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You must have heard people saying that you are perfect for this job. Well, have you ever considered why only some people are better suited for certain kinds of work than others & what makes them different from the rest? 

There’s a thin line between a good and a great artist and this thin line is demarcated by the skills and personality traits of that person.

One way to fill this space is by joining the graphic design courses from a reputed training institute.

Also, Between the projects that rock and the one that leaves you ragged, the one thing that helps you to move forward is the awareness of the characteristics that great creative minds share in common.

Important Characteristics that can Make You an Elite Designer

In this blog, I have shared a few characteristics that are essential for you to know if you want to be an elite designer:-

1. Know the Principles

Know the Principles

Principles are merely general guidelines suggested by the great creative minds to make your projects look good. they are meant to help you to create according to the expectation and behavior of humans. you already know the principles it is just how to apply them in your project and once you start practicing them, they will become part of your memory.

For artists and creative thinker, it is just a visual representation that matters the most. This term is always created with the intention that connects with everything. Every element from space to the text must be in proper alignment for learning important design Principles will help you to get that layout right.

2. Observation is Necessary

Observation is Necessary

Put that Wacom down, don’t go digital too early. When you understand the principles in detail, you will start looking at things differently. Develop an eye for detail and stare at things a little longer. Look for more hoardings and billboards and believe me this visual culture will definitely influence your created output.

It is an essential aspect for designers to widen their horizons and see beyond the things. The more you look into things, the more you will come up with the ideas to create something “new”

3. Visualization


Have you ever across the ‘I have a brilliant idea in my mind but I’m not able to visualize it’ problem. The creative minds who had a hard time visualizing their ideas it becomes even more difficult for them to take that idea to another level.

Professionals are actually the heroes with the superpowers to turn imagination into reality and based on my personal experiences, the better you can paint and draw your idea on the paper, the easier it will be for you to communicate and sell your idea.

Trust me on this if you will pursue the graphic design course from the best graphic designing institutes then you will not face such a problem.

4. Do More Experiments, Fearlessly

Do more experiments, fearlessly

A designer’s job is to provide a solution to the problems and when they are not able to do that, it means that their design is not up to the expectation of the user. for designers it is not about knowing the solution, it is about discovering the solution.

Minds which like to reimagine the reality don’t come up with the solutions instantly rather they research, put questions and think about until they come with the perfect solution.

5. Communication is the Key

Communication is the Key

Good design doesn’t go to customers by itself.  You don’t have to be a salesperson to sell your creation. Just communicate well. Present your ideas and show them how can your creation is relatable to the goal of your consumer.

For an introvert designer, it may be quite uncomfortable but it is quite easy to open up to strangers rather than to known ones and especially when it is about your passion and work.

6. Don’t Pretend to Know Everything

Don't Pretend to Know Everything

Just because you are a bit ahead from someone else that doesn’t mean that you know everything about the industry. Humility is a part of every great artist and this definitely sets them apart from the others. In terms of design, you can be an expert, I’m not denying the fact.

What I’m saying is that you should not reject someone’s suggestion just because they are junior to you or have no visual grammar background. It might be possible that a person has a good color theory knowledge and can suggest a better color palette.

Humility also means that you ask about the things you don’t know and you are not at least afraid of doing so.

There might be some new things that your junior knows but you don’t ask questions or about new things should be in the DNA of the designer.

7. Be a Problem Solver

Be a Problem Solver

As a designer, it is your duty to solve the problem and come up to the right and apt solution to the problem.

Always remember that as a designer you don’t have to know the solution you have to create the solution.  Always be ready to take up the challenge and mold the problems into the right type of work.

8. Open to Feedback

Open to Feedback

Now when you have created that layout or project, this is the time for the toughest thing for creative thinkers – feedback, especially the negative one.

It is good if you get all praise but do not get demotivated with the criticism. When users fail to understand our projects, web professionals try to cover up with our shields of excuses. but understand the fact that there is no one dumb here.

A great designer knows how to use negative criticism as a strength. they know it is the only way to look at their layout from a totally different point of view.

Always listen to what people are trying to suggest, might be possible you’ll get a more brilliant idea.

Author’s Note:

So now when you know what marks the difference between a good and the Great artist and creative thinker start practicing these qualities. Start working on how you can adopt these qualities or how can you refine them.

If you are planning to join a graphic design course then ADMEC Multimedia Institute is the best graphic design institute in Rohini. The faculty members here are so experienced that they will guide you with even complex concepts in a very smooth manner.

Don’t forget to comment on your views and thanks for reading!

Happy learning and keep exploring!

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