Why you should learn Adobe XD if you are a UI and UX Designer?

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Oh yeah!!! Adobe XD is finally here to ease the cumbersome designing tasks for UI and UX designers.

Adobe XD which stands for Adobe Experience Design CC. It is designed in such a way, that it is perfect for designing prototypes of a website or a web app. It is vector graphics editor which is very light in weight.

Though this kind of software is no new for MAC users. Because, Apple had already had sketch app, which is very similar to Adobe XD.

Earlier UI and UX designers had to learn Photoshop for designing any template but with the introduction of XD in adobe family, the life of designers has become comparatively easy. You will come to know how has it made the complex tasks in Photoshop, soft and smooth in XD.

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Very few institutes are offering this course, ADMEC Multimedia Institute is one of them. It is considered as the best Adobe XD institute in Delhi as they adapt the change in industry software so quickly that they have the best Adobe XD Course in Delhi. and give the of their knowledge to the students.

Here are the features of Adobe XD which makes it unique and different as well as easy to use: –

1. Repeat Grid Feature

It has this feature called Repeat Grid; this will help you copy the grids that you made. The copied data will have the same configuration.

Repeat Grid

2. Interactive Prototype

 The amazing feature of Adobe XD is that you can show the interactivity of one page with the other pages. This is something which Photoshop users can never even think off.

3. Assets Panel

This new update by adobe in the year 2017 can change everything in a click. Even if a single change is done in assets panel, then all the assets in that panels follows that command.

4. Advanced UI kit

There is advanced set of UIs that can be configured with the Adobe XD and you just need to drag and drop those UIs as you want. Its UI kit includes, radio button, checkboxes, etc.

5. Price and licensing

The Beta version of this is free. You just need to login using Adobe ID. But for additional features you need to buy the premium.

Unlike Photoshop, Adobe XD provides the tutorial for the beginners. The key features that are required to start working on the software are stated below:

1. Shortcuts: It is always good to know the shortcuts, as they make the speed of work faster.

Ctrl + V – Used to Select

Ctrl + T – To add Text

Ctrl + R – To form select rectangle tool

Ctrl + E – To select ellipse tool

Ctrl + L – To select Line tool

Ctrl + P – To select Pen tool

Ctrl + A – To select Artboard tool

2. With few clicks the content can be copied with proper alignment and configuration.

3. Make an artboard with just a tap and adjust size later on.

4. Adjust and insert images within no time, which used to be cumbersome task in PS.

Insert Images

5. Bring your template to LIVE by the use of Prototype feature.

6. Within 2-3 clicks make your template scroll and hence dynamic.

Scroll Bar

7. Change styling of all the artboard with just few clicks.

8. There is a special feature to make the header of your template fixed.

9. Sharing is no longer a complex task. Get a link and share with whosoever you want.

Is it the right time to move to Adobe XD?

Oh, certainly, digging your hands and find the hidden treasure that is there in this magical software. I think even the sketch users should give it a try, you will for sure have a better UI experience.


So, what are you waiting for? Time is running everyday a new software is coming to make the working life of an individual easy. Adobe has given Adobe XD for the UI and UX designers to make amazing template without wasting any time. The tasks which used to take minutes in Photoshop can be accomplished within seconds using this software. ADMEC institute is the best place to have in-depth knowledge about the same as they have the best Adobe XD course in Delhi

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