Rahul Gutteea

Graphic Designer, Mauritius

I can say, you guys really have great opportunity, having ADMEC by your side with full support.


I joined Graphic Master Plus course on fast track mode. So I could have done lots of things at ADMEC Multimedia Institute, the thing is that I didn’t had much time.

Learn, practice and work, this is the training methodology of ADMEC and it really works when you are dedicated towards achieving your goals.

Note to students, I am not showing off,

I have travelled to many countries and saw the education level, I can say, it is very tough, no family support, you work on our own, earn on your own, pay your bills, on top you have to concentrate on your studies and bring good grades.

Some students have preferences, not all in other universities and rest depend on your own but at ADMEC everyone is equal, getting same knowledge and same service.

I came across group of students when I was at ADMEC, saying that ADMEC should improve in itself, service not good and many more complains. Be practical, you have more than enough to perform at ADMEC.

As per my experience, they offer want you need to make a mark on the industry as a designer.  They are working on students’ skills in many ways. From commercial art sessions to special workshops related on design industry; every class that I attended really made a big impact on my designing.

Even the Poster Design Competition which I attended as Team Leader was really a helping segment of my course.

So, I would advise you guys, stop complaining, you mostly are graphic designers, think like a designer and be like one, stop running after problems and complaining, find your own solution.

Don’t work for certificate, work for talent, stop working on quantity, work on quality, help each other and stop criticizing others. No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it better.

Never give up.

Course Taken: Graphic Master Plus
Company: Advertising Agency
Profile: Graphic Designer

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