5 Strong Reasons: Why You should Learn Node.js for Web Development

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In Web Development, an end product is achieved by front-end and back-end development. In front-end development client-side languages like HTML, CSSJavaScriptAngular are used. When it comes to selecting a technology for building the logic of an application a developer has many options to pick from.

This decision is made on the basis of many factors like project type, logic, expertise, etc. In this article, we will be discussing why one should learn NodeJS as a server-side technology in the field of web development and how it can advance your career.

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5 Reasons to Learn NodeJS for Web Development:

1.Written in JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting languages with implementation in almost all kind of web and native applications.

Every web developer has made use of this beast of a language in some way or the other. This gives NodeJS an edge as the developer does not need to learn a totally new language to master this open source server environment. It gives them a head start as they are in the same JavaScript environment they have been using for years. Basically, NodeJS extends JavaScript from the client-side to the server-side.

2.A Go-To Technology for A Plethora of Applications

NodeJS is widely used to build applications of various genres. It is used to develop:

  • IoT (internet of things) applications
  • real-time applications like chats which make use of web sockets
  • high-level single page applications (SPA),
  • streaming applications
  • microservices architecture
  • e-learning portals
  • project-management and dashboard apps
  • collaboration tools etc.

It offers capabilities that are suitable to build a diverse range of web applications thus eliminating the need to learn a new technology for every new project that a developer works with.

3.Increasing Demand Among Corporates

Just saying that NodeJS is great for building application may not be enough, we can support all the hype around this open source server environment by taking examples from some of the biggest corporates who are powering their products with this technology. Be it Yahoo, PayPal, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Uber, GroupOn, GoDaddy or Netflix, NodeJS is a part of all their applications.

It is chosen for such business applications as it provides:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Application Performance
  • Reduced Costs
  • Single Codebase with JavaScript
  • Scalability
  • Increased Execution Speed
4.Well Documented and A Good Community Support

One of the most important aspects of technology is that it should be backed up with full-proof documentation as it guides a developer to explore the technical capabilities without getting stuck. The official website of NodeJS offers a well-documented manual of all the features it supports.

In application development errors are inevitable. It is bound to face development glitches that act as a roadblock, in such cases apart from official documentation, experiences from other developers can help one to get rid of issues. For this, there is a vast open-source community of NodeJS developers out there who document their development issues and tutorials which can help others to solve their problems.

5. Career and Job Prospects

A lot of effort goes into development, and more goes into mastering a framework and technologies. When it comes to picking a technology to work with one important factor that every developer takes into consideration is a good job salary payoff.

What good is a technology that does not land one a well-paying satisfying job?

Investing in open source server environment skills will prove beneficial in the coming future as JavaScript on the client side and NodeJS on the server side opens a range of full-stack development opportunities. Even companies prefer hiring full stack developers with this open source server environment knowledge as it cuts down the need for hiring separate front-end developers.

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Market research on sites like up work display strong growth in demand of NodeJS developers with other technologies like Angular, ExpressJS, etc.


As per the current scenario, with the increased demand for Node.js, we can assume it as a promising career prospect for the developers. Developers who are either experienced or going to start their career in this field can go for it. If you want to gain expertise in this open source server environment then you must checkout out our NodeJS Master Course and to gain knowledge in full stack development using NodeJS checkout our Web Master Plus Course.

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