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With the increasing demand of graphic design courses among the aspirants, it is clearly visible that graphic design industry is emerging as one of the rapidly growing arenas for creative minds. And it will increase further and further. One of the main reasons behind this growth is the increasing demand for graphic designers work. Which can be seen everywhere from the logo of your pencil to designs of copies, book covers, magazines, brochure, poster, invitation card, web page, mobile user interface and on many more places.

In others words we humans are surrounded by artistic work of graphic designer which are very soothing to eye. However, have we ever looked where the world of graphic design had begun and its spread all over the world and becomes part of our life. Let’s get to know about the evolution of graphic design from now and then.

While entering into the evolution of graphic design, we first come across with its ancient existence. So, let’s explore ancient history to every aspect of graphic design.

Ancient history of Graphic Design

Before going into deep history of graphic design, let’s first know the term “Graphic Design”.

In few words, Graphic design is combination of visual image with typography.

Here starts the story!

38,000BC was the beginning of Graphic design at that time ancient human sapiens drew images on wall of their caves to pass useful information to the next generation.

And 33,000BC is considered as the arrival of typography. At this era, Sumerians used symbols, pictographs for the visual representation of data.

As we know that printing is the crucial part of graphic design and it brought a huge impact in the evolution of graphic design but where it was originated?

Rise of printing in China

At 200BC, China was the first country who used wooden block stamp to print it on silk clothes and on paper. Chinas Bi Sheng had invented world first movable printing machine that was famous in Asia.

Gutenberg’s efforts in printing

After this invention in year 1439, Gutenberg has brought movable printing from Asia to Europe for introducing mass communication to the Europe or western culture.

Gutenberg’s has done many changes in this wooden printing machine such he had completely replaced wooden machine by metal machine and blocks into letters.

Results: That’s results in favor for common people now they didn’t have to rely on time gaining sciential reproduction of book. Explosion literature and literacy spreads reached to everyone and led to the production of advertising and graphic design.

First graphic design workshop

At that spot graphic design came into existence and after many centuries the first Graphic Design workshop has established with magnificent name VIENNA WORKSHOP by KOLOMAN MOSER, JOSEF HOFFMAN, and PATRON FRITZ WAENRDORFER.

The first professional group of artists also created by this workshop. Vienna workshop has brought designers that are working in ceramics, furniture, fashion, silver, graphic arts, architect, and artists too. This group has set design standard at that time and also influenced the way designs were being created.

Here is the name of key movements that took place during the evolution of graphic design and have influenced graphic movement at different time scales.

A brief history of the evolution of graphic design

From here we are going to see the real evolution part. When computer came into existence; it brought a revolutionary change in graphic design. Some of the main changes were:

  • Everything became digital.
  • This digital age has completely replaced manual work of designer by launching many computer-based designing software applications.

Revolution of software applications

These software applications have proved to be very time saving and easy to work which makes designers work very easy and efficient.  They have increased commercial production of visual contents that are required for internet after websites and web page production. That’s why people had started to like them over the manual work. One by one many designing software applications released with different characteristics. Since 1990s we seen several applications such as:

  • First in the list were Adobe Photoshop (a raster-based photo editing software) and Adobe Illustrator (a vector-based graphics creation software) which were the products launched by the Adobe Systems Incorporated.
  • Apart from Adobe, Corel Corporation also launched its software which was CorelDraw. It was a vector graphics software.
  • There was another open source (free) software which was also used by many designers and it was Inkscape. This software was primarily saving files in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. Along with Inkscape which was a vector graphics software there were some other free programs which include Scribus for making page layouts, Krita for creating paintings and GIMP for editing photos and image manipulation.
  • With time and need, page layout programs also came into existence. These were PagePlus, QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign.

After arrival of these revolutionary software applications and their quick spreading to all over the entire world results in complete dependence of designing on it.  

Dominance of digital design software applications

Now companies have started to hire those candidates who have very good knowledge of designing applications rather than who have great knowledge of designing. With time designing software applications become superior than totally made manual work which started becoming inferior.

However, if compare it to ancient work, graphic design was only can see on paper whether they were banner, poster, advertisement or something else. At that time, everything was done through manual means because there was no internet present for visual communication that is common or normal part of our modern-day civilization.

Need for aesthetic design

As I talked earlier about necessity of learning designing software applications but it doesn’t mean that there is no need of learning theory. Currently, while pursuing graphic design courses, students are running behind the software. They learn each and every tool thoroughly but even after it they do not get success.

🤔 Why?

The valuable answer behind this reason is very simple. It is a lack of knowledge of design theory.

The person who only know software applications can only make designs by copying the ideas of others but cannot go for their own masterpiece because they do not feel and understand the design and basic principles of it.

However, at ancient time when there was no reference for them still the term graphic design existed for people and they created many masterpieces that are present in many books and museums. The only reason is that they understood and felt design emotionally.

Now same goes in our modern world where a designer cannot be called a designer if he/she does not know designs theory, color balance, typography and basic knowledge of measurements of invitation, poster, banner for post printing work. Understanding the basics of designing is important since if you do not feel design emotionally and physically you cannot understand and decide how a great design looks like which results in design failure. And cannot be considered as a great designer.

For pursuing a professional career into this industry as a designer you need to have skills to create an aesthetic design and for this going for a complete graphic design course in Delhi is highly recommended.

Quotes from design veterans

So, here some very meaningful lines said by famous people to explain people what is the actual meaning of design?

Here every line wants to say something and explain something that design is not simple as people understand it. It is a group of combination of color, fonts, emotion and a mean of communication.

Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.

Paul Rand

The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Just like a doctor fights against diseases. For us, the visual disease is what we have, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with design.

Massimo Vignelli

Design is content with intent. Content without intent is noise. Intent without content is decoration.

Joe Sparano

Practice safe design; use a concept.

Petrula Vrontikis

Need for eye catching designs

Magnificent design work on poster, banner, cartoon, animation and games usually fascinates us. This line is not considered wrong as if I say beauty grabbed attention of eyes. Whether you belong to old era or a modern era.  There are so many things that are same as that they were before. For example eyes. Our eyes like beautiful things. If you do not believe than please answer:

  • When you see beautiful flower flourishing in the early morning or when sun rises between the beautiful hills does not attract your attention towards it?

Their beauty is very soothing to our eyes and from these examples we can understand the value of attention catching designs.

Every graphic designer needs this skill for establishing a successful career whether the designer belong to ancient world or our modern world the basic principles are constant they can neither be created nor be destroyed.

A graphic designer creates eye-catching designs for many advertising and business agencies for expanding their business by grabbing attention of many users with their creative work.

Survival of the fittest

“It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change”

 Once the Darwin said

For graphic designers, this quote is very crucial because the meaning of this line is very important even you if have good designing skills and have a good hold on every software it doesn’t mean that you will succeed.

For getting success you must have continuously require knowledge and be persistent and time to time gradually evaluate yourself for facing the competitions with millions of designers every day in which everyone is master of something.  When the jobs are in limited quantities and seekers are present in abundant quantity. You should have to develop yourself as an eagle and swoon every work like stealing kajal or mascara from eyes of competitors without their notice. This is for our modern time because the population is huge and the tendency of origins of many designs and idea creates so much tension.

In addition, if we talk about ancient time there was not very ease at competition but as compare to our time the condition was better due to less population.

Want to become different from other? If yes then you need to attain smart skills of designing where a diploma in graphic design in Delhi can help you.

Respiration= creativity

As massive crowd is starving for the same thing then for getting respiration for living, the designers need unique thinking style and lots of creativity that can differentiate him/her from the huge crowd.

For example, millions of people are present in every field but few of them are actually known to be great like Albert Einstein in the field of Physics, Manish Malhotra in field of fashion design, Elon musk in the field of bushiness and many more. They all are great because they have exceptional thinking of style.

Respiration= creativity is also same for both of the eras as we talk about old time. The time of empires and emperor or kings was there where they prefer creative people and creative ideas over the common or ordinary things.

Scopes in graphic design

At old time

If we talk about on business prospective if we do not include computer use of graphic design use is the same that catching audition attention and promoting business through advertise with banner, poster and templates.

When there were no internet and mobile civilized people contact each other through manual means. Paper was the only medium of communication for distant places. For example:

The first advertise was originated in Egypt in 3000 BC for tracing a slave. And commercial advertisement occurred in tang dynasty China and the medium of advertisement was a printed poster which consisted of logo on square sheet in the form of white rabbit in the center of paper for buying high quality steel.

Not only advertise but everything such as books, magazines, poster and banner all things were made up of paper. For the production of these stuffs, there was no use of machines and computer. That ultimately gave employment to thousands of designers and thousands of labors.

At modern for creating a poster you just need a design idea but for creating a poster at that time you need idea, physical measurement, many colors, reference of typography and the help of other people. From this we can analyze that how graphic design a source of employment was.

However, our day is different from that time now the design is totally becoming a part of online business and marketing.

Estimates that shows truth

After discussing so many things on graphic let’s jump on some estimates that are related to influence of better graphic design needs in businesses and due to their huge requirement and viability.

How graphic can be good option for career choice?



  • According to Bureau of labor statistics, the employment rate for computer based graphic designer will increased by 20%.

Influence of graphic design on web design and other business

Web design

All business whether they are small or massive one all depend on online websites. A website has the ability to build a successful business and also to destroy it completely.

But here are stats which will tell us how graphic design play major in online businesses

  • 94% users do not like websites with poor graphics and leave it immediately.
  • A user gives attention to website to only 6.8 seconds but by visual appeal it can increased up to 50 seconds
  • About 46% of website visitors relate credibility of brand/company by design of website.
  • 80% of small-scale business owners think that good graphic designs on website has ability to enhance the business
  • A human brain processes visual contents about 60,000 fasters than the written elements or text.

With these entire estimates, we can conclude that choosing graphic design as a career can become a great choice for those who are interested in working in a versatile and creative domain with lots of career opportunities. Similarly those who pursue training from the best institute for graphic designing make an ideal career in this field.

Golden qualities for success

The path of success always contains many hurdles, roller coaster ride but every achievement wants sacrifice, and punctuality. Therefore, here is the list of golden qualities that will help almost every person whether they belong to designing field or something these are some words and lines that are same for everyone.

  • Continuous learner
  • Very passionate
  • Hardworking
  • Efficient and productive
  • Know first priority
  • Understand balancing
  • Have a definite goal
  • Good communication skill
  • Follow 80/20 principle
  • Familiar market trends
  • Understand user prospective

At last, I have talked about aspects of evolution of graphic design from now on then and additional golden qualities for success.  I hope you will like this blog and will read it entirely.

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