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Angular Master Plus Course

Training Mode: 

Classroom and Online


2 Months
angularjs training in delhi

Front-end web developers mostly depend on JavaScript (JS) to create the interactive aspects of a website that users see in their browsers and other frameworks and libraries are also used to streamline and simplify the complex code. Angular a comprehensive JavaScript framework—and it gives Angular developers everything they need to set up the front-end of a web application development, with a modular approach to web design and a large support community.

ADMEC a well known Angular training institute in Delhi is offering Angular Master Plus Course is a 2 months’ program where advanced level JavaScript and Angular will be taught in our Angular training institute is essential for any front-end developer who plans to develop complex applications, libraries, or frameworks. Angular framework provided by Google and is one of the most sought-after skill in the industry today. Angular is the leading front-end web application development framework. It is a powerful open-source JavaScript framework, which is used for making web- applications. With our highly-qualified instructors, the participants will learn various effective ways of adding Angular to HTML and cover its vital elements that includes directories, filters, events, controllers, form validation, modules, routing, single page application, data binding, dependency injection, integration with MVC and many more. The learners will get hands-on exposure on implementing the concepts and making the applications more responsive to user actions.

We are one of the best advanced Angular training institutes in Delhi because we offer training in Angular 2 courses and above versions by the industry experts who have a crystal clear understanding of it. This short-term certificate course in Angular from our institute has been especially customized for web designers and UI developers who want to do an advanced and professional level training in advanced Angular course but have basic knowledge of JavaScript.

Prerequisites to Join Our Angular Course

Individuals with prior knowledge of web technologies such as:

  • Working knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 is a must
  • Intermediate knowledge of JavaScript is also required

Semesters and Modules: 

Module 1: Advanced JavaScript

Our training institute has designed this module which you need to qualify before entering to the next level which is Angular. In this Angular course in Delhi, you will learn how to write perfect JavaScript code and how to employ JavaScript's fantastic features to avoid its pitfalls. Through this module students will gain the skills to design, create and maintain rich web applications with JavaScript. Students will also learn how to write their own object-oriented code, to apply asynchronous and event-driven patterns.

  1. Advanced Functions in JavaScript
    • Callback Functions
    • Bind()
    • Currying
    • Chaining
  2. Debugging JavaScript
    • Browser Development Environment (BDE)
    • Test Driven Environment (TDE)
  3. Object Oriented JavaScript (OOJS)
    • Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript
    • Built-in Prototypes in JavaScript
    • Functional Inheritance in JavaScript
    • Closures in JavaScript
    • Class Abstractions in JavaScript
    • Namespacing in JavaScript
    • Polymorphism in JavaScript
    • Encapsulation in JavaScript
  4. JavaScript Design Patterns
    • OO Design Patterns
    • JavaScript-specific Coding Patterns
      • Singleton Pattern
      • Module Pattern
      • Revealing Module Pattern
      • Factory Pattern
    • Anti-patterns
    • Object Creation Patterns
    • Code Reuse Patterns
  5. JavaScript Code Minification or Compression
  6. JavaScript Loading Strategies
  7. Dependency Management of JavaScript
  8. JavaScript Security

Module 2: Angular or Angular 2

Learn the very basics such as how to install an Angular for creating advanced level application by creating your own services and integrating UI animations in this module. This Angular course from our Angular training institute is also beneficial for an existing Angular developer who wants to level up to latest Angular.

  • Setting Up NodeJS and NPM
  • Angular CLI Setup and Installation
  • TypeScript
    • Types
    • Declaration of Variable
    • Interfaces
    • Classes
    • Functions
    • Generics
    • Enums
    • Type Inference
    • Type Compatibility
    • Advanced Types
    • Symbols
    • Iterators and Generators
    • Modules
    • Namespaces
    • JSX
    • Decorators
    • Mixins
    • Type Checking etc.
  • Components
    • Architecting with Components
    • Templates, Styles, and View Encapsulation
    • Content Projection
    • Lifecycle Hooks
    • ViewChildren & ContentChildren
  • Built-in Directives
    • NgFor
    • NgIf & NgSwitch
    • NgStyle & NgClass
    • NgNonBindable
    • Structural Directives
  • Custom Directives
    • Creating a Custom Directive
    • HostListener & HostBinding
    • Inputs & Configuration
  • Pipes
    • Built-in Pipes
    • Async Pipe
    • Custom Pipes
  • Forms
    • Model Driven Forms
    • Model Driven Form Validation
    • Submitting and Resetting
    • Reactive Model Form
    • Template Driven Forms
  • Dependency Injection (DI) & Providers
    • Injectors
    • Provider
    • Tokens
    • Configuring Dependency Injection in Angular
    • NgModule.providers vs Component.providers vs Component.viewProviders
  • HTTP
    • Core HTTP API
    • HTTP Example with Promises
    • HTTP Example with Observables
    • JSONP Example with Observables
  • Routing
    • Route Configuration
    • Navigation
    • Parameterised Routes
    • Nested Routes
    • Router Guards
    • Routing Strategies
  • Unit Testing
    • Jasmine & Karma
    • Testing Classes & Pipes
    • Testing with Mocks & Spies
    • Angular Test Bed
    • Testing Change Detection
    • Testing Asynchronous Code
    • Testing Dependency Injection
    • Testing Components
    • Testing Directives
    • Testing Model Driven Forms
    • Testing Http
    • Testing Routing
  • Creating an App in Angular
    • Setting up deep linking
    • Wiring up a second partial
    • Creating details template
    • Adding navigation to details page
    • Angular animation events
    • Setting up the routing (Angular Application by Students of our training Institute)

Evaluating You on Angular Course – 100 Marks

  • Project – 45 Marks
  • Theory Test – 25 Marks
  • Blog Writing – 10 Marks
  • Attendance – 10 Marks
  • Conduct – 10 Marks

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Career Options: 

Angular Developers, Single Page Application (SPA) UI Developer, Angular Specialist, Front End Developer, Advanced JavaScript Developer, TypeScript Expert etc.

Few Projects by Our Students: 

If you require any further information regarding our Angular Master Course; please email to our admission counselor at or call us at +91 (0) 9811-818-122 or 9911-782-350.

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How to Apply?

  • You can visit our institute between 8 A.M to 8 P.M. Monday to Saturday and Sunday 10 A.M to 4 P.M (except 3rd Sunday) for quick admission.
  • If you are looking for online training*, you can directly apply for any of our classroom or online courses after filling the Registration From.
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Beneficiary's Bank Axis Bank Ltd.
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  • If you require any further information about our course; please contact our admissions team, email: phone: +91 (0) 981 181 8122.

Learning Methodology

  • Professional and eminent mentors with working experience on real-world industry applications
  • Quality training integrated with advanced technologies and follows well-structured course curriculum
  • Personalized training modes and one-on-one attention guaranteed
  • Access to free books by renowned authors in library
  • Continuous evaluation and feedback during the training
  • Regular doubt sessions and revision lectures
  • Dedicated and efficient lab attendant to assist you in complex projects
  • Portfolio development showcasing projects for each application/software
  • Globally recognized course completion certificate and diploma
  • Resume preparation and interview guidance
  • Commercial Art classes by industry professionals to make you good in conceptualizations
  • Offers placement support through dedicated job portal
  • Lifetime support related to technology/ software

Why Join Us?

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Quality and Management
  • Interactive classes with practical and result-oriented teaching methodology
  • Conducts extra-curricular activities like special workshops, quizzes, design competitions which can enhance students knowledge
  • Special scholarship programs for meritorious candidates
  • Air-conditioned and fully power backed up labs
  • 100% Free of cost training scheme for underprivileged candidates
  • Easy monthly installment schemes
  • Tie-ups with many hostels for outsiders
  • Industrial and outdoor trips on regular intervals
  • Windows and Mac Operating Systems
  • 7 Days Open for all the students and working professionals
  • High Tech Labs with Unlimited Internet
  • Daily notifications if not attends class
  • Publish monthly status of Attendance and Performance
  • Conduct Best Student of the Month Award every month to boost the competitiveness at the center among the students
  • and many more...

Training Mode: 

  • Regular (Course Duration will be same as mentioned Above)
  • Fast-Track (Course Duration will be half as mentioned Above)
  • Weekends (Sat and Sun)
  • Online
  • Others


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C-7/114, IInd Floor, Sector- 7, Rohini, Delhi- 85
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