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Do you love decorating rooms, arranging furniture, pick the right paint colors, update your kitchen, and much more? If these things interest you, then career in interior designing is perfect for you. There are many interior designing institutes which provide interior designing courses to young creative minds who have the capability to understand the realities of an industry, its structure and mode of operations.

Before making a life-altering profession choice, there are some design world aspects you should know beforehand. The work of Interior Design requires challenge every day. Some of the work may motivate you and open new doors in your career, while others might not be so interesting. An interior designer is a professional who creates aesthetic rooms and spaces as per their client’s requirement. Their clientele can have anything from proprietors to large businesses. Interior designers form spaces and rooms that are diverse, can fall into a range from simple outdoor home environments, indoor to hotel lobbies and extravagant mansions.

Interior Designing Extent in India

Today’s, Interior Design is indeed measured as one the most wanted professions in India. Efficient use of the available space has become a grave necessity because the city residents increasing day by day and available living spaces shrinking correspondingly. Because of the increased standard of living in India and the new outlook of the masses, interior design has become an self-governing field of its own, emerging from the glooms of architecture and civil engineering.

  • Requirement of the professional interior designers in India is up to 1,25,000. The growth rate showed by industry is 22% and as per industry experts expectation it will grow at the same rate till 2022. In case, if you are planning to take up interior design as a career, then this is the ideal time to make a mark in the industry!
  • Depending on various factors like employer and one’s experience the salary, inclusive of bonuses and commission for assistant interior designers ranges between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. For industry experienced interior designers, the salary would be approximately Rs. 800,000 to Rs. 3,000,000 per annum including bonuses and commission.

Interior Design Career Options:

In interior design, field, there are pool of career options available. You can work for a small or large organization or even work as a freelancer or specialize in a particular skill (such as lighting) or a specific area (such as hospitality). The likelihoods are limitless—and they’re expanding every day. Some of the career options includes: –

  1. Residential Designers
  2. Commercial Professionals
  3. Exhibition designers
  4. Window display designers
  5. Theatre and set designers
  6. Visual Merchandiser

Interior Design Courses Offered by ADMEC

Interior Designing courses are for creative minds who have the competence to understand the realisms of an industry, alongwith its structure and mode of operations. During these course, students acquire the knowledge and mastery of the different tools necessary for the varied technical, aesthetic or marketing sectors of interior design and product design, as well as the ability to adapt to communication and interactive situations while respecting professional rules and protocol.

1. Architect Interior Master Plus

 It is a 12 months diploma course in interior designing which is further divided into 2 modules theory & planning and implementation & design. Students will gain insights about the importance of design process, design theories, scientific design approach, climate, culture, and various traditional design principles.

To read complete course curriculum go through Architect Master Plus course

2. Architect Interior Master

It is an 8 months short-term diploma course in interior design where students will not be requiring any prior knowledge. In this course, you will also learn valued resources that allow you to create good design solutions, develop understanding of architecture and design, and build a strong portfolio using various CAD applications.

To read complete course curriculum go through Architect Interior Master course

3. Architect Interior Premium

It is a 6 months exclusive architect interior design course which is suitable for architects, interior and exterior designers, industrial designers, and students want to learn 3D computer visualization techniques in interior designing.

To read complete course curriculum go through Architect Interior Premium course

4. Architect Interior Standard

It is a 4 months short term course certificate course in interior designing entry-level course recommended for beginners. It will impart training related to home decoration, space planning, principles of design, computer applications etc. During this interior designing training course, our institute’s faculty will make you learn how to develop practical skills for home makeovers or simply making more effective use of space.

To read complete course curriculum go through Architect Interior Standard course

5. Architect Interior Drafting Master

It is a 6 months diploma course in drafting offered by one of the best interior design institute in Delhi. It will help individuals to produce concept sketches, 3d drawings of their design, learn how to use space planning, and cope up with rising challenges in Architecture and Interior Designing profession.

To read complete course curriculum go through Architect Interior Drafting Master course

Education is the best way to get the skills you need to succeed. A diploma course in interior designing will give you the credentials and necessary knowledge required to compete and get clients’ attention. With its strong professional focus, interior design courses from ADMEC will give you access to internships, learn latest CAD applications, develop project portfolio, and gain real-world experience—invaluable connections that will serve you throughout your career.

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