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C++ – The fourth most popular programming language as stated by IEEE in 2016. It was developed in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ is basically much sophisticated, precise and effective programming language which is based on C language. It is statically typed, complied and is intermediate and middle level language.

It is used as core language in many of the operating systems, drivers of the system, different browsers and games. It is highly used in creating animations, 3D videos, motion graphics using code in today’s world of technology. Since it is run using compiler, so even the heavy and complex programs run in lesser time.

You must be eager to know the amazing features of C++ which excites every programmer to learn and know more about this language. ADMEC Multimedia Institute is the best C++ institute. As they have industry expert professionals to guide you while teaching.

Here are the top 10 Must learn features of C++ from an institute if you want to be a pro:

1. “=” and “==” are two different things

This might confuse you a bit, but yes, in C++ “=” and “==” have different meanings. We use “=” to allocate the variable’s value.

For Example;

a=10; //Here 'a' is assigned value 10.
Whereas, "==" is used to check the equality.

For Example;

a==b; //Here values of 'a' and 'b' are compared, that whether they are equal or not?
2. Use of Magic Numbers

Magic numbers are basically referred as the literal numbers which have been kept by the designers in 1940’s before the Assembly language came into action.

For Example:

81 was used for screen width. But we can see here, that ’81’ is not self-explanatory.

Assembly Language made the life of programmers much easier as it is self-explanatory.

For example:

#define SCREEN_WIDTH //Now, this is much more meaningful than 81
3. Different operators for getting remainder and quotient

Most of the times programmers get confused that they asked the code for quotient why are they getting remainder?

For this keep in mind that C++ offers different operators for getting remainder and quotient.

For Example:

a = 25/5; // Result will be 5. i.e., you will get the quotient
b = 25%5; // Result will be 0 i.e., you will get the remainder
4. Use Type Conversions

Type Conversions basically helps in computing the expressions which have different data types.

They are of 2 types:

i. Implicit Type Conversion: The ones which are automatic i.e. the highest data types are automatically assigned to the all the other data types.

ii. Explicit Type Conversion: The ones in which the programmer changes the data type of the variable on its own i.e. explicitly.

5. Wisely use the boolean operator

Boolean operator should be used with strictly boolean outcomes and not with the values such as negative values which may lead to endless result and make you day worse.

6. It’s a wise choice to use using function while dealing with small programs

It is basically used when from base or derived classes you are planning to create a set of member functions or thinking of changing the access of a class member./

7. Use global functions wisely

Since it is easy to alter global variables, which can make it uneasy to reason or define its use. This happens because there is no access control on global variables.

8. Use local variable with for loop

It is good way to declare the variables locally when using them with for loop.

For example:

for (int i=1; i<=n; i++) {
     cout<< i <<" ";
9. Excess of everything is bad, so is with classes and objects

It is advisable to use small number of classes and objects and use them precisely.

10. Never forget the Semi colons after class declarations

Semi colons ‘;’ are placed after every class and not after functions.

For Example:

class Car{
     int color;
     int brand;
}; //use of semi colon after the class


I hope this blog will be beneficial for all the C++ beginners or even the ones who are working with this language since too long and have not come across few outstanding features of this language. Also if you are thinking of joining this course our institute offers exclusive C++ courses in Rohini. Feel free to contact us.

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