Our Sketching Outdoor Sessions

To inspire an artist in you, ADMEC offers structured sketching classes. Students can explore the high line, learn the fundamentals of landscape drawing from the experts. We conduct outdoor sessions at frequent intervals.

The purpose of these sessions is to breathe the fresh air while painting and drawing the natural sceneries, live portraits, and gesture drawing. The sketching classes are conducted by none other than talented art director Ms. Promila Danderwal.


Art and Sketching Outdoor Sessions 2018

“Learning to draw is really a matter of learning to see, to see correctly,
and that means a good deal more than merely looking with the eye.”

Outdoor art and sketching sessions are organized by our institute every year for all students of graphic design, web design, animation, post production, video editing, architecture and multimedia to enhance their visualization and ability to perform well. This idea of going outdoor and being free from hectic schedule of institutional batch pumps up them with energy and excitement.

Art and Sketching Outdoor Session Video

We believe in immeasurable and structured knowledge of sketching, painting, visual design, sculpting etc. to bring out an artist inside you.

This outdoor session was about freehand drawing, perspective drawing and human anatomy which was successfully completed under guidance of our creative director Mr. Ravi Bhadauria and art teacher Mrs. Promila Dhanderwal.

Students learned how actually live sketches and drawings are made with some important key-point considerations. Human anatomy was an interesting session for them as they experimented a lot to create visuals. They learned how everyone sitting in different corners and areas should focus on an object or building to create its perspective view. 

Nothing to exaggerate, but these outdoor sessions fulfill your sketchbook and mind with wonderful memories. The ethos of working and learning together brings out a positive attitude and inspires the students to focus on their perfection as we know- “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”

Outdoor Art & Sketching Sessions in New Delhi by ADMEC

Art and Sketching Outdoor Session 2017

Every year, our institute organizes outdoor session for different students related to web, graphics, animation, multimedia in order to have different live study related to nature, and latest happenings in their surroundings. This is a session conducted by our sketching experts in order to make students more aware about what is happening in their environment and they depict it through use of water colors, crayons, or any other medium they want to use which in turn showcase their creativity and artistic art.

It is  a session which helps students to remove boredom from their hectic study schedule and grasp more knowledge about about their course curriculum which in turn make them more efficient in their study course. Through this course one can learn two point perspective drawing.

It was a water color landscape drawing session which was packed with one to one instructor and demo. It is a session to enjoy the outdoor and breathe the fresh air so that you can paint the portraits.If you want, that painting with perfection is not required and want to really enjoy and put emotions into our work then one can learn this artistic drawing by communicating and writing on paper.

Art and Sketching Outdoor Session 2016

ADMEC Multimedia Institute aim is to encourage every student to bring out the creativity and artist in them. Their outdoor sketching sessions were conducted by our renowned visual and sketching Artist Prithvishwar.

The purpose of the outdoor session is to breathe the fresh air while painting and drawing the natural landscapes, live portraits and gesture drawing.

The watercolor and crayon landscape outdoor drawing sessions were completely packed with one-on-one instruction, demo, and evaluation process. Our mentor taught students about important tips for landscape drawing, how to choose right palette color, composition, how to make two-point perspective drawing and much more.

Students made beautiful paintings and drawings which represented their creativity and talent on the canvas with the stunning color combination!



Art and Sketching Outdoor Session 2015

Sketching Outdoor Session 2014

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