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Are you a movie buff or ever thought how actors do all the right stuff at the perfect time or love when one shot perfectly blends with others? Well, you can thank a video editor for this.

With ever-increasing demand of production industry, the career opportunities in this industry are also increasing. The career aspects are getting better for people who want to see themselves as a sound artist, video editor or video animator, photographer and others.

Let’s look into detail what all it takes to be a video editor- from its meaning to scope we have got covered all for you.

Video Editing – A Growing Career Field

Video Editing - A Growing Career Field

First things first, before knowing how you can be a professional video editor, let’s know what Video editing is all about? Video editing can be understood by the fact that it involves manipulating, combining and rearranging the shots that were taken in bits to create a new work. Video editing creates the flow of the story by arranging the right things at the right place.

Editing is contemplated as one of the crucial parts of the Post Production process. It is a professional field that demands time, focus, ideas and creativity and opens new ways for you to explore.

You can use creative freedom to create what you thought in reality. A career in Video Editing offers people a wide range of options to choose from they can go for the roles of editors for television, motion pictures, or commercials.

Other editing jobs might include becoming a senior editor in charge of an editing team or a multimedia specialist working exclusively in the digital world.

However, if you seriously want to excel in this field get your command on technicalities and details of the Video editing software that are available in the Industry.

However, If you seriously want to excel in this field get your command on technicalities and details of the Video editing software that are available in the Industry.

What does a video editor do?

Isn’t it exciting how a video editor merges different video clips, audios, images and text together to produce stunning video?

Video editing is considered to be one of the coolest jobs similar to graphic design. A video editor uses video footage and images and adjusts them together to convey the desired meaning.

Video editors are the brilliant minds that turn the raw footage into a compelling one by bringing different shots and frames together. This is the field that gives more importance to creativity and skills over experience.

Even if you are a video editor with little experience but can-do wonders with your skills, the industry will acknowledge and appreciate you for your work in its own way.

What are the ‘top skills’ a video editor needs?

We all know that the video editors are the prolific minds behind the stunning videos but it is also important to know what are some common skills that are shared by every Professional video editor.

  • Storytelling

Storytelling is the top most skill for an editor. No degree or formal education can overcome the lack of creativity. Your ability to tell a story and hold the audience’s attention with your editing skills is more valuable than any other thing. 

  • Time management and Organization

Editors have to work under constant deadlines and schedules. There are certain projects which needs to complete on urgent basis for which editors needs to increase their editing skills

Editing skills can be improved efficiently when editors take proper management of their time and keep their things and projects organized.

  • Knowledge of Editing tools

Knowledge of editing tools is a necessity for an editor. You can take up any professional course to become proficient in the software. At last, you need to stay connected with all the on-going and trending updated related to software or industry.

Why is Video editing important?

There’s a constant shift towards vocational education as these offbeat courses prove to be an outstanding career option for many people and similar to this one is a popular course of video editing.

Video editing can become a lucrative option for those who genuinely seem interested in Video Editing.

Video editors are the actual warriors that bring all the scenes together and form a larger picture of what is shot in bits and create something beautiful from the scratch.

But now comes the point where you should be asking the importance of video editing. Why has it gained so much popularity? And what makes editing of videos so significant in todays scenario that it has become a favourable career option for so many people out there?

Let’s find answers to all these questions

  • Helps an editor to get the ‘Perfect Flow’

Whenever a video is shot, it is shot in different parts and clip. It is the process of editing which brings the different parts together and gives the perfect flow to the entire video.

The video we see is the final output and looks wonderful but we don’t know how jammed up it looked in the initial process.

  • Initiates the Creative Decision

Video editing is the place where the editor makes all the creative decisions. All the crucial decisions involved in the pre and post production process take place here to create a unified video.

  • Transitions brings authentic feel

When the editor gets the footage, it is completely raw in nature. Editors using different cuts and transitions bring authenticity in each and every scene. They make the clip look more real in nature so that people can relate to it.

Popular Video editing software of the industry

Having the right software to edit videos has never been so important than it is now. We’ve created a list of best and popular software which are used by professionals across the world.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: It is the best editing software available for windows. Premiere Pro is known as one of the popular names in industry used by professional artists. It can handle the video editing process in a more effective way. You can edit videos as well audios and produce compelling videos
  • Final Cut Pro X:  One of the best video editing software available for Mac OS If you are an Apple product addict then this is the best software for you. FCP comes with rich features that you can use to edit videos.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush: This is the latest edition created by Adobe. Adobe has covered the best and latest features of video editing under one app. Even with Premiere Rush, you can go, shoot and edit anywhere since it coming up with a mobile version too. So, wherever you want to edit, Premiere Rush is there.

DaVinci Resolve:  If we talk about the free video editing software then DaVinci Resolve stands out of the other. The software is used to edit big budget films as it has the powerful capability of color correction and audio editing. 

Best Video Editing Courses to Pursue

ADMEC always believe in delivering best to its students and in the quest for the best, we have curated a few courses that would help you to gain knowledge about all the necessities required to be a video editor.

Check out our courses below:

1. Adobe After Effects Master Course                 Duration: 2 Months

After effects is a motion Graphic and Composting application. This application is widely used software and the short-term certificate After Effects course that ADMEC provides you in After effects will help you to understand the different 2D as well as 3D tools used for motion graphics and VFX projects.

The course will introduce you with topics like layers, keyframes, masking and media management. You will also get an opportunity to explore the depth of this tool, inclusive of 3D effects and rendering your project for output.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro Master Course                     Duration: 1½ Month

This course will help you to gain an in-depth knowledge of tools, the flow of the product features for Adobe Premiere Pro.

This Premiere Pro course is carefully constructed as the perfect mixture where you will learn through instructor- demonstration as well as you’ll be given ample opportunities to become easy hands with the software.

3. Final Cut Studio (FCS) Master Course                 Duration: 3 Months

At ADMEC, we are committed to providing training on Post-Production and we have specially included Apple’s most popular FCP (Final Cut Pro) in our courses after observing the ever-increasing need of this software.

This tremendous software has always remained at the top of the list and there seems nothing in parallel to this software in the industry till date ADMEC’s FCS Master Program encompasses technical expertise, aesthetics, and workflow knowledge.

From basic to advance this course covers all for you as you’ll be getting industry-oriented knowledge from and it is a faster and more job-centric training course to those who want to work in Final Cut Pro or FCP.

4. Post Production Standard Course                        Duration: 4 Months

ADMEC brings a short-term certificate course that covers the basics of Video Graphics and audio editing. We have divided this course into two parts where the first part deals with designing of video graphics and the second volume cover Audio and video editing. the course has been formulated keeping industry needs in mind.

5. Post Production Premium Course                         Duration: 6 Months

We at ADMEC always try to provide industry – oriented education and students who genuinely see their future in Post – Production Industry can apply for this short-term diploma course. Designed while keeping Industry requirements in mind, the course has been formulated in such a way that it will be a perfect blend of motion graphics and Video Editing.

Through this student will be able to get an insight knowledge of diverse techniques and fields.

Check out the Video Editing and Post Production Portfolio 

Who can Join These Courses?

The major plus point of this Dynamic field is that it is open for all. There’s no official education qualification needed to be part of this domain.

However, General computer literacy and an aptitude for working with digital equipment are considered as one of the basic requirements for this.

For doing specialized courses in reputed institutes, candidates must possess the qualifications prescribed by the respective institutes/ colleges.

So now you may have understood that this field is open to all, you just have to dedicate yourself completely to the course.

Career Options in Video Editing
Career Options

From recent years, there’s a constant hike in the demand of video editors and with the advancement of streaming video clips and also motion picture clips on internet sites this area has become extremely competitive. There is a wide range of opportunities open for a Video Editor.

  • The video editors can look for the placements in Tv and film productions or even can contact various advertising agencies or multimedia companies.
  • They can work for motion picture studios and with independent production companies.
  • After completing the Video editing courses, a person can choose from an array of options available to them.
  • They can work as a freelancer or can get associated with different media or production houses for contacts.
Salary/ Income Scale
Salary / Income Scale

In the initial period, one can expect a remuneration between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 however as you start gaining experience you can easily reach around 20-25k.

After having enough experience, you can try to get associated with a large Media house for a better pay scale. As an Experienced and Senior Video editor, you can get an annual package of 6-7 lac per annum.

Best Institute to Join for Video Editing Training

I have made a list of renowned institutes that can make your work a bit easy. Let’s have a look over them.

1. Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute

Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
  • Established in 1995
  • It was founded after a well-famed film editor Satyajit Ray
  • Institute has excelled as a center of fame in the different post-graduate courses in Cinematic studies and is affiliated by CILECT.
  • Location: Kolkata


  • Established in 1960
  • In 1971, FTII came to be known as the ‘Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) and soon started in-service training programs for Doordarshan, India’s public broadcaster
  • Earlier located at the Mandi House, New Delhi for the video studio but was shifted to Pune in the early seventies, bringing together the training in film and television under a common roof.
  • Location: Pune

3. Mumbai Digital Films Academy

Mumbai Digital Films Academy
  • Founded by Mr. Sanjib Kumar Mohpatta and is one of the best and biggest film academies in Mumbai.
  •  Mumbai Film Institute is an exciting organization that entirely focuses on the technical and practical knowledge required in film making.
  • Location: Mumbai


Founded in 2006 by Ravi Bhadauria and Deepak Bhadauria

ADMEC Multimedia offers various professional short-term and long-term training courses in video editing and short-film making through its subsidiary i.e. VEI or Video Editing Institute. VIE, in Delhi-NCR, offers various professional training and courses in Video editing and short-film making

Location: Delhi

Author’s Note:

Video Editing, is an interesting career for creative people in the media and entertainment industry. The entire process of making art, aesthetic in the visual media, lies in the technique of editing. If you have that passion and creativity then there’s no one stopping you.

Hope this blog has come to your rescue and cleared all your doubts. If you have any query, write is in the comment section

Stay tuned for more informative blogs, till then Keep exploring!

Happy Learning!

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