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Multimedia is the most preferable work system that has made a tremendous impact on the media. It is a field related to computer with a combination of texts, graphics, drawing, audio and video animations. Multimedia with term says multiple, as various formats of technological or digital multimedia can enhance the user by conveying information efficiently and effectively.

It now becomes an emerging trend, technology, method of managing media.

We can define it as a kind of communication that expresses the idea in the form of the visual elements. The importance is firstly they are for the entertainment purpose and can be extremely useful in educational system. The purpose of the courses is to train in multimedia fields like web designing, 2D and 3D graphics and visual special effects.

Why go for multimedia designing industry?

In today’s life everyone is career oriented and have some dreams that they want to achieve. Now the time has gone when people would like to pursue only engineering, medial and administrative courses. Many innovative, creative, and modern courses have been added in education field and students are taking great interest in them. Online multimedia courses are one of them which are gaining huge recognition.

As the media industries are growing, multimedia has become a popular career choice by most of the people. This field combines art, creativity and cutting-edge technology in the field of computer graphics and more with the advancement of technologies.

Who are multimedia artists?

These artists are professionals who create special effects, animation and visual images by using various industry recognized applications. People in this field usually work as a creative team. They create a specific design to convey a message to the target audience. Creating new ideas either imaginary or realistic is what multimedia designer does.

What multimedia artists do?

  • They play an integral part behind the scene in animated movies, glamorous television commercials, furniture designing, creating logos, stationery and much more.
  • They give life to creative ideas, so they must utilize the artistic left side and analytic right side of their brains.
  • The artist makes the best out of it to build a perfect shot.
  • The artist has the overall quality not only in computer skills but also in communication skills.
  • Multimedia artist spend a good portion of time on a specific work areas.
  • They work on the advancement of new ways of presenting your work by creating the look, feel and layout. Gain the skills on day to day basis.

How to start career in multimedia designing?

For choosing this course as a career, you must understand latest software techniques that aid animation, graphic designing, video editing, website designing, development and promotion, architecture designing and filmmaking. Various tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Apple FCPX, Revit, 3ds Max, etc. are there that are being used to develop what known as an interactive material. Therefore, it to learn all these types of media, joining a professional multimedia training institute becomes necessary.

Eligibility to Join multimedia courses

Any candidate seeking admission in online multimedia training courses should have 10/10+2 / equivalent degree from any recognized board/institution depending upon the program selection.

Online Multimedia Courses Offered by ADMEC

ADMEC provides professional level online courses in advertising designing, graphic designing, web designing, web development etc, that you can learn at home or any other place. These would definitely help you to achieve your dream jobs. This field is very competitive, joining online multimedia training institutes in Delhi will not cover the basics but make you confident in advanced level concepts as well.

1. Advertising Design: It is a 12-months long-term diploma divided into two semesters. It mainly specifically focuses on designing and promotion of products and services in the market through the print media and internet. This covers website designing, essential digital illustrations and layout techniques.

2. Graphic Master Plus: It is long-term diploma spread over a period of 12 months. Here students will learn UI designing and UX planning for print, web, and television. It will make them proficient in applied art, visual grammar, concept art, user interface designing (UID), user experience designing (UXD), photography, product shooting etc.

3. Photoshop Master Plus: It is a 4 months short-term certificate program. It is recommended for those individuals who wants to explore photoshop features and perform functions like color enhancements, creation of user interfaces for websites, print media, removing backgrounds, merging images, architectural plan rendering, making of texture & patterns, drawing etc. at advanced level.

Although our institute offers few more advanced courses in multimedia but we are not giving you details of them. The reason is they need drawing & sketching classes to boost your creativity and that is not possible without your presence. If you are good in that then please check out all of our multimedia courses at our website.

What are the career options for a Multimedia Artist in India?

We can define it as a kind of communication that expresses the idea in the form of the visual elements. The importance is firstly they are for the entertainment purpose and can be extremely useful in educational system. The purpose of the courses is to train in multimedia fields like web designing, 2D and 3D graphics and visual special effects.

In this Information Communication Technology (ICT) stage, the scope of multimedia is rising at a rapid speed. At the same time to be an artist, one should know about all the latest technologies used in this profession. Working on building up strong communication skills is the key to connect with potential clients to get the deal.

Have a look at the most promising career options that are available after completing an ideal multimedia course.

Career options

  • Multimedia artist create images that appears to be moving or still and visual effects for web series, video games.
  • They can be a dubbing editor.
  • They can be recruited in schools, media houses, films, television and as a professor.
  • Sound effects editing can also be done.
  • Becoming a freelancer is also a good option.
  • They can put their work on the Internet. If their work becomes popular, they can get the recognition, which may lead to employment or freelancer.
  • They can be a software developer.
  • Advertisement agencies or production hire multimedia designers as an intern, or full time or for contract work.
  • After gaining experience by working in media organization, one can even set up their own company.
  • Game designer is one of the career options.
  • They can be a film and video editor.
  • Half of all the people working in this versatile industry are the self-employed developer.
  • They can enhance good skills to develop their portfolio, for further opportunities.

It’s an ongoing career option, as the world demand for computer has increased in a faster rate. Multimedia is another most important way to gain experience in the technical world. This will create more demand to the software and will embrace the level of animation and visual effects. They will be more diversified and exciting whenever it comes to new and idealistic work. Furthermore, artist can achieve a supervisory position with good work or can advance with directorial positions such as director or producer.

Start learning valuable content by enrolling in our Multimedia Master Plus course which is a 3 years long career-oriented program.

Let us know if you are interested in our multimedia training by contacting us.

Why Join ADMEC for Online Courses in Multimedia?

  • If you want to boost your career or have taken a career break / sabbatical, an online training will help you move to the next level.
  • Opportunity to have free demo session to know how what and how the things will be taught.
  • Have full control over the learning process, learn at your pace, at a time convenient to you, either at home or at office. Plan your study schedule around work and communicate with industry experienced trainers for an enriched e-learning experience.
  • You will get more individual attention as it would be one on one training
  • It offers an avenue for busy professionals and college students who cannot spend time in traveling or sitting in classes.
  • In-depth understanding of concepts through theoretical and practical training.
  • Interactive courses of online training are similar to traditional classroom environment. They are supplemented by live interactions with the trainers, online support and assessment of exercises and projects by experienced trainers.
  • Certificates / Diplomas are awarded on successful completion of the course & submission of projects.
  • Guidance on interview preparation, resume and portfolio development which can help you market yourself in a better way.
  • Huge employment scope in various industries like Education, Film & Media, IT sector, Healthcare etc.

In a world that increasingly relies on technology, an online multimedia courses provides a practical foundation in visual communication skills. From digital photography to web design, this multidisciplinary course will prepare you to use multimedia tools in a variety of professional settings. Joining a professional online multimedia training institutes can help you become a highly marketable professional in the world of visual communication.

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