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What is Animation?

"Animation" is a form of "animate", which means to bring to life. Thus when a multimedia designer brings an image to life with the help of animation.

Animation is one of the latest and most advance technologies of the computer applications, it is not only useful in the scientific world but animations have also slowly taken over the entertainment and the other daily aspects of life.

Animation merges text, images, graphics, audio and video to create 2d or 3d images and graphical effects.

Usage of Animation

  • Commercials
  • Films
  • Cartoon Movies
  • Games
  • E-learning
  • Web Applications etc.

Future of Animation

The animation sector in India is growing at rapid pace. Many global companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony etc. are outsourcing work to Indian Companies. New tools and programs are created every year to enhance the overall animation process. The field has expanded from television and movies into mobile devices, games, and software applications.

Want to explore your career in animation, meet ADMEC’s career counselors and see what we are offering? ADMEC is providing long term and short term animation courses in Delhi as per student's requirements.

We help our students by

  • making them work on live projects
  • assisting our students even after completion of the Animation course to achieve their professional goals
  • getting them placed in different job profiles

Career Prospects

India has about 300 Animation, 40VFX and 35 Game Development Studios. As per CII India Design Report “Animation and VFX Industry is estimated to grow to Rs. 95.5 Billion in 2019 at CAGR of 16.3%”.

In today's world, one of the major challenges which the animation industry is facing nowadays is the main gap between the supply and demand of talented and skills professionals, therefore we can say that there is huge demand for skilled professionals in this field.

Some of the profiles and career options after completing animation courses are:

Animation Profiles as:

  • Animator
  • Character Designer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Freelancer
  • Rigging Artist
  • Texturing Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Visual Effects Professional

Animation Career in:

  • TV Industry
  • News Channel
  • Video Production Houses
  • Comics
  • Movie Studios
  • Cartoon Channels
  • Web Industry
  • Advertising Companies
  • Gaming Industry etc.

Offered Animation Courses

Please read carefully all the following given Animation Courses:

Duration: 12 Months
Mode: Classroom

People who are interested in learning in a very first type of animation or classical animation can join this most advanced course without any delay. Even after the introduction of 3D Animation, 2D animation is still popular in animation industry because it takes less time and investment to be created.

2D animation is a parallel industry which is going at its speed since the digital animation evolution decades ago. Animation world is full with popular 2d animation series:

Duration: 12 Months
Mode: Classroom Only

2D animation and 3d motion graphics course

If you are keen on learning the latest software for 2d animation and motion graphics and keen to develop and polish your skills, required to specialize in pre-production techniques and craft involved in hand-drawn 2D animation, then join this long-term diploma course.

Duration: 6 Months
Mode: Classroom

ADMEC Multimedia Institute introduces a wonderful addition to the bouquet of its diploma courses i.e. 2D Animation Standard. It is a short-term animation certificate course and is spread across 6 months duration. This course designed by ADMEC Institute is for those candidates who are keen to develop and polish their skills, required to specialize in pre-production techniques and craft involved in hand-drawn 2D animation. With the use of pencil, paper, clay, camera; students are manually responsible for controlling and manipulating a subjec

Duration: 2 Months
Mode: Classroom and Online

Adobe After Effects is used almost everywhere for digital post production of television, corporate presentations, films, and web animations. This short-term certificate After Effects course offers a wide range of 2D as well as 3D tools used for motion graphics and VFX projects. It is an ideal for video editing professionals, motion graphics & visual effects artists and even for graphics & web designers.

Duration: 2 Months
Mode: Online and Classroom

Adobe Animate (formerly Flash) is a vector animation-based software, though earlier it was purely used for creating the 2d animation but now Adobe Animate has become the effective language of websites, it is now used for creating digital media content including graphics, animation, audio, video and interactive media.

We are a pioneer Institute in Delhi providing highly professional training in Adobe Animate.

Duration: 12 Months
Mode: Classroom and Online*

Creative Cloud Course from Adobe

Most creative professionals regard Adobe’s Creative Cloud as an essential part of their workflow. If you want to build a career as a graphic designer, web designer, UI designer, image editor, video editor, motion graphics artist, or 2d animator the Complete Adobe CC Master course can help you get started.

Duration: 18 Months
Mode: Classroom

ADMEC Multimedia Institute is one of the best 3d animation institutes in Delhi provides training in advanced animation i.e. Animation Master Course. This course has been designed especially for individuals who have a passion to become a successful animation professional in the animation industry. It comprises highly specialized technical and artistic training in 3D Animation in our institute at Rohini in Delhi.

Duration: 24 Months
Mode: Classroom

Are you interested in the field of Animation? Are you good at sketching and want to express your creativity through your work? Are you an animation aficionado and want to take it up as a profession? If yes, then animation master plus course is the right choice for you!

Duration: 12 Months
Mode: Classroom

This course is offered by one of the best animation institutes in Delhi  which provides a highly focused curriculum offering high-end animation training with specialization in 3D Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rendering and Video Editing. This long-term diploma Course in Animation provides well researched and professionally designed course contents to meet animation industry requirements.

Duration: 4 Months
Mode: Online and Classroom

Autodesk Maya Master course at ADMEC is a four months training program which will teach students the fundamentals of 3D designing and animations. Students will get to learn all the concepts from basics to advanced level.

Duration: 2 Months
Mode: Classroom and Online

Do you want to take your basic skills in Maya to an advanced level? This short-term certificate course from ADMEC will fulfill all your requirements to learn and work like a pro. Maya opens up a world of limitless 3D possibilities for video professionals.

Duration: 3 Months
Mode: Classroom and Online

Have you ever desired to become a 3D modeler or animator? This course is designed to for those who are completely new to the world's most powerful 3D package Autodesk Maya.

Duration: 2.5 Months
Mode: Online and Classroom

Training in Maxon Cinema 4D application allows designers to unleash their creativity and enjoy 3D without any limits. Cinema 4D (C4D) software has everything that one need for creating high-end 3D. Maxon Cinema 4D software offer powerful and integrated 3D modeling, animation, and rendering tools that gives flexibility to the designers to emphasize additional energy on inventive, instead of technical challenges.

Duration: 04 Months - 12 Months
Mode: Classroom Only

Commercial and Fine Arts Syllabus

Art and designs form the perception of our eyes- from the products we buy to the television shows we enjoy. The commercial art plays an important part in our day-to-day lives.

Duration: 6 months
Mode: Classroom Only

Stretched over 6 months period, the Digital Painting Master course is designed to introduce the students to the digital medium of painting and various types of illustration making. Special emphasis will be given on manual methods of various types of paintings and all other related tools to create an intricate painting. Throughout the course, you will learn industry-leading digital painting and illustration making applications.

Duration: 12 Months
Mode: Classroom and Online*

The Visual Effects Master course by ADMEC Multimedia Institute is specially designed to develop the artistic and technical skills in visual effects (VFX) that makes you professional in the field of Visual Effects with its leading education channel partner Post Production Institute. Visual Effects Master course not only combines the artistic but also the technical aspect of integrating computer created imagery with live action footage in VFX.

Training in Visual Effects Master Course is proffered by the renowned post production artists in Delhi-NCR.

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