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In this blog we are going to explore that how can you install brushes in Photoshop.

Many people who having being working with this software still don’t know how to do this, though it is not a hard nut to crack. Institutes which have experienced faculty such as those in ADMEC, now make it mandatory to tell students about this.

Photoshop is a basic software that is taught to anyone who are pursing any of the designing courses be it web design, graphic design or post production. This is because it has some amazing features as well as tools and brushes is one of them. Lets explore about it more.

What are Photoshop Brushes?

It is a tool which is used to make different shapes and lines which just few clicks and involves less effort. If you want to make a single stroke just click left button on the mouse once and if you want to make multiple number of strokes then just hold and drag the cursor with the help of mouse.

How are they useful ?

Though it is just a tool but dear all it can work much more than that. With this you can make the replication of an object and then use that as a brush. Also, it is very much useful in creating textures as well as patterns. It is very easy to use even for someone who is naive to this software can work with it easily.

Lets see,

Steps to follow to install brushes in Photoshop CC

  1. There are many sites available from where you can download the brushes, though in this tutorial I downloaded the brush from
  2. Download any brush set you like.
  3. Then click save and ok
  4. In your downloads folder you will find a zip folder.
  5. Extract that folder.
  6. Then open PhotoShop
  7. Go to Edit > Presets > Preset Manager
  8. Then go to the location where you have saved it.
  9. Then select the brush from there.
  10. After sometime you will see that the brush set will appear in your present manager.
  11. Simply select a brush from the set and then use it the way you want.

Isn’t it easy?

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I know after reading this blog as well as going through the tutorial once you will find this task super easy. For more such amazing short tutorials you can follow us on youtube.

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