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Bootstrap is very popular now days to develop mobile friendly websites or responsive websites in the web designing and UI development industry. I would like to point out one important thing here i.e. Bootstrap is not only to create responsive websites but also web designers uses this great application for applications development on majority.

Bootstrap has become a standard in responsive website designing industry. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento are few examples where it has a vast demand. Demand for Bootstrap experts is high in India and abroad. So, all the Bootstrap users must update their knowledge whether they are into training of Bootstrap course in an institute or working in a company.

I finally decided to write on new features of Bootstrap 3.0 after a long time. I hope this effort will make you happy.

Bootstrap 3.3.0 was launched very recently on 29 Oct 2014. It has few cool updates in it specially bug fixes, a great improvement in accessibility, and improved documentation.

Before diving deeper into the features improvement of Bootstrap 3.3.0 I would like to give some of the important highlights:

  • You will see few more Less variables for better and easy customization
  • New progress bar changes for low percentages are removed in this version
  • Removed all instances of translate3d as they improved repaint performance, but also added several cross browser bugs
  • transforms is a part of Bootstrap now. It improves carousel performance
  • Normalize.css and our HTML5 BP (Boilerplate) print styles are updated
  • Better accessibility for panels, tooltips, navs, buttons etc
  • Various JavaScript and documentation bugs to read

CSS Improvements

Variables and mixins

I like mixins a lot and I am sure you will be fan of it too after knowing few new improvements in this version. Now you can add @gray-base variable to make @gray-* variables work better together. Also they have remove unused @nav-open-link-hover-color variable and added missing border-radius variables for small and large inputs.


Whether you are writing a tutorial or creating a documentation of a programming or language you need to use keyboard elements. Now in new version of Bootstrap 3.3.0 they have made nested kbd elements bold so you can better identify combinators.


Now it will not reset the <cite> element’s font-style. Meaning you can keep a different font-style for it.


Tables are a headache for web designers and UI developers but Bootstrap has improved it a lot. If you want to prevent content breaking out of containers problem then always use overflow: auto; on .table-responsive.

Don’t assign background-color to <th>/<td> within the .table-striped you should assign it to <tr> elements to avoid broken backgrounds on responsive tables.

One more important improvement on table in Bootstrap 3.3.0 i.e. Fix IE9 bug when .table-responsive is used with .table-hover

Forms are better now

Now you no need to extend the input sizes in small and large form groups. Instead, manually chain the selectors. Pointer events on feedback icons are also removed along with lighten placeholder text back to #999.

Apart from all the above mentioned new features in Bootstrap 3.3.0 there are few useful improvements in the following areas too.

  1. Button groups
  2. Navbar
  3. Jumbotron
  4. List groups
  5. Progress bars
  6. Media object
  7. Panels
  8. Popovers
  9. Carousel
  10. Glyphicons
  11. Print
  12. Dependencies
  13. JavaScript

New Tools in Bootstrap 3.3.0

Since Bootstrap 3.2.0 it has released few open sourced new tools for you.

  • Bootlint, a custom linter for all your Bootstrap projects. It is useful for usage related issues. Use this tool and Bootstrap will let you know about your performance related problems in your websites and applications.
  • Rorschach, a bot for checking new pull requests for common mistakes. It is good for Bootstrap new contributors. This tool analyzes and helps by showing suggestions to you for the initial mistakes made by you.

Read more about a detailed report on new features in Bootstrap 3.3.0

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