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Learning Adobe Premiere Pro is useful for any video or marketing professional who wants to edit video footage on either a Mac or Windows computer. Because it is such a widely-used video editing application, learning it makes a user more versatile and able to work on more projects. One reason that it is widely used is because of its inclusion in the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes After Effects, Photoshop, and other commonly used design and communication apps.

While it is frequently used by professional video editors, it is also commonly used by corporate communications and marketing professionals as well. When learning this amazing software from best institute to learn Premiere, participants discover how to import video content, edit and assemble a video, and deliver completed projects. The most common methods to learn include joining an adobe premiere institute for classroom and online training.

The Premiere Pro CC 2017 new features overview describes details of Adobe’s professional video-editing app, how they function, and who they benefit. These features can be best utilized by experienced users and those working in groups, especially the new team projects functionality, and will have minimal impact on those just starting to use or learn this software. In this blog, we have discussed the latest features which have been added recently.

Newly Added Features of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

1. Closed Captioning and Subtitles
While Closed Captioning in Premiere Pro has been available for some time, the latest version improves the ability to create accessible video. This feature can be useful on foreign-language content and web-based video that may be silent during a video preview. New functionality enables the both creating and opening of captions, with the ability to customize the location and background for captions and subtitles.

  • Captions and subtitles also makes it easier to adjust font, size, and color.
  • To make ease of subtitled text a view now exists within the Edge Color option, and controls for modifying the location and duration for subtitles and captions is available directly from within the Premiere Pro timeline.

2. Working in Groups
If you are working on your video editing with a team or group, Premiere Pro’s Team Projects ability makes it possible for video editors to collaborate with others working on the same project.

  • Multiple users can work on the same project at the same time. Special effects can also be added to a project using After Effects at the same time it is being edited using Premiere Pro.

3. Color Correction and Enhancement Feature
It uses the Lumetri Color tool for color correction and modifications. The color tools are updated to make it easier to select colors from within videos, including Hugh Saturation Lightness (HSL) secondaries as well as adjusting white balance.

  • For advanced video that uses High Dynamic Range (HDR), the latest version adds HDR10 editing and output. Most TVs do not support HDR yet, but for those that are looking to work with this new option, HDR support is now an option.

4. VR Support
Its latest version automatically determines if VR content is mono or stereoscopic. If stereo, it then determines if it is over/under or left/right. This enables Premiere Pro to control settings. To enable a greater focus on editing, the VR controls can be hidden during both editing and playback.

  • Video containing VR can be tagged with metadata which enables VR capable players to recognize that it contains virtual reality. Facebook and YouTube players then allow a user to move and position the video using VR controllers.

5. Improvements in Live Text Templates
The templates for live text makes it easier for repeated video clips to maintain a consistent appearance across a series of videos or clips. With a text template that is shared between Premiere Pro and the companion effects app After Effects, animations and text can be created for bumpers (intro or outro) and specific items or attributes can be designated as editable using Premiere Pro.

  • Now video editors can use After Effects capabilities directly within Premiere pro with the Live Text Templates files.

6. Motion Graphics Templates
Now anyone can access motion graphic templates for titles, lower thirds, bumpers and closing credits available in Adobe Stock through libraries panel.

7. New Format Support
Supported formats now include Sony X-OCN (RAW for Sony F55) and WAV files greater than 4 GB.

8. Responsive Design – Position & Time
Using responsive Design position-based controls enable pinned graphic layers to automatically adapt changes made to other layers or to the video frame itself – like changes to positioning or frame size.

  • Your graphics automatically adapt when changing the length of your title or lower third, so nothing goes out of frame by using specific Responsive Design designations for Position
  • Motion Graphics users can define sections of their graphics that preserve intro and outro animations, even when the overall duration of the graphics changes with the help of responsive design time-based controls

9. Improvements in Graphics Workflow
The latest features can directly manipulate multiple graphics layers simultaneously in the program monitor. Also provides support for title rolls.

  • A new font menu that gives font previews in the menu, allows users to select favorites, with filtering and improved search options.

10.  New 360/VR transitions and effects
Premiere Pro offers an intensely integrated set of Mettle Skybox Suite of plug-ins for 360/VR including dynamic transitions, effects, and titling.

  • Individuals working in 360/VR no longer have to go through installing third-party plug-ins to accomplish dynamic transitions, effects, and titling for immersive experiences.

Overall Premiere Pro CC 2017 provides enhancements that primarily help experienced video editors to work more efficiently, and those who are doing basic certificate course in adobe premiere which is available in both online and classroom mode from an adobe premiere institute will find minimal use for the new functions until they reach to a more advanced level. If you want to edit your videos in a professional way, learn advanced techniques and want to post them online, then join ADMEC which is one of the adobe premiere institutes in Delhi.

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