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Videos are a perfect medium for conveying stories effortlessly. From images, clips to colors and music everything complement the video and draws large number of viewers towards your video.

With the world changing so dynamically, every brand is opting for video marketing to reach a larger audience at once. With its ever-increasing demand, video editing has emerged out a popular career choice for coming generation. They are choosing it over other conventional career options.

Video editing gives creative expression to individuals and add a new dimension to the usual storytelling medium.

However, creating and delivering a story that hits perfectly right to audience is quite harder than it looks. The main work of video editor is to make sure that the audience doesn’t lose interest in between the video.

When the Story of Editing Begins?

Once the editor got the raw footage of video, that’s where their work begins. It is their job to compile various shots edit and make that video interesting enough to watch.

  • They are the creative brains focus on capturing audience interest by offering a different imaginative space to them.

Why is it Important to Edit?

Whether it is a commercial video, educational or branding video or falls under short film and documentary category, effective editing is basic necessity.

  • Video editing enhance the visual process of storytelling. You need to adjust colors, lighting to set the right mood of your video.

How to Master this Art?

Video editing, just like other, is a professional domain and demands certain skills, timely practices and commitment from individuals who try to master it.

There are dozens of training institutes which offers industry-oriented video editing courses to prepare you for the industry but there are certain things that you have to develop from your end to get an inch closer to mastering the domain.

These things are worth remembering and they will surely enhance your editing skills.

Let’s look at them in detail.

1. Maintain a Project Directory
7 Video Editing Tips: Maintain a Project Directory

When you are starting video editing, things will look fascinating to you. You’ll just bring your files and drop it on desktop and save with some uncommon name and will hope for the best.

 Well, just don’t do that.  Always remember to create a project directory whenever you start with editing video.

Creating a project directory is very simple all you have to do is to create a folder and make some subfolder into it.

Name these subfolders like raw footage, music, stock images, illustrations or whatever things you are going to use in your video. You can also add a small descriptive label. Now save your project only in this folder.

This will make your work look organised moreover it will a lot of searching time of yours. You can always access things with a single click. This will increase your work speed and make your efficient and effective.

You must be also knowing about the common file formats are used in that video editing

2. Two Is the Magic Number
7 Video Editing Tips: Two Is the Magic Number

Two is the magic number. Never rely single handily on your hard drives and memory cards. Whenever you are working on some projects, always keep another copy of that project in a separate location.

Cloud storage can become an option in case of static designs but when it comes to videos, the process is really time consuming.

Having a separate copy on your device can also help you to do non-destructive editing. There are times when you apply some effect but didn’t like it enough and now you can’t go back to the original one also, then the copy file come to the rescue.

3. Trim the Fat
7 Video Editing Tips: Trim the Fat

Technically nobody wants to waste their time on irrelevant things. Trim the unnecessary part from your footage to keep the interest of audience alive.

4. Choose your software softly
7 Video Editing Tips: Choose your software softly

For video editors, their biggest weapon is the right software. Give them their software and they can conquer everything.

There are various applications available in the industry for video editing purposes like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Sony, Vegas etc.

Each one of them has their own features and offer a variety of tools to its users. You can choose the software as per your requirement.

However, I always advise my readers to go with industry leading software as they are used widely across the world by lots of professionals.

5. Avoid jump cuts
7 Video Editing Tips: Avoid jump cuts

If your raw footage is some interview or an audio-video chat and interviewee constantly make ‘um’ in every breath, I can understand how difficult editing is going to be. But the good thing is if you use some advanced and professional editing software like Premiere Pro.

You can cut out these voices perfectly using these apps and the final output will look like the interviewee said everything right without any hitch or something.

6. Use a Second Source for Sound
7 Video Editing Tips: Use a Second Source for Sound

When you have some other source than camera for audio there are higher chances that you’ll be getting a clearer audio. You can also record with an extra microphone for better quality audio.

Don’t rely too heavily on on-camera microphones as your primary audio source

7. Vary Your Shots
7 Video Editing Tips: Vary Your Shots

Filming all the shots in just one angle can make your video look monotonous and boring. As am editor your priority is to make videos visually interesting not boring and this can only be achieved when you try to record video through some interesting angles.

Through this, your video will capture the attention from large number of audience and can even help in keeping them engaged for a longer period of time.

Closing Comments!!

While these are some basic tips, but these can definitely refine your video editing skills to the next level. Bookmark this article so that you can apply it while beginning with another project.

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These courses will impart you with all the technicalities and practicalities of video editing industry. With our skill enhancement activities and workshop sessions, we prepare you for the industry.

I hope this article will help you. If you have something similar to share with us write us in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more informative articles and keep exploring!

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