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WordPress is a prominent and potent constitution since its launch in 2003. It has a secure and global community. It is a wondrous, static and easiest CMS. It is a best platform for beginners and non-technical. It is a best supporter to create blogs, a simple websites, professional portfolio, photo blog, business websites even applications you can build using it. Your website esthetic with beautiful themes and excerpt can also be developed with the use of WordPress and roughly every day hundreds of people are joining it by creating their first website.

It is being used in many similar ways. It is totally open source CMS. Plugins are the best element of this system they are finest helper for beginners to start their career. It is most popular than other CMS, everyone knows that Drupal and Joomla are very complicated CMS, they are only for well experienced and professional web designers but WordPress is a one CMS who provides a best platform for beginners and non technical.

WordPress has a number of creative and beautiful themes you can easily modify the theme and design it as you like. Themes are like an origin of the website. There are various types of themes available on WordPress. You can also generate a theme as you want.

Many users like to create their websites on the best platform so they prefer WordPress as a superlative CMS. It’s showing the popularity of WordPress in the world that more than 140 million websites are developed in WordPress as per the current report from one of the important sources. Everyone has a regard for WordPress because of its simplicity and friendly interface.

Plugins are playing an awfully role in making the website on WordPress. There are a lot of plugins offered for free from plugin directory. If you want to make a finest website, you wish for.

WordPress gives an opportunity to beginners and untrained or trained web designers to make their successful way and achieve their aim. Everyone trusts on it and believes that WordPress is a greatest platform that is easy and maintainable option in just no cost and it’s free!

WordPress is not only a CMS it’s a CMF or Content Management Framework too. It means it is a best choice for developers and programmers too because they can now create their own themes and plugins to boost it. WordPress provides complete customization environment to its users whether they are new or experienced. If you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL then customization of WordPress would not be a big issue for you.

Apart from above discussed WordPress features it offers some other useful management options too. WordPress is good for managing content, images, users, comments, themes, and extensions also. All these features are very important for a CMS that offers a platform to create dynamic websites for all its users.

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