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Presently there are various institutes in Delhi which are offering several certificates, diploma and degree programs in creative arts and programming courses such as animation, web design, web development, multimedia, post production, visual effects, graphic designing, architectural designing, interior designing courses etc. As we all know nothing is free in this competitive world. One has to make payment in order to get good education; therefore almost all the institutes are reviving themselves with the modern technologies and advanced features so as to seek the attention of large number of audience.

Every single institute, be it is big or small, claims to be the best for inculcating quality education to its students for earning higher profits. But in actual such commitments from the various institutes give raises to a situation of conflicts of mind in an individual/candidate as to which institute is better to start with. The answer is very simple, in reality the quality of the training provided at all such institutes and the fee structure differs from one institute to another and this is the point where one can set up a benchmark and compare the performance.

Why ADMEC Multimedia Institute?

ADMEC Multimedia Institute is one of the prestigious institutes in Delhi and market leader in Multimedia Production Industry, providing various professional, career and certificate programs in Animation, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Post Production, and CAD courses. The course curriculum of all the programs has been crafted by the industry professionals keeping in mind the requirements in the industry. If you are looking for an institute which provides high quality education and practical training at reasonable cost in the market then ADMEC Multimedia Institute is the single stop solution for all your queries.

After comparing ADMEC’s fee structure with other institute it seems that ADMEC is offering such great courses for free. ADMEC is highly recognized for its professional standards, teaching methodologies and prompt services to all its students. The institute usually offers training to its students at affordable prices and charges for maintenance and overheads only. This makes ADMEC unique and different from the others. Also the institute highly supports the candidates, who have passion to learn but won’t be able to enroll themselves due to lack or shortage of funds. Therefore in order to bring out and shape the career of such deserving candidates who belongs to EWS (economically weaker section) category, the top most authorities of the institute at various instances have opened many scholarships programs and schemes.

How ADMEC helps its Students?

Career Shrashti Scholarship Program

ADMEC offers Career-Srashti Scholarship program to help those candidates who are financially unsound. The scholarship program will be judged on number of criteria including candidate’s zeal and passion to learn, his or her creative skills and abilities needed to pursue an exciting career in animation and multimedia, and demonstrated financial needs. In order to qualify for our scholarship programs you don’t need to submit any certificate or document to us.

This scholarship program offers various schemes so please read them carefully.

Career Srashti Scheme (Please click to read more about it)

By doing courses here at ADMEC, the students not only equip themselves with the advance training on the subject but also gets excellent practical exposure in their respective field of learning. The institute has highly qualified body of experts as faculty members. The faculty comprises of internationally renowned professionals having more than 15 years of working experience in the animation and multimedia industry. Our team of professional focuses on portfolio development for each individual student showcasing his talent and creativity in it. Such portfolio will enable them to exhibit their creative talent at the time of interview or while searching out for job. We believe in shaping the career of the students to the best of their capabilities and enable them to become the industry leader and achievers of tomorrow.

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