Should I use GIMP- GNU Image Manipulation Program?

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GIMP is an image editing and manipulation software developed by the GIMP Team. I am using GIMP from last 6 months approximately and after many ifs and buts I reached on a decision to write my views on Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program).

I am not going to talk about how GIMP is better than other image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop here. Rather I would try to focus on the needs of a professional and solutions by GIMP software in this post. If you are a startup or a big company and you have following giving reasons than surely GIMP is for you so please read all the following points carefully.

Want to save your money and looking for a free image editing program

Is money seriously a considerable point for you?? I’m sorry, just kidding; I know it is an important point for a businessman or self employed person in the world. Then opt for the GIMP and I promise it will give you a many reasons and a huge peace of mind.

You have requirements for an average level creative tool sets

Very Important! If you don’t have a highly creative piece to work for and can compromise little bit on creativity then download the GIMP from and enjoy. If not so then go with Adobe Photoshop it will provide you limitless tools and commands but same time it will put financial burden on your pocket too.

You don’t work on other Adobe applications

If you are not a regular user of Adobe applications such as Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects etc then GIMP is really wonderful alternative to you for image manipulation. My points is not saying that GIMP can’t work with Adobe Applications rather the reason is that if you are a regular user of Adobe software then you might face some challenges in adjusting with GIMP’s user interface. I faced the same issue but now I am very comfortable.

You are a beginner and looking for an easy image editing application

This point is also very important because a beginner prefers an easy and small image editing application like GIMP instead a big application like Photoshop. GIMP can be learnt easily from any institute or yourself by exploring tutorials on internet and YouTube.

If You don’t like ‘ADOBE’

I have met many people in my career those are at a loggerheads over a specific company or brand because of any reason. So, if you not like ADOBE then GIMP is a nice option that is completely free of cost available.

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