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With 450 million internet users in India, and growing at a steady rate, increasing number of customers now make their purchase decisions online and buy online. Businesses around the world have begun to make digital marketing an integral part of their overall marketing strategy and spends. This has led to a massive growth in the digital media marketing industry which as a result procreated new demand for trained professionals with knowledge and experience in the field. To cater to the growing need for these courses, a number of institutes are providing digital marketing training in Delhi which provides the requisite knowledge and training to excel in the field.

Digital marketing is a broad field and comprises various disciplines including, Search Engine Marketing(SEM)Search Engine Optimization(SEO)Social Media Marketing(SMM), and Social Media Optimization. Each of these modules are a field in itself and there are specific courses being offered as well. According to IMRB International study report, “India currently spends 12 percent on digital marketing”.

Digital Marketing Future

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a career that has plenty of room for techs, creatives, and business people. There are so many paths in this field; it’s best to start from one or two things that you do best, then you can always learn more from there. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, “by 2021, 829 million Indians (59 percent of the population) are expected to take an incredible leap towards internet accessibility”. With increasing number of internet users, businesses will require digital marketers for targeted awareness and focused engagement. Hence, the career prospects in digital marketing look bright and promising.

Career Prospects in Digital Marketing 

Prospects in Digital Marketing

The world is going Digital and by the year 2021, all the companies around the world will have online presence and thus creating a lot of career opportunities. Following is the list of the various digital marketing positions available for those seeking a career in this arena:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Content Writers
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • SEO Executives
  • Copy Writers

Salary Distribution of Digital Marketing Profiles as per Pay Scale

Salary Distribution of Digital Marketing
RoleSalary in Rupees
Digital Marketing Manager4 lakhs to 10 lakhs
SEO Manager3 lakhs to 7 lakhs
SEM/PPC expert3 lakhs to 5 lakhs
Web developer/designer3 lakhs to 6 lakhs
Social Media Manager3.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs
Content Writer2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs

 Source – Payscale

Criteria for Evaluating Best Digital Marketing Institute

Criteria for Evaluating

Before choosing a digital marketing course in online or classroom mode, here are some indicators to evaluate in choosing the desired institute or course structure.

  • Certification: Certification is no substitute for skills learned and hands-on industry experience but, nevertheless, can add to the CV of a fresher making an entry into the field or for a professional looking to make a career switch. Opt for digital marketing certificate courses which should be well recognized in the industry.
  • Course Curriculum & Faculty Expertise: Gauge the Institute or the course offered based on the curriculum, faculty expertise, training modules and relevance to the current industry trends & practices.
  • Reviews and recommendations: Check for reviews and recommendations from industry experts & former students through online education portals or discussion forums. Reach out to alumni on LinkedIn/Twitter for their direct feedback, where possible.
  • Job Placements: Explore the institute’s placement opportunities or institutional tie-ups with companies for live projects & hands-on experience on acquired digital marketing skills.

SEO and Digital Marketing Courses Offered by ADMEC

SEO and Digital Marketing Courses

1. Advertising Design Course

It is a 12 months long-term diploma course in Advertising Design which imparts training on how to design and promote products and services in the market through the print media and internet. You will learn marketing and promotional design strategies to convince the audience to become a consumer.

2. Internet Marketing Expert Course

It is an advanced 4 months internet marketing certificate course. It will comprise of 4 modules which are overview of internet marketing and WordPress, On page & Off page SEO, Social Media Optimization, and last but not least various internet marketing techniques like Email Marketing, PPC, Google Analytics and Google AdSense.  

3. SEO Master Course

It is a 3 months certificate course in SEO, where students will learn SEO tricks & techniques enable the website owners to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). It is one of the best SEO courses in Delhi where students will learn important concepts like search engine algorithms, types of SEO, keyword analysis, SEO, SMO, analysis of reports and much more.

4. Google AdWords Master Course

It is an advanced 2 months PPC course which will impart training related to Google AdWords, creating landing page and Ad Groups, understanding quality score, creating a remarketing campaign, what is video advertising and much more.

5. SEO Premium – An SEO & SMO Course

It is a 2 months certificate course mainly focuses on SEO and SMO concepts. Individuals will learn optimizing any website to rank high in Search Engines to improve the volume and quality of traffic for a website. Also, they will learn how to promote their business through various social media channels like LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Facebook

6. Google AdWords Premium Course

It is a short-term Google AdWords certificate course spread over a duration of 1 month. This course will cover basic overview of basic overview of AdWords, landing page importance, , keywords planning & researching, creating campaign & ad groups, exploring quality score, optimizing ads for performance, using display ads in remarketing campaigns, etc.

7. Google Analytics Course

It is a 1-month duration Google Analytics course for digital marketing, and SEO professionals so that they can scan google analytics reports and take corrective measures to improve the performance of a website in the right direction. The training is conducted by industry experience experts.

8. Social Media Marketing Course

It is an advanced certificate course in social media marketing and optimization which is spread across 1½ month duration. This course in social media marketing covers both basic & advanced concepts of social media marketing along with related tools and applications.

If you want to get start your own personal brand and build a portfolio in order to build your own unique digital presence. You’ll want to look for a comprehensive, reputable digital marketing training from SEO training institutes Delhi to get official certification in one or more core areas. Once you’re officially certified, you’ll be able to compete amongst your peers when it comes to searching for fulfilling opportunities. There are many opportunities in Digital Marketing as a Career because everyone wants to reach its targets via digital channels.

Joining professional digital marketing courses will make you aware of what is going on in the world and how to improve your online presence by reaching maximum number of people!

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