Chroma Keying

Chroma keying involves combining two different shots together by removing colors. Our students have portrayed their dedication toward this field by producing stunning videos using the Chroma technique. Check our portfolio to understand their brilliance.

Working with green screens has always been fun. You can always add whatever background you want. It makes concepts look real with little extravagance.

Deepak BhadauriaSr. Animation Faculty
Chroma Composting in AE
Chroma Composting in After Effects
Design by: Saurav
Guide by: Deepak Bhadauria
Chroma Keying in Premiere Pro
Chroma Keying in Premiere Pro
Design by: Preeti Saini
Guide by: Deepak Bhadauria
Chroma Cutting in After Effects
Chroma Cutting in After Effects
Design by: Atul Kumar
Guide by: Deepak Bhadauria

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