months
2 Graphic Design Special 04 Months
3 Web Design Special 04 Months
4 Post Production & VFX Special 04 Months
5 Animation Special 06 Months
6 Architecture & Interior Special 06 Months

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Basics of Commercial Art

This is the fundamental course for all the design students. It covers all basics of applied art and few topics related to fine art in nutshell. In result you become eligible for the advanced and industry specific courses of commercial art at our training center.

Please find the syllabus below given:

 Topics  No. of Classes
Introduction to Commercial Art and Fine Art
  • What are applied art, commercial art, and fine art?
  • How they are beneficial for a designer?
  • Introduction of drawing tools
  • Design brief and analysis
  • Layouts- types and their uses
  • Introduction to color schemes
  • Creation of various stages in layouting – idea, rough, and finished
  • Practical – abstract design with primary and secondary color scheme
    – scrap file making
4 Classes
Still Life
  • Overview of perspective
  • Perspective drawing and composition
  • Creating 3D objects
  • Practical with colors
  • Placement of objects
  • Placing object in a composition
  • Different types of shading
  • Textures in shading
  • Shading techniques and reflection
  • Understanding shading – glass, steel, mud, clay, fruits, and vegetables etc.
  • Objects Composition with colors
  • Practical Test
7 Classes
Design Elements and Principles
  • Design Elements
    • Color
    • Shapes
    • Typography
    • Line
    • Form
    • Value
    • Texture
    • Space
  • Design Principles
    • Balance
    • Movement
    • Rhythm
    • Contrast
    • Pattern
    • Unity
    • Emphasis
  • Design Essentials
    • Grid Systems
    • Types of Layouts
4 Classes
Logo Designing – Types of Logos and their Making 4 Classes
Idea Development, Concept Art, and Visualization 4 Classes


Tests and Projects- Particular Marks
Still Life (Draw particular/ any object and medium) 20
Logo Designing (redesign original logo) 20
Concept Art (Cover, abstract, painting, object thinking design) 40
File Making (entire syllabus in practical summaries in sheets) 10
Conduct (discipline, punctuality, dedication etc.) 10
Total 100 Marks

Graphic Design Special

Topics Classes
  1. Visual Grammar – Introduction, Uses, Importance etc.
  1. Designing is beautiful! Exploring Design Trends
  1. Famous Graphic Designers – Indian
  1. Famous Graphic Designers – International
  1. How designers work? Design Process – All Steps
  1. Visual Grammar – Elements
    • Activities on Shapes
    • Color Activity
    • Practical on Typography
  1. Visual Grammar – Principles
  1. Human Anatomy (Male, Female, Child)
  1. Cartoons and Caricatures (Human, Animals, Birds and Objects)*
  1. Coloring and Digital Painting
  1. Creative Thinking – how to master it?
  1. Exercises on Conceptual Thinking and Idea Development Skills
    • Making connections
    • Looking at things differently
    • Generating ideas under certain specified requirements
  1. Poster Designing (Types of posters and their making)
  1. Ad Campaign Making


Tests and Projects- Particular Marks
  1. Digital Painting x 3
  1. Practical Test (Poster, Advertisement, Campaign with Logo)
  1. Portfolio Making and Project File
  1. Conduct (discipline, punctuality, dedication etc.)
Total 100 Marks


Web Design Special

A web user interface lays the foundation for creating a successful foundation of a website. It lays a strong foundation for a web layout and how we use grid systems to unite text, images or any other page element for visuality. It gives a clear idea of how visual perception works. When we look at images, we understand them much faster than we read words.

Experts of ADMEC Multimedia Institute offer an in-depth training on web UI designing which will ensure great UX and 100% success for any website or web app.

Topics Classes
  1. Types of websites
  2. Common break points and screen sizes
  3. Design trends
  1. Web typography and colors
  1. User Experience Designing or UXD for Web and Mobile UI Designers
    1. Introduction of UX and UXD
    2. Differences between UX and UXD
    3. Differences between UI Designing and UX Designing
    4. Importance of UXD for an UI designer
    5. Tips and tools to enhance User Experience in an UI
  1. Website and Mobile App UI making Introduction
    1. Mood Board
    2. Mind Map
    3. Sketches
    4. Flow Charts
    5. User Flows
    6. Wire Frames
    7. Mockups
    8. Prototyping
    9. Project Report etc.
  1. Web UI Components
    1. Icons, Banners, and Headers
    2. Ads and Alerts
    3. Badge and Breadcrumb
    4. Buttons and Button Groups
    5. Card
    6. Carousel
    7. Collapse
    8. Dropdowns
    9. Forms and Input groups
    10. Jumbotron
    11. List group
    12. Media object
    13. Modal
    14. Navs and Navbar
    15. Pagination
    16. Popovers
    17. Progress
    18. Spinners
    19. Toasts
    20. Tooltips etc.
  1. Practical – Website UI (5 pgs All break points)
  1. Practical – Mobile App UI (iOs and Android)


Tests and Projects- Particular Marks
  1. Project Report
  1. Website UI– all break points
  1. Mobile App UI– all break points
  1. Conduct (discipline, punctuality, dedication etc.)
Total Marks 100 Mark

Post Production & VFX Special

Post production is one of the most creative disciplines in today’s world where everything is in digital form. Correct use of colors, shapes, text, images, transitions, and effects make a noticeable change to videos. This 4-month course will give you direct knowledge of all this so that you can also produce rich and sophisticated videos, presentations, motion graphics, and commercials for the world.

Topics No. of Classes
  1. Introducing you to various topics covered here
  1. Basics of Anatomy of Humans and Animals
  1. Cartooning and Caricatures Basics
  1. Environment Study
  1. Poster Theory (types of poster and making)
  1. Principles of Animation
  1. Story boarding basics
  1. Practical on Story boarding – Logo animation
  1. Presentations and Motion Graphics – Process of Making
  1. Practical on Story boarding – TV commercial
  1. Flipbook – Making of an animation of a small project


Tests and Projects- Particular Marks
  1. Story and Story boarding
  1. Environment study
  1. Flipbook animation
  1. 2d Animation using Motion Graphics (After Effects)
  1. Project Report
  1. Conduct (discipline, punctuality, dedication etc.)
Total Marks 100 Marks

2D and 3D Animation Special

Drawing and sketching forms an integral part to the art of animation and forms very essential tool for formulation, designing and developing original stories, characters, and effects. It also offers a wealth of examples and tips to help you develop essential sketching, technical drawing, and ideation techniques.

Topics No. of Classes
1. Introduction to Animation, History, and Types of Animation 1
2. Top Animation Studios, Projects, Most Popular Animators, and Essential Software 1
3. Movie Making Complete Process (Film and Animation) 1
4. Human Anatomy – Male & Female Body Structure, Parts, and Postures 6
5. Face and Expressions – Feelings and Moods 4
6. Live Model Study with Different Posture 4
7. Model Sheet- Front, Back, and Side 2
8. Animal Study- Bipedal and Quadrupedal Animals with Model Sheet 4
9. Birds and Insects with Model Sheet 4
10. Cartoons and Caricatures (human, animals, birds and objects) 2
11. Environment Study – Outdoor Session 3
12. Principles of Animation 4
13. Story and Script Writing Basics 2
14. Story-boarding – Camera Angles, Scenes, Shorts, Model Chart, Expression Chart etc. 3
15. Acting for the Story – Essentials only 2
16. Ladder, Key Frame, other Frames, and Exposure Sheet 1
17. Frame by Frame Animation (with the help of Lightbox) 4
18. Clay Modeling (human, animals, and objects) 4
19. Claymation/ Stop-motion 4
20. Animation Using Computer – Walk, Run, Jump, etc. 2


Tests and Projects- Particular Marks
1. Live Model Study (human and object) – 5 Each 05
2. Environment Study – 5 nos 05
3. Story and Script Writing – 2 nos 05
4. Clay Modeling (based on above story) 05
5. Claymation or Stop-motion (based on above story) 15
6. Story-boarding (based on above story) 10
7. Flipbook using Lightbox (based on above story) 20
8. 2D Animation (based on above story) 15
9. Project File 10
10. Conduct (discipline, punctuality, dedication etc.) 10
Total Marks 100 Marks

Architecture & Interior Design Special

Drawing and sketching forms an integral part to the art of animation and forms very essential tool for formulation, designing and developing original stories, characters, and layouts. Sketching for Animation offers a wealth of examples, exercises, and tips to help you develop essential sketching, technical drawing, and ideation techniques.

It will help students in developing creative skills in visual art and design.

Students will learn how to create stunning illustrations to image editing. They will know about the visual grammar basics with the help of Photoshop and Illustrator and will become aware of the basic concepts of 3D Modelling, human sketches relating to their human body proportions, and basic story structure in a storyboard form. The student will learn creating 2D animations for applying special effects, basic story structure in a storyboard form so as to transform rough sketches to finished presentation etc.

Topics No. of Classes
1. Drafting Introduction, Drawing Instruments and their Uses, Types of Drafting,
Drafting Media, Drafting Sheet Sizes etc…
2. Line Weights, Lines and Line Quality, Line Types, Material Symbols,
Architectural Graphic Symbols, Drawing Symbols for Cross-Reference etc…
3. Title Block, Types of Plans, Types of Scale for Drawings, Dimension, Interior
Elevation, Section Drawing etc…
4. Door Schedule, Window Schedule, Orthographic Projection etc… 1
5. Furniture Sizes, Kitchen and Unity Sizes, Bedroom Sizes 1
6.  Isometric View, Axonometric View etc… 1
7. One Point Perspective, Two Point Perspective etc… 1
8. Presentation Plans, Section etc… 1
9. Furniture Design – Sofa, Chair, Bed etc. (Two Point Perspective) 1
10. Architectural model (Using Scale) 1
11. Adaptive Reuse 2
12. Retail Projects 2
13. Basics of Design Composition – Elements and Principles 1
14. Introduction to Building Materials 1
15. Plumbing and Natural Ventilation 1
16. Interior Furnishing – Ceiling, Walls, Flooring, Furniture, and Decorative Items 1
17. IIID- Rules, Regulations, and Code of Conduct 1
18. Doubt Session 1
19. Resume and Portfolio Making 1
20. Vaastu Overview and Tips 3


Tests and Projects- Particular Marks
1. Project (Retail/ adaptive reuse/ society/ flat etc.) – all stages: drafting, plan, rendering, 2d, 3d, walkthrough etc. 50
2. 3D Model 10
2. Theory Test 10
3. PPT Presentation Making 10
4. Project Report 10
5. Conduct (discipline, punctuality, dedication etc.) 10
Total Marks 100 Marks


Note: Number of classes and duration of the courses are estimated not accurate here. Also, this is currently not available as a separate course.


Facilitating the concept of overall development, we organise various events and activities for 360 degree development of our students.

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