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What is Post Production?

Post Production is a division of film making and the video production process. It occurs in the making of television programs, radio programs, videos, photography and digital art. Post Production is a third and final stage of Film/ Video Production procedure. The first two being, Pre-Production and Filming. In Post Production film/ video will have to go through various steps within three stages.

All production work done after the raw video footage and audio elements have been captured, editing, audio mixing, titling and other production work is done during post-production.

The aim of the post production diploma and certificate courses is to produce versatile digital artists with a complementary set of traditional and digital filmmaking skills.

Various Stages in Post Production

Pre Production

Pre Production is the phase of further developing ideas and planning prior to process of post production.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects plays a key role in today's film making and has thrown open boundless opportunities for a rewarding career. Visual effects commonly refer to 3D computer graphics produced for film, games and advertising, however miniature and real-world model building are good examples of visual effect techniques that require no digital assistance.

Post Production

Post Production is popular term being used in film industry form several decades. Post Production is final step in film creation. Post production is a process by which artists manage a real or virtual video. A video may need visual effects, sound synchronization, and footage placements to finalize it for the public and good impact.

Most production houses are looking for the people with required skills who can hit the ground running and make an involvement from day one.

Future of Post Production

The importance of post production techniques exhibited in Indian films in the recent times depicts a bright perspective for the future. The powerful graphics, visual effects and perfect colour grading practised in the contemporary films have now reached some potential prominence inspiring filmmakers to tell their stories relying on these innovative technical expertise. While the film industry has got a boost after the release of a few big films, the television space is also not to be underestimated. 

As per KPMG Report “The post production and VFX industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 17.2 per cent over 2017–21 to reach a size of INR131.7 billion.”

Career Options in Post Production

If you want to make a new career in TV, film, sound, video games and graphic design so it's a best career option for you. The post production segment saw a growth of 13 per cent in 2016, and continues to perform and reap the benefits of an established network around the segment.

In this field, you can work as:

  • Post Production Artist
  • Digital Artist
  • Modeler
  • Technical Director
  • Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Compositor
  • Motion Graphic Artist
  • Roto Artist
  • Digital Effects Animator
  • Short Film Maker etc.

Offered Courses in Post Production

Please read carefully all the following given Post Production Courses:

Post Production Courses

Duration: 06 Months

Layout and composition are the building blocks in graphic and web design. A strong composition will attract attention, simplify understanding, and engage the viewer whether the project is a print- or screen-based project. Visualization Master Course is a 6 months diploma program that is a complete creative design course which will cover important topics like visual grammar, drawing, sketching, necessary design and 2D as well as 3D tools utilized for motion graphics and VFX projects which will be required to design a successful branding.

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Duration: 12 Months

The Visual Effects Master course by ADMEC Multimedia Institute is specially designed to develop the artistic and technical skills in visual effects (VFX) that makes you professional in the field of Visual Effects with its leading education channel partner Post Production Institute. Visual Effects Master course not only combines the artistic but also the technical aspect of integrating computer created imagery with live action footage in VFX.

Training in Visual Effects Master Course is proffered by the renowned post production artists in Delhi-NCR.

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Duration: 12 Months

Are you exploring a new career in TV, film, video, sound, music, video games or graphic design? Now is the time to get job-oriented training to prepare you to get paid work. Become a highly skilled TV & Film Editor, Audio Engineer, or Motion Graphic Artist in just 12 months from ADMEC a leading Post Production Institute.

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Duration: 18 Months

Post Production Master Plus is an exclusive program that provides high-quality training to individuals who can explore various career options in Television, Movies, Gaming, Graphics and Web Industry. Post Production Master Plus course gives an individual an opportunity to get placed in multi-national companies after completion of this 18 months Diploma Course. This professional course has been designed for novices or for those who are already working in the media industry and want to outspread their skills.

Duration: 1½ Months

In this course, you will get an in-depth knowledge of the interface, tools, features, and production flow for Adobe Premiere Pro. The course is an ideal blend of instructor-led demonstration and hands-on practices to introduce you to Adobe Premiere Pro software, a non-linear video-editing application.

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Duration: 2 Months

Adobe After Effects is used almost everywhere for digital post production of television, corporate presentations, films, and web animations. This short-term certificate After Effects course offers a wide range of 2D as well as 3D tools used for motion graphics and VFX projects. It is an ideal for video editing professionals, motion graphics & visual effects artists and even for graphics & web designers.

Duration: 2 Months

Final Cut Pro X is the most famous editing software for filmmakers to industry professionals. Mastering Final Cut Pro X will open the door to editing, effects, sound and graphics. This Apple FCP course will train individuals to perform editing functions while working with the user interface. It is led by experienced industry professionals providing training for over a decade now.

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Duration: 3 Months

Final Cut Studio training from the ADMEC Multimedia institute provides high standard course for professional video editing, compositing, motion graphics, and video compression used by the professionals all over the world. The immense potential of Final Cut Pro (FCP) has no parallel in the editing industry. ADMEC’s FCS Master Program encompasses technical expertise, aesthetics and workflow knowledge. This Apple FCP course is capable to move students from having no knowledge to advanced industry-level expertise in a very short span of time.

Duration: 4 Months

It is a very intuitive short term certificate course in video editing, it covers all the basics of Video Graphics and Non Linear Editing (NLE) including Audio Designing, Digital Painting, Matte Painting, video file formats etc. Our institute recommends this course for Small Office – Small Home (SOHO) users. It covers all the aspects of video editing and audio editing.

Duration: 6 Months

ADMEC Multimedia Institute presents Post Production Premium Course, a short-term diploma course which focuses on the process of post-production including Compositing & Editing. Through Post Production Premium course from our institute is the combo of motion graphics and video editing training through which students will get an insight into techniques like compositing, match-moving, matte painting & editing.

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