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Post-production is one of the parts of the film making process. It is included in the making of motion pictures, televisions, and radio programs, videos and audio recordings, photography and digital art. It is the general term used for production stages which occur after the actual end of shooting and recording.

With the growing demand for post-production professionals, it is of utmost importance to gain knowledge in post-production skills and to understand the roles and responsibilities of post-production personnel. There are many professional post production institutes who prepare students for future by providing in-depth technical training.

Roles and Responsibilities of Post Production Personnel

  • The Production Artist is the final stage in a creative design process.
  • The Post Production Artist works with creative teams to execute a creative design.
  • Plans and performs various post-production tasks which comprises of reviewing footage, creation editorial decisions, video transcoding, rough cuts, audio adjustment, color correction, final editing and much more
  • They create commercial art in industries ranging from film to advertising industry to software design.
  • They ensure brand standards crossways color, font, production quality and more.
  • They also do resize, cropping, retouching, changing the layout and eliminate redundancy in the copy.
  • They put the finishing touches on the art establishing and maintaining the product.
  • They use computer graphics and special effects for video post-production in unity with the overall production concepts
  • They compress videos for output; encode media as suitable; makes video products available in a variety of formats including DVDs or streaming media files
Suggested Software Proficiency

The Production Artist needs to be absolutely expert in the tips and tools used in the real world.

Some of the recommended software skill sets needed include:

Autodesk Maya offers 3D modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering tools on an extensible production platform. Watch the below given demo reel of Autodesk Maya to know
Autodesk 3ds Max software offers features like combined modeling, animation, and rendering tools for out-of-the-box productivity. Watch the demo reel of Autodesk 3Ds Max below.
Adobe Illustrator for creating and editing the graphics and illustration. 
Adobe Photoshop for image editing
Adobe After Effects for creating amazing motion graphics and visual effects
Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing any type of media in its native format and creating professional productions with brilliant color for film, TV, and web
Apple Final Cut Pro for video editing used in post-production

One of the best ways to excel in the field of Post Production is to update with the latest technologies and to join a professional post production institute which also provides special classes and conduct workshops. There are thousands of production houses in different parts of the world, which are in search of fine and skilled professionals to fulfil ever growing demands of the industry.

After gaining an adequate knowledge in post-production applications, an individual can work as a Video Non-linear editor, Visual Effects Supervisor, Compositor, Rotoscopy and Ring Removal artist etc. in prestigious industries giving an edge to their career.

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