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As the design industry is reaching heights and earlier when there were only who wanted to be designers and it has reached to many. UI/UX designing field has also become competitive as now businesses are growing and everyone wants their website to look different along with that it should be in a way that by just looking at the design of website one could get a feel of the business and the products they are looking for.

Earlier it was just Photoshop on which mostly UI/UX designers used to design the web templates before starting with the coding part. But it somehow was that useful to the web designers as one can’t feel the design as they were not responsive.

But with the introduction of Adobe XD in the world of web design, it has given a different edge to the work representation done by UI/UX designers. 

Technology is like a coin; it has 2 sides. One side it provides something good then on the other side there are some downsides as well. Here in this blog, you will be introduced to the both sides of Adobe XD.

So, let’s get started.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Adobe XD:

Pros of Adobe XD:

1. All types of artboards

All types of artboards

As you open up the application, you will be seeing all the canvas from desktop to smartphones. Choose the one for which you want to design your UI design for and get started.

2. Tutorials


The best thing I found in this application is the basic introductory tutorial that they have are of great help to anyone who is new to the software. As, they explain the strongest points of the software in such an interactive manner.

3. Simple and clean interfaces

Simple and Clean Interfaces

It you compare its interface to that of Photoshop and illustrator its too simple and clean. But it is perfect for UI designers and has almost everything that the one needs.

4. Repeat Grid feature

Repeat Grid Feature

I must say that this feature took all my heart. You just drag one grid with repeat grid command on it and it will automatically place the other dragged grid after that.

Isn’t it magical as well as amazing!!!

5. Most Explicit Feature of the Software – Prototyping

Most Explicit Feature of the Software - Prototyping

Yes!!! this software is absolute yes for any UI/UX designer because of its prototyping feature. Without coding one could know how is the elements in their website are going to react on the different events.

Cons of Adobe XD:

1. Repeating objects thing does not work as it should

Repeating objects thing does not work as it should

Yeah!! It actually feels like copying something like it is done in other vector-based software. It is done using Ctrl + D command in Adobe XD and in other apps such as Illustrator it is done using Ctrl + F.

2. Prototyping though an exceptional feature but also have a downside of it.

Prototyping though an exceptional feature but also have a downside of it.

If you want to see the prototyping live of smartphones on the real devices it’s only going to work with Mac OS and not with others.

I hope Adobe adds this feature to work on other devices as well!!!

3. No way to design customised shapes

No way to design customised shapes

Shapes are crucial part of any design. But in Adobe XD one cannot design shapes other than circles, ovals, squares and rectangles.

4. No way to get the CSS

No way to get the CSS

Hmm!!! Though you can design an elegant design in it but dear there is not software yet or any feature in Adobe XD itself to get the CSS exported from the design you have created. Though this feature is available in Photoshop design and can be accomplished using Zeplin Plugin!!!

So, these were the cons of this software. But since Adobe XD is still in its Beta testing zone!! So, we can hope of getting rid of these cons by Adobe as the final release of the software.


Though even after having these cons it is still highly favoured by the large as well as small industries because of the good side of the software that is undoubtedly not seen in any other software. The one who knows in and out of this software is highly acceptable by the industry.

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