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UI Designers and UI Developers are considered as a craftsman of the modern world of technology. As they design and develop a very new application by putting their all innovative instincts in it. ADMEC Multimedia Institute offers the best range of UI and UX training courses.

Many people still get confused between the two terms i.e., UI developer and UI designer.

Who are UI Designers?

They are the craftsman who needs to understand the design keeping in mind the concepts related to both graphic designs as well as web or computer programming. The templates that are then developed by the UI developers.

Here, is the list of responsibilities for UI designer:

  • They build designs on different software.
  • They are responsible for the select of fonts, color schemes, and other graphical elements.
  • They are expected to have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So, they know how to get better UX.
  • They need to create whole storyboard explaining how will everything work.

Let’s move forward! 

Who are UI Developers?

The layout i.e. designed by UI designers is now developed by UI developers. They have to code, see all the aspects of software programming throughout all the stages of development. It takes a lot of time to develop the software as there may be times when the client changes its demand regarding something. So, they have a cumbersome task to accomplish.

Here is the list of responsibilities that are performed by UI developers:

  • Examine the whole layout/template designed by UI designers.
  • Provide suggestions regarding the functionality of the application.
  • Fixes the bugs that occur while testing.

I hope that reading the above description has made everything clear about the 2 roles.

Are you curious to know the latest up-to-date UI and UX courses that have been introduced by our institute?

Latest UI Designing and UI Development courses are:


UI Design Standard Course
  • Course Duration: 03 Months
  • Training Mode: Classroom as well as Online

Course Details: Are you interested in designing web templates but don’t have much time, then this is the perfect course for you. But all you will need is just 03 dedicated months.

In this you will learn the following things:

  • Meaning of UI designing
  • how are prototypes used?
  • What is a Responsive design in the Website?
  • Different patterns and grids in Web and UI design
  • How does a website design is finalized in the industry?
  • Mainly two software will be covered:
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe XD
  • In Photoshop, some advanced concepts will be taught such as:
    • Image editing
    • GIF creation
    • Different types of web ads
    • Different types of web banners and so on

To know more about this course, click the link given below:

Course Link: UI Design Standard


I. UI Design Master Course – UI Special
  • Course Duration: 06 Months
  • Training Mode: Classroom Only

Course Details: This course is the best for those who really want to increase their skill in the field of UI design as it involves different coding techniques and software. Don’t worry no intense coding is there in this course.

Things that you will learn while doing this course are:

  • Basic meaning of UI design
  • Concept of responsive website
  • Visual Grammar basics
  • Different types of layout and grid in website design
  • Interactive nature of UI design
  • Steps that are involved in the development of website design.
  • Software that will be covered are:
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe XD
    • Sketch App
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Zeplin
    • Invision

All these courses will be taught as per industry need by the professional trainers.

To know more about this course, go through the link below:

Course Link: UI Design Master Course

II. UI Developer Master Course – UI Development Special
  • Course Duration: 06 Months
  • Training Mode: Classroom Only

Course Details: Want to be a full-fledged UI developer, then this course is a big thumbs up for you. After having hands on experience on web design concepts, this what you can go for if you have interest in coding.

Things that will be covered in this course are:

Module 1:

Designing of Responsive Website with the help of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap

Module 2:

JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, JSON, AJAX, and Advanced Bootstrap

I assure you after you will be done with this thoroughly, you will be able to handle all the front-end activities in the field of website development.

To know more about this course, click the link given below:

Course Link: UI Development Master Course

Interested in UX designing? Check our UX Design Standard course


All the courses stated above are the best courses that are offered by ADMEC Multimedia Institute only. This involves the courses that offer diploma in UI/UX design and certificate course as well. They provide the best UX design training in Delhi. Feel free to attend a demo class and join them for a prosperous career in the field of UI/UX design and development.

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