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Interactive and exclusive modern design is a need of an hour for any business whether it’s a startup or already a well-known business. This is because of the increase in online business. Everyone when knows about something search them on the internet. Try to find each and everything about that, let’s say company or place through their dedicated websites or apps.

Many future designers and developers get confused between the terms- web design and UI development.

But let me clear this to you in a single statement: –

“Every UI developer is a web designer but every web designer is not a UI developer “

Now, let’s understand this statement in detail.

What is web design?

Web design is a term which is most commonly used for front-end or client-side design of any website. They are concerned more about how a website appears than how it works. They are expected to be aware of what are the client and public needs and also they should keep in mind the web accessibility guidelines.

They are the graphic designers with proper knowledge of the web. They are proficient in HTML and CSS with good knowledge of designing software.

As they have to design a website keeping in mind:
  • Color Scheme
  • Typography
  • Graphics
  • Visual concepts

The designing software that they need to be good at are:

Designing Software
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Zeplin
  • Adobe XD etc.

Career opportunities after learning web design are:

  • Web designer
  • Web analyst
  • Web application developer
  • Senior Web Analyst
  • Web UI designer

This field is high in demand so it is always advisable to have proper knowledge about the same by a good web design institute which provides specialized web designing courses.

I hope this thing must have cleared the responsibilities of a web designer to you.

Now, let’s come to next thing.

What is UI Development?

UI Development refers to User Interface Development. They can design both website as well as mobile application. It is the responsibility of UI developer to act as a consultant to UI developer and guide them through the designing process as to what can they design and not design on the basis of limitations of the technology and coding. It is a bridge between practical thought and creative vision.

The role of a UI developer includes:

  • Basic knowledge of designing tools so that they could assist the designers in that process.
  • Proper knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React, Ajax etc.

Career Opportunities after having complete knowledge of UI development are:

  • UI designer
  • UI developer
  • Mobile Application designer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Web designer
  • Web developer

UI development Training is vast and high in demand which is needed by each and every industry be it IT industry, banking, travel agency etc. That’s why there are many institutes that provide proper UI Development Courses.

I hope that know this blog have made a clear-cut knowledge of how is web design and UI development are similar and different from each other.

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