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Introduction of HTML5 APIs is a revolution in the web design, web development, web application, and gaming industry seriously. There are n numbers of people those are using these HTML APIs almost in their every project. When I teach HTML5 then frankly speaking I always wait for the HTML5 API session to share with my students so that I can show them the actual power of today’s HTML.

List of HTML5 APIs

Common HTML5 APIs are:

Audio API

 Now create fully fledged audio albums and galleries or just add a single track of music in background in your website or web app without worrying about any good additional plug-in.

Video API

According to an online survey every website has a need of a video and many of them has a video in the world. If you couldn’t put a video due to plug-in compatibility or performances issues then it is a right time to put not only one video now you can really create a complete video album, video gallery, cue points video application etc by just using HTML5 Video API.

Canvas API

Imagine a website or application without the animation!! Not talking about drop-down menu, tabbed panel or slide show only these are old fashioned statements now a days. Think something beyond the traditional approaches for animation integration in web page like real-time graph generation, an animated gaming character, flake or snow fall animation, seamless endless cloud animation etc. These are just the few examples those can be created using HTML5 Canvas API.

Drag & Drop API

Now you can drag things and drop them in a container in a native manner using HTML. Whether it is a web app, ecommerce website, game, or e-learning content you will need this feature.

Local Storage API

Now store a huge data in your browser to improve user experience on your website or web application or game. Now your visitors will feel more personalized on your project than ever.

Geolocation API

An application, game, or website needs to deliver information to its visitors not only according to the device but also according to their geo-location (Geographical Location like their country and cities etc). HTML5 Geolocation API enables us to track the location of visitors by their altitude and longitude so that we can offer the content that they are looking for. Isn’t this feature amazing?

Benefits of using HTML5 APIs in a web project

Although there are many benefits of using HTML5 APIs in web project, yet I’ll focus on only few of them.

  1. You don’t need Flash content and swf player for many of the basics tasks such as audio/ video and drag/ drop implementations. Now you don’t need any third party plug-in to use all these features in your web project.
  2. You have a native support from browsers for implementing such advanced features. All the browsers are giving support for these HTML5 APIs.
  3. No need to learn any other languages except common languages and scripts such as HTML 5 and JavaScript now. This framework is giving 100% solution to do anything from website to web application and e-learning content to games for I-phone and androids.
  4. Games industry is a big market now days. Companies and individuals develop games for earning money or for publicity or for both. For example at the launch of a movie/ film you noticed a free game on Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.

Challenges in using HTML5 APIs in a website or application

I think this point is not completely relevant today because most of the browsers are providing complete support for HTML5 APIs if we ignore some less popular or old browsers.

If you have any type of compatibility issues related to these APIs then don’t worry there are a number of solution available for you. Some of the examples are Modernizr and Excanvas these are actually JavaScript library to detect supported features and provide fallbacks.

What you need to learn to work with HTML5 APIs

All these APIs are JavaScript based so you must have good amount of knowledge of JavaScript. The use of these APIs completely depends on your JavaScript knowledge. Meaning what can be created by you using these APIs is completely depends on the knowledge of JavaScript because these APIs are just like an special object those have their properties, methods, and events just like other JavaScript’s objects.

Common uses of HTML5 APIs

Image Gallery

Audio Gallery

Video Gallery

Data Visualization

Animated Graphics

Web Applications


Click on JavaScript and HTML5 projects link to view more working examples.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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