Special Classes

Beyond the Classroom Training

Friday and Saturday are mostly booked for special classes which are being conducted by senior faculty members at ADMEC Multimedia Institute. With the help of these special classes, ADMEC provides in-depth insights of the industry to the students so that they learn more about it. Students pursuing all type of courses can attend these classes since there’s no specific criterion to select students for these classes.

The topics covering by these workshops are essential for all students who are joining courses in graphic designing, web designing, web development, animation, video editing, post production, marketing, CAD, architecture interior designing, data analytics, etc. We conduct special workshop on monthly basis mainly on weekends so that working professionals can also attain these sessions.

Special Classes' Objectives

The rationale behind proffering such special classes is to keep the students updated with the most recent development taking place in the digital media industry as well as in their respective curriculum.

How We Conduct?

We conduct these special workshops for all of our students pursuing diploma as well as certificate programs. These sessions are basically organized twice in a month and each session will be of 2 hours.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone who is interested in exploring new concepts, strategies, and methods related to creative design industry, logical programming, analytical marketing, CAD, video editing, animation etc. can attend these sessions.

Who Will Conduct?

Industry experts are going to conduct these special classes who have more than 20+ years of experience in their respective fields. In the form of different topics covered in these sessions, they bring new ways to teach students hands-on skills that will become their asset while working in the industry.

How It Helps?

These special classes will serve as an excellent platform for enhancing the creative skills, programming knowledge, and industrial knowledge in the students. By attending these workshops students learn about the industry and the work process that take place there which further motivates them to explore more.

Topics We Cover in Special Classes

Take a look at the key topics that are we are covering up in through these special classes. The topics given below are related to various fields such as designing, programming, and marketing.

Sessions on Design Industry

Check out the key topics covering by our designing pros below.

  • Creative vs critical thinking – How to think like an artist?
  • Intelligent design
  • Introduction to visual grammar – How veteran artists create designs?
  • Importance of shapes in a design
  • Top 10 common mistakes design beginners do
  • Design principles
  • Creative vs critical thinking – How to think like an artist? Part – II
  • Our design industry: Know it before you join it
  • Top 10 common mistakes design beginners do
  • Prepress & post press workshops

Sessions on Web Industry

Some of the important topics which are covering by our web experts are given below.

  • Style Guide, Design Language System, Android Design Specifications, and iPhone Design Guidelines
  • ES6- New Syntax and Feature Overview
  • An insight to UI/ UX design
  • Next Generation JavaScript
  • What’s new in web design and development
  • How to master the art of SEO?
  • Domain, Hosting, Uploading & cPanel Management

Sessions on Video & Film Industry

Here are the topics covering by our animation and post production experts:

  • Digital photography and videography (Outdoor Session)
  • Colors & typography in animation and videos
  • Film making process
  • Types of video editing
  • How to handle camera
  • Types of cuts in video editing
  • Top 10 techniques to speed up workflow
  • Role of lighting in photography 

Other Essential Sessions

Have a look at the other essential topics:

  • Co-AIM Theory and Practice
  • Development Of Portfolio, Resume & How To Face Interview (Part-I)
  • Development Of Portfolio, Resume & How To Face Interview (Practical Session)

If interested in these workshops, please contact us at +91-9811-8181-22. Outsiders are most welcome to attend these special classes (free of cost*).

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