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Revit is the prominent Building Design and Construction application essentially used in mechanical, electrical, building design industry. Architects, designers and engineers take the help of Revit application to draw propelled 3D drawings or models. Revit is the one of the best selling product of Autodesk. Revit is a sole application that incorporates characteristics for architectural design, MEP comprising structural designing.

Autodesk Revit upholds all phases of the building procedure, saving all data from right from start to finish. The same model that is rendered in configuration creates amounts exported to an assessing database after construction records are prepared. The parametric change automation in Autodesk Revit naturally facilitates changes made anywhere- in model perspectives or drawing sheets, segments, schedules, plans, and renderings.

Uses of Autodesk Revit

Following are the few common uses of Autodesk Revit that makes the application appropriate for building, design and construction.


Autodesk Revit is a Building Information Modeler best suitable for architecture designing.

Common Features

  • Revit Architecture interface is designed to simplify your workflow.
  • It can generate excellent results for construction documentation, concept modeling, bills of quantities, etc.
  • It’s the single application that incorporates features for architectural designMEP and structural engineering & construction.

Let’s have a comprehensive look at the various features of Autodesk Revit

Integrated Project Model

Following features deliver coordinated construction records at all times, giving tremendous time savings and quality enhancements in drawing deliverables.

  • Automatic sheet/drawing references
  • Bidirectional Associatively
  • Conceptual cost estimating
  • Dimension driven
  • Drawing coordination
  • Integrated building materials
  • Live Building Sections
  • Elevations & Parametric design
  • Project Templates
  • Relationships between parametric components
  • Single multiuser building database, etc..
Building Design and Components

Following features are the heart of the Autodesk Revit modeling capability and deliver a robust, single building database with many valuable downstream uses.Assemblies of “nested” component families

  • Attachable and insertable components
  • Butt-glazed curtain walls
  • Complex roofs and joining
  • Complex solid geometry
  • Compound assemblies and joins
  • Demolition and construction phasing
  • Edge conditions; Fascia, Gutter, Soffit
  • Parametric building component library
  • Sketch-based stair layout
  • Sloped and complex glazing systems
  • Subscription component library, etc
Powerful, Intuitive Editing Tools

Following are the forthright tools contribute to the Autodesk Revit applications broadly recognized for convenience, giving a design framework that is accessible to everybody.Active workplane grid

  • Align, split, trim, offset tools
  • Arrays: linear and radial
  • Flexible graphic controls
  • Group tool, Linework tool, Paint too
  • Transfer view templates
  • WYSIWYG display and printing
Site and Landscape Design

These features constitute Autodesk Revit software’s acclaimed site design environment and are important in the creation of construction documents, saving time and eliminating rework.Automatic contour line labels

  • Construction logistics component library
  • Parametric plant library and editor
  • Parametric site component library
  • Procedural plants
  • Property lines
  • Site grading and pad layout
  • Site terrain surfaces

Drafting and Documentation, Multiuser Work Environment, Presentation & Visualization, Reporting and Data Sharing are some other crucial parts which complement and supplement the working in Revit application. 

Industry where Autodesk Revit is used

  • Architecture, engineering and construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Media and entertainment

I hope you liked my effort given in writing to it. Let me know if you have any doubts in the comments.

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