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Hi readers, this blog is about the 10 best digital & web design courses offered by our multimedia design institute. Read it out till the end and enjoy the reading.

Role of professional digital & web design courses

Design plays a crucial role in all and every IT field, whether graphic, textile, or web and creating a design that can provide the solution for clients is no easy feat to achieve. Some rules and tools can be used to achieve this but the first one should know what a good design is. 

We at ADMEC Multimedia Institute know how to start the learning process for a student who doesn’t know these things but is willing to try with our classes consisting of a very small group of students who all are working towards the same goal and are taught by our expert instructors who have the practical knowledge of the related industry.

After the classes we encourage students to practice in the labs so that can they can clear all their doubts same day. Special Workshops are organized every month on various topics like what’s a new trend in their industry, updates in the frameworks or libraries, visual grammar.

Coming back to our main topic since designing in as established very important and quite too hard to become good at here are the 10 best digital and web design courses for beginners where we lay the groundwork required to become successful in the chosen field. These courses are keep updating with each passing day as per the trend going on in the industry.

Graphic Master Plus Course

Graphic Master Plus is one of the most popular graphic designing courses it includes the knowledge of advanced computer designing applications, visual art, digital painting, user interface design, user experience design, photography, post-production, and the applied arts.

This course is 12 Months long and both classroom and online students can apply for it. There is no graduation required. 

Here is the software that is covered in this course: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw, Adobe XD, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Bridge, SketchBook.

The program is divided into two semesters

  • 1st Semester: Design Essentials, Image Editing, and Print Lay-outing
  • 2nd Semester: UI Designing, Motion Graphics, and Publishing

After the completion of this program, the students become eligible to work in fields like print, television, web, and mobile.

Get to know about the core details of this graphic design course on the Graphic Master Plus Course page.

UI Design Master Course

The best UI designing Course where students learn concepts of creating a UI practically in both software and by programming, we feel a designer cannot design a UI design successfully if they don’t the basics of creating a UI with programming hence, basic programming is also covered in this program along with sketching classes.

This is a diploma that spans roughly around 6 months and is also available for both Classroom and online modes and like the previous course, no graduation is required to apply.

Software and languages that are covered in this program are as follows: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Zeplin, InVision, Sketch, HTML5, and CSS3.

After the completion of the course, students can apply for the profiles like UI designer, Adobe XD designer, prototyping expert, wireframe expert, mobile UI design expert, etc

Explore this UI design course in detail on the UI Design Master Course page.

UX Design Standard Course

In the UX Design Standard Course, the student learns the concepts of planning and making a strategy, and developing navigation for the users where users can explore everything without difficulty in both mobile and web applications.

The course is duration is around 6 months and it does require graduation and is available for both online and offline modes.

Software, Language, and the major concepts that students get to learn in the following are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Zeplin, InVision, Sketch, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, sketching classes, and UX Design.

Upon the completion of the diploma, students can apply for UX as well as UI design expert posts, not only this but also for UX research, usability, testing and prototyping professional.

Let’s read about this course in detail on the UX Design Standard Course page.

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Master Course

One of the most advanced software learning courses covering all the software by Adobe to make you a master in all the major fields. From Web Designing to Graphic Design this one covers all of them.

The course has a duration of 12 months and doesn’t require any graduation at all and is available for both offline and online modes. In addition to this, the course can also opt for a faster completion with FastTrack, Regular, or for the ones who are working can only join for Weekend sessions.

Software covered in this course are as follows Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Dimensions, Adobe Animate, and Adobe Media Encoder.

The curriculum of this diploma is divided into two semesters

  1. Design Basics, Graphics, and UI Design
  2. 2D Animation, Video, and Motion Graphics

After completing this course student becomes eligible to apply for various profiles some of them are: creative graphic design artist, web & mobile UI artist, stationery, packaging, vector graphics designer, digital painting expert, photo editing master, photo manipulation, illustrator, 2D animator, video editor, motion graphics artist, art visualizer, etc.

If you are interested in this course and what to read more, check our Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Master Course page.

Textile Design Master – CAD

Best course for students who want to make their career in the fashion and textile industry. In this program, students are taught the basic to the advanced concepts of textile designing, rules, and software.

This course is 8 months long and doesn’t require any graduation before starting and is available for both offline and online training modes.

Software included in this particular course are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Sketchbook, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Dimensions.

Students who complete this course can make their career as a CAD textile design professional, digital textile Illustrator, photo editor, texture & pattern designer, and many more.

Explore about this textile design course in detail, just follow our Textile Design Master Course page.

Digital Painting Master Course 

This is the course for the students who love to create, draw but want to take their creativity one step further by creating it on digital media. In this course, various concepts of digital paintings are taught.

It is 6 months diploma and doesn’t require any graduation before starting but this is course is only available for offline mode.

In this course software applications which are included are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Bridge, Sketchbook, Artweaver, and Krita.

After completion of the course, students can go for the different profiles, some of them are digital painting artist, Photoshop digital illustrator, Sketchbook professional, Artweaver professional, vector illustrator, colouring artist, Krita Painter, etc.

Are you interested in this digital painting course? Check the essential details of this program on the Digital Painting Master Course page.

Advertising Design Master Course

Advertising Design Master comprises both the designing and marketing industries and is the perfect balance of the two. In this course, the students learn the essential software and creative skills which they can use to shape their ideas for not only the design industry but also for the video editing, and animation.

This course belongs from one of the larger duration programs stretching to nearly 18 months and doesn’t require any graduation but can only be applied by students willing to take classes in offline mode.

Along with various concepts and knowledge of marketing the software which are taught are 

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Dimensions, CorelDraw, Sketchbook, Blender.

Upon successfully completing the advertising design course student can enter the industry as an advertising design expert, layout artist, motion graphics expert, video editor, UI designer, Visualizer, 2D & 3D Animator, etc.

Check what are the basic entry requirements of this program on Advertising Design Master Course page.

Multimedia Master Plus Course

Multimedia Master Plus course is the biggest program that we have it includes everything from every field to versatile design master for different fields such as print, web, post-production, video editing, animation, architecture, and interior industry.

The curriculum is spread over 6 semesters and is 36 months long and can only be applied by offline mode. There is graduation required for this course as well. 

The concepts/ topics covered in semesters are

  1. Visual grammar and graphic design
  2. Web design and UI development
  3. Web development, website promotion, and management
  4. Architecture and interior designing
  5. 3D animation and visual effects
  6. Video editing and post production
  7. Portfolio Development

After completing the course successfully students will be able to become a multimedia designer, graphic design professional, web & mobile UI design expert, visualizer, photo editor, post production artist, 3D animation, 2D animator, motion graphics expert, web designer, advertising professional, etc.

This multimedia program has got lot of details, explore everything on Multimedia Master Plus Course page.

Web Premium Course

The program is for the one who aspires to become a front-end developer. This web design course is packed with the knowledge of UI designing, UI development, website maintenance, and at last portfolio development. This course starts with UI part in which you will learn Adobe XD to create user interfaces of websites. Later you will move forward for programming part which covers the core of this program.

This course is roughly 8 months long and can be applied by both online and offline students. It doesn’t require any graduation.

Content covered in this course are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Angular Material, ReactJS, Domain Hosting.

After this course, students can apply for the profiles like mobile and website UI designers, HTML5 & CSS3 developer, UI Development expert, JavaScript developer, Angular developer, ReactJS expert, responsive website developer, etc.

You can also check this Web Premium Course page to get other essentials details like prerequisites of this web program.

Web Master Plus Course

Web Master Plus is our most loved course as with this course students can transform themselves into a full-stack developer with the knowledge of programming languages, CMS, framework, libraries, app development, and much more. In simpler words everything you need to establish yourself.

This course is 18 months long and it does require graduation before applying and it can be applied by both online and offline modes.

The course is divided into two semesters

  1. (Front-end Development) – Fundamentals, Graphics, and Programming
  2. (Back-end Development and Promotion) – Languages, CMS, E-commerce, Promotion, and Management

This course includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS, Java, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, React JS, Angular, Angular Material, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, WordPress, WordPress Development, Node JS, Mongo DB, Ionic, Domain Hosting, SEO, SMO.

Explore the entry requirements, semesters and modules in details on the Web Master Plus Course page.

Sketching Classes

There is one more thing that all of these courses and include and its classes are simultaneously included with the regular classes and that is the sketching classes. Where students learn the concepts of visual grammar and commercial art like what type of color scheme to choose, how to design a logo, etc.

If you are unsure what this means check out the works of our based on the same.

Note: These classes are only for offline students. 

You can also check out the works done by ours students in different fields on our portfolio page.

What happens after the completion of the courses?

Well firstly you are asked to submit the projects and blogs which were given upon completion of every topic in your course and once that is completed you are given a certificate/diploma based on the course. Now after this we help you in getting the job and for that, you can apply for the jobs from our job portal.

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