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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is just one of the essential procedures you can make use of for attaining greater rankings. A website is the prime focus of all SEO methods. Also if it’s not appropriately implemented, your website ranking will drop in SERPs and ultimately will fail to drive traffic. With this being said, here are 10 practical SEO tips to boost your ranking in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Best SEO Techniques to Boost Your Website Ranking

Here is a summary of all the techniques:

  1. Creating Valuable and Engaging and Content
  2. Using Long Tail Keywords
  3. Optimization of Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
  4. Headings and Content Formatting
  5. Image Optimization
  6. URL Optimization
  7. Internal Links
  8. Optimize Website for Mobile
  9. Page Loading Speed
  10. Creating Optimized Online Video Content

1. Creating Valuable and Engaging and Content

Practical SEO Tips: Content in key

When dealing with Search Engine Optimization, you constantly require to have in mind the following:

  • A website with quality web content can do great.
  • A website with poor quality content will certainly not survive with or without Search Engine Optimization.
  • Duplicate or plagiarized content should not be used anywhere.
  • Post original content that include articles, blogs, images, videos, infographics, presentations, comments, etc.
  • Publish the content that is useful. Make sure not to publish web content just for the sake for posting.
  • Prior to striking the publish button ensure that what goes live should be original and relevant for your site visitors.

Any site with excellent web content can end up being much better with Search Engine Optimization!

2. Using Long Tail Keywords

Practical SEO Tips: Long tail keywords

Making use of long tail keywords in your SEO strategy is just one of one of the most standard SEO techniques.

Long tail keywords are phrases or expressions that are much common and longer as compared to the keywords that are typically restricted to 1 or 2 words.

  • These are essential to make use of in your SEO keyword strategy as they will certainly assist you to bring a lot more particular web traffic as well as qualified leads to your website.
  • Focusing on long tail keywords provides your business a far better opportunity to rank on the first page of Google SERP for appropriate key phrases and also keywords. 

3. Optimization of Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Practical SEO Tips: Page titles and meta descriptions

This is extremely crucial for on-page Search Engine Optimization.

When search engines are ‘reading’ among other things, to name a few points, they examine the web page title, the description of the web page, the headings as well as content (message, video clips, and also photos).

They do so since they require to recognize what the web page is everything about. Afterward based upon various other elements (off page SEO, domain authority, competition, etc.), they will certainly place your web page (for numerous keywords) in a position in their result page.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Writing short and descriptive titles – A web page title does not need to be long. It is recommended to keep it below 60 characters mainly because of a simple fact that this is the typical quantity of characters presented by Google in the search engine result.
  • Adding targeted keywords in the description – Google still highlights the search terms both in the title along with a description so including your target keyword phrases, make descriptions a whole lot better suited as well as additionally appealing to the searcher

4. Headings and Content Formatting

Practical SEO Tips: Heading structure and content formatting

A web page needs to be formatted correctly. Consider it like a record which needs to have a heading (H1) as well as additionally subheadings (H2, H3).

Each webpage needs to have simply one H1 tag.

With WordPress, job becomes easier as it by default adds H1 to the title of a web page.

As far as the other headings (H2, H3..H6) are concerned, the given below points should be keep in mind:

  • Avoid using a single word for a heading but make your headings easy to understand, interesting and useful for users.
  • Follow headings hierarchically in the content i.e. the first heading tag is the <h1> and then the <h2> and then <h3>, <h4> etc.
  • Make use of keywords in subheadings also

Content Formatting

Practical SEO Tips: Content marketing

Do not simply put content on a web page however ensure that it is readable.

  • Make use of underline, bold, or italics to highlight the important parts of a web page.
  • Utilize a great typeface and readable font size (at the very least 14px).
  • Split the whole content into small paragraphs (max 3-4 lines).
  • Usage sufficient spacing in between the paragraphs to make the message less complicated to view.
  • Use CSS to produce sections that stand apart as well as divide the text right into smaller manageable portions.

5. Images Optimization

Practical SEO Tips: Images Optimization

Images are essential and an attractive way to represent the content. They make a web page a lot more fascinating as well as much easier to comprehend. Among one of the most major issues with photos is that they add to the loading speed of a web page.

Best practices for images:

  • Always make use of original photos, if you need to use an existing image from the internet, don’t forget to mention the reference.
  • Image Optimizaion is must, it means reducing the size of the images – the smaller the size (in bytes) of the picture, the better.
  • Make use of ALT tags to explain the photo– It will assist search engines comprehend what the picture is all about.
  • Using descriptive filenames – Don’t just give any random names to your image ‘image1.jpg’ but make sure to give descriptive filenames, for example, ‘digital-marketing-trends.jpg’ if the image is related to digital marketing.

SEO Tips

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6. URL Optimization

Practical SEO Tips: URL Optimization

Optimizing your URLs is crucial for optimum Search Engine Optimization. It has 2 components. The very first component is URL optimization, and also the 2nd is the URL structure. A permanent web link (additionally referred to as a slug) is the special URL of each web page.

  • Good URLs should be less than 255 characters and use hyphens to ‘-separate the different parts.
  • Just like the page title, an SEO friendly URL is short, descriptive and includes your target keyword.

Good examples of URL:

  • https://www.admecindia.co.in/blog/new-features-angular-7-not-skip
  • https://www.admecindia.co.in/blog/what-makes-apple-fcp-leading-software-video-editing-training

Bad examples of URL:

  • https://www.admecindia.co.in/blog/p?165 or
  • https://www.admecindia.co.in/blog/or

Adding a Breadcrumb menu– A breadcrumb is handy since it enables individuals to browse your site in an organized way given that they constantly understand where they are currently as well as just how much far from the home page.

7. Internal Links

Practical SEO Tips: Internal linking

Linking to web pages within your site is essential for Search Engine Optimization due to the fact that:

  • It resembles developing your web: The very first step an internet search engine crawler will certainly do when they find a web page, is to follow the web links they locate on that particular web page (both interior and also external web links).
  • It’s a method to allow internet search engine to find out about your various other web pages: As discussed over when search engines locate a web page with links, they will certainly go and also read those web pages as well, so you can utilize this method to inform internet search engine concerning web pages of your site they have actually not yet found.

When they arrive at your web page, if you do not have any type of other web links within the content, they will certainly read your web page and go.

If you have web links aiming to various other web pages within your site, they will additionally take those right into account.

Best practices for internal linking:

  • Do not make use of keywords only for your internal links
  • Add internal links only when they are required and are useful for your reader

8. Optimize Website for Mobile

Practical SEO Tips: Optimize website for mobile

Since 2015, Google has actually focused on mobile responsive websites in its search results page.

Also, as per a recent study, around 57% of internet website traffic originates from smartphones.

  • As a very first step, see to it that your website is mobile friendly. Examine your website with the Google mobile-friendly tool and also fix any kind of possible errors.
  • After that make sure to check your site on mobile, as a real end-user would certainly do, and also ensure that whatever is presented appropriately including your CTA buttons.

9. Page Loading Speed

Practical SEO Tips: Page Loading Speed

Finally, among the most effective Search Engine Optimization methods that are ending up being more important is: speed.

  • Google is spending a significant quantity of money to make the web faster.
  • In every Google, I/O somebody will undoubtedly speak about the relevance of rate and also their need to consist of the fastest internet sites in their index.
  • To ‘force’ website owners to take speed right into account, they have actually formally included speed as one of the known ranking elements.
  • Fast loading sites are not just great for Search Engine Optimization however good for consumer retention as well as conversions.

10. Creating Optimized Online Video Content

Practical SEO Tips: Optimize Online Video Content

Did you know that almost 56% of all Google keyword searches return a minimum of one video outcome?

This is due to the fact that the search engine end users enjoy video information, and also Google intends to supply the kind of outcomes that will certainly be most beneficial to their end users.

By producing a lot more optimized online video content, you can enhance your possibilities of appearing in the video results of Google searches.

With these Search Engine Optimization techniques, you need to get on your means to producing a much more optimized website in no time at all.

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