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The computer is being widely used by the people across the world. It’s a part of everyone’s daily life and routine. The computer technology is getting vast and faster day by day and provides lots of information regarding each and every field to the people. If a person wants to search out something then he simply types the content on computer and gets the result. With computers the people can do lots of work in easy and efficient manner. It is very important almost in every field whether it is related to Education, Medical Science, Business, Travels, Science etc.

Importance of Computer in Our Life

The people can get employment with the help of computers. They can find vacancies on computers.  They can never imagine modern world without computers. Now a day’s people can find computers everywhere around them. The computer can do lots of work in very faster way. For many people computer means Personal Computer and may think that they can only watch movies, play games, prepare excel sheets etc on it but seriously these uses are just like a chapter of the book. The computer can do even more work in better ways.

Basically computer is an electronic device which works on given instructions, it processes those instructions and gives the result.

So apart from this all it can be easily said that the computer plays an important role in the people’s life. The biggest proof is present at our surroundings. Shopping, banking, traveling, entertainment, public sector, and private sector almost everywhere computers are playing their roles efficiently.

Use of Computer in Education

The use of computer in education has changed the traditional education paradigm. In the recent time the use of computers by the students is very common. The students complete assignments on computers in the schools, colleges, and institutes. The students can take online lectures on the computers. ADMEC MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE provides online training since 2008 for those who are not able to attend classroom training. The computer technology enables the interactive sessions with high level virtual experience in education field. Today almost each and every schools, colleges, institutes have the computer facility. The people who are not able to take training in other location, they can just do this by the using computer and opt for varieties of online classes/courses. Due to which the people can save their time and take information from anywhere all around the world. Today the education department is nothing without the use of computers.

Role of Computer in Business

In this modern world, the use of computers is growing day by day. Every organization whether small or big is using computer. For making excel sheets, website development, business promotion, meeting presentations, and many other. The organizations promote their products online with the use of computer. With the use of computers the organizations do their work very efficiently in shorter duration.

Computers in Entertainment

There are huge opportunities in making career in Entertainment Industry. In today’s electronic era computers play vital role in almost everything; Movies, games, music, even books that are simple and easy as it is have been impacted greatly by computers. The people can watch movies; play games etc. on the computers. The film industry promotes their films using computer. They sell films online too. It’s a great medium of entertainment. I would like to tell you that according to a survey done by an European agency before few years the gaming and animation industry is bigger than the film industry in the world.

Importance of Computer in Medical Science

The people can make their career in medical science. Due to the computer’s super human skills and unique functionalities computers are relates with human brain. Computers are related with many fields like engineering, education, business, health as well as medicine. Computers are heavily being used in Medical Science to develop accurate medicines formulas and equipments such as Ultra Sound, ECG and many more.

Computers are used for storing patient‘s data, record etc. Most of the medical test uses computers for recording patients’ related reports and statistics. Computers can keep track of prescriptions and billing information. They can be used to store the information about the medicines prescribed to a patient as well as those, which cannot be prescribed to him/her.


In this article you come to know about the importance of computer in employment in India and the World. The computer is being used almost in every field and it has influenced our lives completely. People can do lot of work on the computer in less time and in very good manner. We take help of it in shopping, banking, travelling, health, education, entertainment, films, decoration, furniture making, engineering, architectural projects, interior designing, fashion, business, defense etc. The doctors can record all the data related to patient in the computer.

A lot of work can be done with computer it entirely depends on you how you use it.

With all these benefits the chances of employment are increasing day by day and the people can build their career with the knowledge of computers.

Special thanks to Surekha Madaan a web designing course student of our institute.

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